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Chapter 719: Despicable Di Rong!

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“Even if Lin Feng isn’t here, you can choose him,” answered Supreme God Zi Dian, without explaining anything. Jiang Yi Tian was annoyed and confused.

“But why?” Jiang Yi Tian asked hastily. No matter how aggressive and majestic Supreme God Zi Dian was, he had to explain.

Supreme God Zi Dian glanced at him indifferently, “What are the rules he proposed?”

“Three battles, two victories to win,” repeated Jiang Yi Tian helplessly.

Supreme God Zi Dian burst into laughter and stroked his beard with a smile. “So? No rule says all the fighters you choose should be here, yes? To fight against Lin Feng, their fighter can go and look for him. If they can’t find him, then the competition must continue, and nobody can be blamed if you can’t find a fighter you’ve already chosen,” said Supreme God Zi Dian.

Jiang Yi Tian was surprised, but he quickly understood what Supreme God Zi Dian meant. Lin Feng’s spot would be occupied and even if they didn’t find him, they wouldn’t be able to finish the three rounds.

If they won two battles, at least they’d win, and in the worst case, if they won one battle each, then it’d be a draw. If Lin Feng showed up, then Jiang Yi Tian was convinced he would win, so they’d definitely win two battles.

Jiang Yi Tian found Supreme God Zi Dian’s idea amazing in the end. What a good strategy! And Jin Zhe’s father couldn’t change rules, because he had proposed them!

“Alright, Master, as you said, Lin Feng will fight the second battle and the Great Elder will do the last one,” said Jiang Yi Tian.

The people from Jin Lun City were angry when they heard that. They had tried to plot and failed. If Lin Feng didn’t show up, they wouldn’t be able to win!

Jin Zhe’s father was angry, but he had nothing to say. Supreme God Zi Dian was a high-level Supreme God, how could he contradict such a strong cultivator? He had no choice!

Lin Feng stood in the corner and smiled. They wouldn’t need to waste too much time to find him. He would naturally show up for the second battle.

“It’s better if we win quickly,” whispered Lin Feng, smiling and shaking his head.

“Win? You think you’re Lin Feng? Aren’t you afraid he could cut your tongue?” scoffed someone scornfully next to Lin Feng. Lin Feng glanced at him, but quickly turned back again.

“Little Xuan, go and fight,” Jiang Yi Tian told Jiang Xuan. Qi started humming. Many people retreated a few steps to give the fighters space.

Jiang Xuan nodded seriously. He flashed to the middle of the kwoon and unsheathed his sword, then looked at Jin Zhe.

“Little Zhe, you have to win. Show everybody how strong the Young Prince of Jin Lun City is!” said Di Rong, looking at Jin Zhe. It was the first time he had spoken. His eyes were filled with murder already.

Jin Zhe nodded gravely. He was the Young Prince of Jin Lun City, he knew how important this battle was.

“Thanks for fighting against me,” said Jin Zhe, walking to the center of the kwoon. He had the strength of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

But that Qi wasn’t as stable as an adult’s Qi. The people in the crowd were all Godly Emperors at least, so the Qi of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer was cute to them. For the two boys, it was already incredible!

“No need to talk shit. Attack now!” said Jiang Xuan firmly. He threw a punch at Jin Zhe, as powerful as a thunderbolt. It was a punch Lin Feng had taught him, and Jiang Xuan had never forgotten it.

Jin Zhe’s expression didn’t change. He also threw a punch. The two boys’ attacks collided.

Jin Zhe was stupefied. What a powerful Qi!

Jiang Xuan didn’t think of anything else, he was completely focused. He took back his fist and threw a kick to follow up, striking Jin Zhe’s arms. Jin Zhe groaned with pain and paled, and was even pushed back a few steps.

Jiang Xuan had the advantage already, but he didn’t intend to let Jin Zhe off. He couldn’t give his opponent a second to strike back. He had to keep attacking as quickly as possible. Lin Feng had taught him that too!

