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Chapter 720: Disappointed!

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Di Rong and Jin Xuan Lun’s expression changed drastically. They could see Lin Feng wanted to kill them and he looked like a demon from hell. Their hearts twitched.

“Who are you?” asked Di Rong coldly. He was scared, but he tried not to show it. Besides, Lin Feng was just a medium-level Supreme God.

“I’m the one who’s going to kill you!” howled Lin Feng in reply, and threw himself at Di Rong. His deadly energies surrounded Di Rong, and Lin Feng released even more Qi.

Lin Feng landed in front of Di Rong and threw a punch containing his primal chaos strength. Di Rong’s expression suddenly changed again. He tried to retreat and throw three golden needles at the same time at Lin Feng’s chest. Lin Feng shouted furiously and instantly broke the three needles.

He flashed to the attack again, quickly catching up with Di Rong. He released primal chaos strength again and punched Di Rong. Di Rong didn’t have time to react. He had the impression he was fighting against a monster.

Boom! Blood gushed. Lin Feng’s fist pierced through Di Rong’s head, which exploded. Lin Feng kicked the headless body, and continued crushing the corpse.

Silence. Eerie silence. Everybody was dumbstruck. It was like everybody had forgotten the purpose of the event. How cruel! Lin Feng had just killed a Young Prince’s teacher with four attacks?

“You, you…” Jin Xuan Lun was shaking violently. He paled and pointed at Lin Feng, but he didn’t manage to finish his sentence. He was terrified.

Jiang Yi Tian and the others were also dumbstruck. They never thought they’d see Lin Feng like that. How incredible! He looked like a demon, he was in a frenzy. When he was like that, his fighting abilities seemed even more incredible. Even Supreme God Zi Dian was stupefied. This was his disciple?

How terrifying! He had lived for over a hundred thousand years and he had never seen someone as sanguinary and cruel!

This time, Lin Feng wasn’t furious because of a woman, but because of Jiang Xuan!

Nobody had thought Jiang Xuan’s teacher liked him so much. Lin Feng cared about Jiang Xuan like his own child. He was a father, and he wanted to protect children.

But Di Rong had used a despicable means to attack Jiang Xuan; Lin Feng had to kill people like that!

Jiang Yi Ze understood now how Lin Feng had damaged the region around Tian Yuan in West Lang Xie. He had also heard that Lin Feng had killed a medium-level Supreme God in one attack. It was true, it wasn’t just a rumor. Jiang Tang and Jiang Leng hadn’t exaggerated at all…

Lin Feng’s hands were stained by Di Rong’s blood. However, he didn’t care, because now he was staring at Jin Xuan Lun.

Jin Xuan Lun was trembling, and his legs were starting to give way. Lin Feng had killed Di Rong in four attacks, what about him? He had always thought he was weaker than Di Rong, so what now? Lin Feng would kill him more easily than he had killed Di Rong?

“Who are you?” asked Jin Xuan Lun. He was stupefied, furious and his heart was pounding.

“He’s Lin Feng!” shouted Jiang Yi Tian gleefully. He despised Jin Xuan Lun.

Jin Xuan Lun’s expression changed drastically. Lin Feng?

“He’s dead. Now, it’s your turn!” said Lin Feng heartlessly. He slowly walked towards Jin Xuan Lun. Each time he made a step, Jin Xuan Lun’s heart skipped a beat.

“You… Will you dare kill me? I am the Jin Lun City’s Great Leader’s son!” said Jin Xuan Lun. He was panicking. Lin Feng continued walking towards him. If nobody had been watching, Jin Xuan Lun would have run away already.

“Even if you were the Great Leader of Jin Lun City, you wouldn’t leave alive,” said Lin Feng frostily. Lin Feng didn’t care who was standing in front of him; these people had to be punished for injuring Jiang Xuan!

“Great Leader Jiang, won’t you do anything?” Jin Xuan Lun asked Jiang Yi Tian desperately. He was terrified.

“I want to kill you, why would I care?” retorted Jiang Yi Tian. That Di Rong had injured his son, these people could die!

