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Chapter 717: Not Coming?

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“Don’t be so polite,” said Supreme God Lang Xie, waving at the boy and the two men. They didn’t like acting servilely, but everybody had to respect Supreme God Lang Xie, no matter how high someone’s social status was, because Supreme God Lang Xie was one of the strongest cultivators of Gods Country.

“Please sit here,” said Jiang Yi Tian. Some disciples brought chairs and put them on both sides of the main seat. There were three chairs on both sides.

“My father told me to greet you. He also hopes you can visit him in Jin Lun City,” said the man in black clothes, bowing hand over fist respectfully.

“Tell your father I am grateful for his hospitality,” Supreme God Lang Xie nodded.

The man wasn’t the Great Leader of Jin Lun City, just one of the princes. His son was naturally a prince, too. He was even the most talented one, so he was seated on the seat for princes.

“What’s the boy’s name?” asked Jiang Yi Tian, smiling and looking at the young man.

“Jin Zhe. He’s precisely ten years old. His coming of age party took place a few days ago. He fought against a Young Prince from the Ri Guang Empire and won!” his father said loudly, so that everybody could hear him. He was extremely proud of his son.

The Ri Guang Empire was a powerful empire, so their Young Princes had to be extremely strong as well. Jin Zhe had defeated him, so he was definitely extremely strong.

When Jiang Xuan heard that, he didn’t feel comfortable and clenched his fists, but he didn’t show he was angry.

Lin Feng smiled and nodded. The young man’s temperament had become much calmer. He was getting more and more discreet with time, especially after what had happened with Fu Su Rong. Jiang Xuan was growing more responsible.

When Jiang Yi Tian heard the man, he ignored the fact that it sounded like a provocation. He raised his head and said, “Where are the representatives of Ze Country? How long does Prince Wu Hen intend to hide?”

Everybody started glancing around unceasingly when Jiang Yi Tian said that, because they didn’t want to miss the opportunity of seeing Prince Wu Hen. Jin Zhe’s father’s expression suddenly changed when he heard that.

“Prince Wu Hen?” He even paled. Not many people knew that Prince Wu Hen had taught him a good lesson a short time before. His arms still felt numb. He even started shaking.

Jin Zhe’s father felt ridiculous. He had just tried to stand out and flatter his son, and now Prince Wu Hen was going to come and provoke and humiliate him again.

Lin Feng looked at the bottom of the stage and waited for Prince Wu Hen to show up.

But Prince Wu Hen didn’t show up. A Young Prince from San Country and an elder walked onto the stage.

They cupped their fists in their other hands before their chests and said to Supreme God Lang Xie, “Greetings, Supreme God Lang Xie! Greetings, Great Leader.”

“Eh? What about Prince Wu Hen…?” asked Jiang Yi Tian, staring at the crowd. He didn’t understand. Many people in the crowd looked disappointed as well.

The elder of San Country hastily replied, “Great Leader, I’m really sorry, but Prince Wu Hen doesn’t intend to come. He met an old friend on the way and stopped. Please forgive him. He’s not coming.”

“He’s not coming? How’s that possible?”

“Indeed, how’s that possible?”

“That’s not very nice! How dare he disrespect Lang Xie City?!”

“Fuck! Damn it!”

Many people started swearing and shouting in the crowd. The strong cultivators of Lang Xie City were all angry. How disrespectful was this Prince Wu Hen? It was simply a humiliation for Lang Xie City.

Jiang Yi Tian looked quite unhappy. So Prince Wu Hen wasn’t coming? It was Jiang Xuan’s coming of age party, an important event. Without a famous person, the coming of age party would kind of be ruined…

Everybody looked glum. The representatives of Jin Lun City smiled mockingly. If Prince Wu Hen had come, it wouldn’t have been too good for them!

“Hehe, I thought Lang Xie City would organize a great party but surprisingly, Prince Wu Hen is not coming?” said Jin Zhe’s father provocatively, smiling mockingly.