Jiang Xuan chased Jin Zhe while condensing pure Qi. He leapt above Jin Zhe and kicked him from above. Jin Zhe had the impression a mountain had fallen on him.

Jin Zhe’s expression changed greatly, but he remained focused. He thrust his palm out; a golden strength emerged from the center of his hand, turning the air around him golden. Jiang Xuan’s foot ended up on it and it bounced him back.

Jin Zhe smiled wickedly as he raised one finger.

Jiang Xuan threw two punches after being pushed back. He used his full strength and the Aggressive Punch attack Lin Feng had taught him and he had mastered. His Aggressive Punch technique was as good as Lin Feng’s. His strength pushed Jin Zhe back. The strength emerging from his finger disappeared.

But Jin Zhe didn’t give up. He had a plan. He wanted Jiang Xuan to attack first and then he’d strike back.

Jiang Xuan understood what was going on and didn’t intend to let him achieve his goal. He also had a plan.

Jiang Xuan moved back and pretended to be afraid. Jin Zhe kept chasing him, releasing sharp energies towards Jiang Xuan’s chest.

“Be carefu!” shouted Jiang Yi Tian nervously.

Jin Zhe’s father, Jin Xuan Lun, smiled mockingly. “Don’t interrupt the boys, you could influence them.”

Jiang Yi Tian was nervous, and ignored Jin Xuan Lun. He had the strength of the high-level Supreme God layer, but he was still nervous, worried about Jiang Xuan’s safety.

He couldn’t see that Jiang Xuan had a plan, but Lin Feng could. The young lad was a fast learner and even tried to confuse Jin Zhe on purpose.

Jin Zhe smiled in satisfaction, as if his plan had worked. He was convinced he had already won the fight. He released even more pure sharp Qi to attack Jiang Xuan’s chest. Everybody closed their eyes. Jiang Xuan had probably lost…

“Surrender, brother!” exclaimed Jin Zhe, smiling as cruelly as his father.

“Not yet, brother. I fooled you,” was the instant reply. Jiang Xuan smiled mockingly. Jin Zhe had a bad feeling, and immediately stepped back.

“You want to escape? Isn’t it a bit too late?” said Jiang Xuan smiling. He threw his sword at Jin Zhe’s chest.

Many people were astonished and cheered.

Jin Xuan Lun and Di Rong’s expressions changed drastically. Jin Zhe had underestimated Jiang Xuan, and now he had no option left. He was definitely going to lose!

“No! You can’t lose!” shouted Di Rong furiously. He took out a golden needle and as nobody was looking at him, he threw it at Jiang Xuan’s heart.


Everybody was cheering Jiang Xuan, so they didn’t pay attention to Di Rong, but Lin Feng saw him and what he had just done infuriated him. Lin Feng flashed to stop him.

However, the needle was too fast, and it was already extremely close to Jiang Xuan’s chest. Even if Lin Feng had reacted quickly, it was still too late!

Lin Feng was inspired to use his space and time strength. Just before the needle pierced through Jiang Xuan’s chest, it broke. But even that way Jiang Xuan shrieked. His eyes became purple, and then his face turned dark and he collapsed in Lin Feng’s arms.

“He lost?”

The crowd was astonished. What was going on?

Jiang Yi Tian, Supreme God Lang Xie, and the others were outraged. Di Rong had attacked by surprise, and on top of that he had used an assassin’s weapon?

“Stop! Little boy!” Lin Feng’s face was pale. He was extremely worried about Jiang Xuan. He hastily sealed Jiang Xuan’s energy circulatory system to prevent the poison from spreading through his body.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and descended to the ground with Jiang Xuan in his arms. Jiang Yi Tian hastily ran towards Lin Feng and took the boy. Lin Feng turned on Di Rong furiously. His eyes became bloodshot. His black robe fluttered in his Qi.

He was really furious.

“Today, none of you are going to leave Lang Xie City alive!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Everybody’s heart twitched when they heard that shout.

It was the voice of a demon!

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