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Chapter 718: Choosing Fighters!

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Jiang Xuan looked at the crowd and saw the smiling Lin Feng. The boy was instantly much happier. His teacher had also come to his coming of age party.

Jiang Xuan nodded at Lin Feng, then turned around and looked at Jiang Yi Tian. He said in a young and tender voice, “Father, I accept!”

The atmosphere was initially tense, but when the crowd heard him, they looked even more nervous. They didn’t understand why the Young Prince had accepted.

Jiang Yi Tian was stupefied, too. He was at a loss. He initially intended to refuse, but Jiang Xuan accepted? Now that the boy had accepted, they couldn’t refuse anymore!

Jiang Xuan looked at the people of Lang Xie City and explained calmly, “People of Lang Xie City, we can’t lose face. I am the Young Prince of Lang Xie City, the coming of age party is for me too, so I have to do my best for our honor and integrity. I have to accept to show I am brave.

“If I win, it proves that there is no weakling in Lang Xie City, and if I lose, then it proves that Lang Xie City people are brave. Whether I lose or win, we won’t lose face because I accepted. You understand?

“We’ve never been greedy and we’ve never been cowards here in Lang Xie City. My ancestors and my father have done so much to build this town and make it great, I can’t let the work of their life collapse. People of Jin Lun City, what you proposed is a great deal; it’s great to be able to make a request if one wins!

“Everybody, please support me! I will use my full strength to win, for Lang Xie City’s honor and dignity!”

Jiang Xuan’s devotion to righteousness definitely inspired admiration. When the crowd heard him, they were extremely excited. The young man was definitely the pride of their city. Many people started shouting “LONG LIVE OUR YOUNG PRINCE!” The atmosphere started to bustle, stirred up with excitement.

Jin Zhe regarded him glumly. How could a ten-year-old boy make a whole town rally behind him like that? Now that he had said that the result of the battle wasn’t important, Jin Lun City couldn’t humiliate them anymore…

Jiang Yi Tian was astonished. He had never seen his son like that. The whole crowd wasn’t worried at all anymore, they just cheered him on. The young man had said Lang Xie City’s reputation would never be tarnished, and it didn’t matter whether he won or lost, that wasn’t the most important thing.

Supreme God Lang Xie was impressed, and immediately smiled happily. His grandson was a great boy!

Jiang Yi Ze was stupefied; his nephew knew how to talk and make people rally behind him. If Jiang Hao said something similar during his party, then they’d be fine!

When Jiang Xuan saw admiration in everybody’s eyes, he turned to Lin Feng. Lin Feng had said similar things to him in the past.

Lin Feng had taught him that. The boy had remembered what Lin Feng had told him.

Lin Feng smiled. This was a good young lad!

“Hehe! Your Young Prince is a hero, brave and talented. Bravo!” said Jin Zhe, smiling and trying not to show he was angry. Humiliating Lang Xie City now would be impossible. What a pity… He had come mainly for that purpose.

Jin Zhe’s father stood up and walked towards the center of the kwoon, bowing hand over fist in front of Jiang Yi Tian and the others. He smiled and said, “Everybody, you’re public figures in Lang Xie City, your Young Prince was right, but…”

As soon as he said but, the atmosphere became tense again. The whole crowd stared at him and waited for him to finish.

Jin Zhe’s father ignored them, smiling and saying, “But the Young Prince doesn’t represent everybody in Lang Xie City, right?

“We need three battles, so your Young Prince will fight one, but children are children, and children don’t really care about winning or losing. What about the others, though?

“Do adults of Lang Xie City also think that way and not care about losing? Would you really feel proud if you lost? Hehe, I’ll tell you what I think; if you lose, it IS a real humiliation!” said the man, determined to humiliate the people from Lang Xie City.

When the crowd heard that, their expressions changed. Lin Feng watch him icily. That man was really extremely annoying…

Jiang Yi Tian looked so angry that he was on the verge of attacking. He understood perfectly what the man was trying to do. He was trying to make them all feel dispirited so that they would lose the duels.

“Alright, I accept. Three battles. Two victories to win,” Jiang Yi Tian nodded. He had to accept. Jiang Xuan’s battle didn’t really matter anymore, it was the two other battles which mattered now.

At that moment, Supreme God Lang Xie looked at them gravely. Lang Xie City’s honor and dignity were now at stake.

“Haha, alright, good! Great Leader, you’re awesome! As expected! The Young Princes can start then. First battle! Little Zhe’s teacher Di Rong will fight,” said the man, pointing at Jin Zhe’s teacher.

Di Rong bowed hand over fist, but didn’t say anything. He seemed quite proud and arrogant. He was a medium-level Supreme God. Medium-level Supreme Gods were quite rare in the Country of Eternity, so many of them were proud and arrogant.

“For the third battle, I will fight. What about you?” said Jin Zhe’s father, smiling evilly.

Jiang Yi Tian frowned. For the first battle, Jiang Xuan had to fight.

But what about the second battle? The problem was that in Lang Xie City, there were more high-level Supreme Gods and low-level Supreme Gods, but not many medium-level Supreme Gods, only a few dozen elders. But the elders were already too old, and even if they could fight, they might not be able to compete with Jin Zhe’s father or teacher.

Jiang Yi Tian was lost in thought again. What was the best strategy?

“Hehe, so you all started without waiting for Zi Dian, huh?” said someone, laughing out suddenly. Purple Qi appeared from a bright godly aura. An old man in purple clothes appeared in the sky, looking quite impressive.

Jin Zhe’s father’s expression suddenly changed. “Supreme God Zi Dian?”

Many people from Lang Xie City started whispering. Another ancestor from Lang Xie City was there? There was a temporary shortage of strong cultivators in Lang Xie City, but it remained strong and powerful thanks to those old men!

Supreme God Zi Dian slowly landed on the ground. He was holding a purple jewel in his hand.

Jin Zhe’s father hastily bowed respectfully, “Greetings, Supreme God Zi Dian!”

However, Supreme God Zi Dian didn’t pay any attention to him and walked past.

The man’s smile stiffened. He still had his fist in his other hand and didn’t know whether he should continue or not. Supreme God Zi Dian had humiliated him!

Supreme God Lang Xie walked past the man and looked at Jiang Yi Tian. Jiang Yi Tian also looked at Supreme God Lang Xie, then stood up, cupped his fist and smiled, “Master, it’s an honor to see you here.”

“Cut the bullshit. Lin Feng is my disciple. He’s also that young lad’s teacher, so that boy is my disciple’s disciple. I had to come; how could I miss this boy’s coming of age party?” smiled Supreme God Zi Dian. Even though he was old, he also looked full of vitality.

Jiang Yi Tian nodded hastily. He didn’t dare contradict the old man.

“So, where were you?” Supreme God Zi Dian looked at Jiang Yi Tian, then he pushed Jiang Yi Ze off his chair and sat down on it. Jiang Yi Ze was angry, but he didn’t dare say anything. The Great Elder hastily grabbed a chair and brought a new one for Jiang Yi Ze.

“I was announcing who our fighters would be,” replied Jiang Yi Tian gravely.

Supreme God Zi Dian nodded and laughed freely. “So, that young man has to fight the first battle, then for the second battle, leave it to Lin Feng, and then you can choose anyone for the third.”

“Master, it’s a good idea, but Lin Feng isn’t here,” replied Jiang Yi Tian when he heard the old man.


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