Jiang Yi Tian felt humiliated, but he had to control himself, especially since that Prince Wu Hen didn’t intend to come.

“Please sit here!” Jiang Yi Tian shouted at them angrily. The elder and Young Prince of Ze Country looked embarrassed and sat down.

Nobody paid attention to that but Lin Feng. Lin Feng watched a young man in silver clothes at the foot of the stage, carrying an ordinary sword and looking listless. At first glance, one could find him uninteresting and insignificant, but he had the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer.

Lin Feng looked at him for a long time, but the young man didn’t look at Lin Feng. Wasn’t that young man Prince Wu Hen?

Prince Wu Hen was famous; that man looked neither famous nor strong, not like one of the three strongest geniuses of the West.

Lin Feng turned his head. At that precise moment, the man in silver clothes turned around and looked at Lin Feng. He was surprised at first, but then looked cold.

Time passed slowly. Because everybody was angry because of Prince Wu Hen, the atmosphere was oppressive.

Jiang Yi Tian took a deep breath and looked at all the distinguished guests. “Which boy will fight first?”

“Slowly, it’s only noon, we have time, it’s early,” replied Jin Zhe’s father, smiling mockingly.

“What’s your problem?” asked Jiang Yi Tian, frowning impatiently.

“Haha! Great Leader! No rush! Let me finish,” said the man, smiling and ignoring Jiang Yi Tian’s expression.

“Speak!” shouted Jiang Yi Tian angrily. Jiang Yi Ze waved at him as a way to tell him to calm down.

Jiang Yi Tian came back to his senses. Maybe infuriating him was part of Prince Wu Hen’s plan?

Jiang Yi Tian nodded at his brother and calmed himself down. When the man saw that, he looked at Jiang Yi Ze icily. Perhaps Jiang Yi Ze should have been the Great Leader of the whole city?

“Great Leader, let’s set out an agreement first. What do you think?” asked the man, smiling with expectations. Jiang Yi Tian was angered again, but he controlled himself.

When Lin Feng heard the man, his expression changed slightly. As expected, the man had come with ulterior motives. Lin Feng also guessed that the people from Jin Lun City and Lang Xie City were enemies.

Regarding Ze Country, they kind of ruled over the West because of Prince Wu Hen, so they were confident and didn’t fear the other influential groups.

Lin Feng grinned when he thought about those things. The man in silver clothes looked at him again, but Lin Feng didn’t notice it.

“What agreement?” asked Jiang Yi Tian angrily.

“Three rounds, two victories. We choose three people on both sides. The boys’ battle is the most important one. If you win twice, we lose and you can ask us for something. If we win twice, then we ask you for something. What do you think?” said the man coldly. Supreme God Lang Xie and Zu Ti remained silent and stared at the man calmly.

Jiang Yi Ze frowned. Even though it wasn’t his son’s coming of age party, in a year it would be Jiang Hao’s turn, and the people of Jin Lun City would come again. Similar things might happen…

“Father, …” Jiang Yi Tian didn’t know what to say, so he looked at Supreme God Lang Xie.

However, the old man shook his head indifferently, “I am not in charge of the event. You decide.”

“Uncle, you…?” said Jiang Yi Tian, looking at Zu Ti imploringly.

“Don’t ask me. I am not in charge either,” sighed Zu Ti, shaking his head hastily. As long as Lang Xie City wasn’t in danger of imminent destruction, he would not get involved in the affairs of the city. He hadn’t even spent that much time in Lang Xie City during his life.

Jiang Yi Tian looked unhappy, he didn’t know what to say or do. If he accepted doing things based on his opponents’ conditions, it wouldn’t be beneficial for Lang Xie City. If he refused, people would be alarmed.

Young man, what do you think?, a voice came to Jiang Xuan telepathically. When Jiang Xuan heard that voice, he suddenly looked overjoyed!

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