Lin Feng continued walking towards Jin Xuan Lun while the latter kept retreating. At some point he bumped into the crowd, but the people there were from Lang Xie City, how could they let him pass? Nobody was willing to let Jin Xuan Lun leave alive!

Lin Feng stared at Jin Xuan Lun murderously, and abruptly disappeared. Jin Xuan Lun paled. He turned around, wanting to push the crowd to run away. It was as if he had forgotten about his son up on the battle stage.

“Trying to escape?” came the menacing voice behind him. Jin Xuan Lun nearly fell to his knees.

“What are you doing? I’m warning you, the Great Leader of Jin Lun City will come personally! If you kill me, he will not let you off!” shouted Jin Xuan Lun icily. He had to try and scare Lin Feng away.

However, threatening Lin Feng didn’t work. He didn’t know Lin Feng!

“I just know that I won’t let you off!” said Lin Feng, smiling icily. He condensed primal chaos strength in his fist and threw a punch at Jin Xuan Lun’s chest. Jin Xuan Lun was stuck and couldn’t dodge, so he had no choice but to wait for it.

“Stop. You can’t kill him!” shouted someone suddenly. It was Supreme God Lang Xie. He suddenly grabbed Lin Feng’s hand, flashing between him and Jin Xuan Lun.

Jin Xuan Lun looked at Supreme God Lang Xie and started crying like a drowning man clutching at a straw, “Master, you have to save me!”

“Save you? Hmph! I’m just giving your father face. Otherwise, I would be the first one to kill you for plotting against my son!” shouted Supreme God Lang Xie, grinding his teeth furiously. He tried to control himself, or he would kill Jin Xuan Lun himself!

Lin Feng didn’t understand Supreme God Lang Xie. Was Jin Xuan Lun more important than Jiang Xuan?

“Master, I am disappointed!” said Lin Feng icily. He didn’t give Supreme God Lang Xie any face. He was disappointed and furious.

Supreme God Lang Xie’s expression didn’t change. He knew Lin Feng was angry, but he still couldn’t let Lin Feng kill Jin Xuan Lun.

“Just take care of Little Xuan. You can’t kill that guy,” said Supreme God Lang Xie, shaking his head. If they killed Jin Xuan Lun, then Jin Lun City and Lang Xie City would go to war, which wouldn’t be beneficial for Lang Xie City.

Everybody knew Supreme God Lang Xie was wise. If Lang Xie City started a war against another influential group, it would be horrible for everybody involved.

Lin Feng didn’t intend to go away, and stood there in front of Jin Xuan Lun. He had to avenge Jiang Xuan.

“Master, in the future, if the world order was at stake, would you give up Jiang Xuan?” asked Lin Feng gravely.

Supreme God Lang Xie was surprised and suddenly lost in thought. He knew Lin Feng was testing him and trying to see how important Jiang Xuan was to him. But…

“If someday…” said Supreme God Lang Xie, but then he stopped. Lin Feng hoped the old man would say something fair for Jiang Xuan, but he was disappointed.

“I would give up Jiang Xuan if the safety of the world were at stake indeed,” sighed Supreme God Lang Xie. He suddenly looked much older and tired. He almost looked like a corpse, it was dreadful.

Lin Feng smiled icily and nodded. He was really disappointed.

“Alright, alright, good grandpa, yes? Giving up your grandson for the safety of the world… Really good!” said Lin Feng, smiling angrily. Everybody was shivering because Lin Feng was crazy.

“Since it’s that way, I will take your grandson and leave Lang Xie City with him,” stated Lin Feng icily. He walked over to Jiang Yi Tian. Jiang Yi Tian was stupefied, and tried to prevent Lin Feng from taking his son.

Lin Feng merely grabbed his arm. Jiang Xuan’s arms suddenly felt sore, even though he had the strength of the high-level Supreme God layer. He had to loosen his grasp on Jiang Xuan. Lin Feng took Jiang Xuan in his arms.

Lin Feng glanced at Supreme God Lang Xie and said icily, “Supreme God Lang Xie, if you can’t protect your grandson, how could you protect Lang Xie City? Lang Xie City is going to get destroyed sooner or later under someone like you!”

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