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Chapter 721: Going Back to Qi Yang Tai!

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“Lin Feng, what do you want to do?” asked Supreme God Lang Xie. His expression suddenly changed. He watched Lin Feng, who was carrying Jiang Xuan in his arms. He wanted to take Jiang Xuan away from Lang Xie City?

“I’ll take him to travel for a few years. When he comes back, he’ll replace Jiang Yi Tian as the town’s great leader,” replied Lin Feng indifferently. He made ready to leave with Jiang Xuan. He couldn’t let the boy remain here.

When Supreme God Lang Xie heard Lin Feng, he demanded icily, “Who allowed you to take my grandson away?”

“Grandson? You still consider him as your grandson? Fine! Kill that guy and I’ll change my mind,” shot back Lin Feng, coldly pointing to Jin Xuan Lun. His eyes were filled with murder. Jin Xuan Lun paled.

Supreme God Lang Xie looked at Jin Xuan Lun helplessly. He was afraid for the safety of Lang Xie City.

“You can’t do it? Since you can’t do it, how dare you say you consider yourself Jiang Xuan’s grandfather? Do you love this boy?” said Lin Feng smiling mockingly. Making Supreme God Lang Xie kill Jin Xuan Lun seemed so difficult, so taking Jiang Xuan away was better.

“You better release Little Xuan,” said Supreme God Lang Xie. He didn’t want to become enemies with Lin Feng, but he didn’t want his grandson to be disappointed either. The situation was extremely complex.

“What if I say no?” replied Lin Feng, smiling coolly. Even if Supreme God Lang Xie attacked him, Lin Feng didn’t intend to let Jiang Xuan stay.

“Try and you’ll see!” said Supreme God Lang Xie icily, flashing towards Lin Feng. He raised his left hand and condensed energies. Lin Feng grunted, condensed primal chaos strength and threw a punch back at him. Explosive energies rolled in waves and pushed Supreme God Lang Xie back. Lin Feng grunted with pain and was blown back, but he didn’t let Jiang Xuan fall down, holding him firmly.

Lin Feng didn’t have the advantage during the first attack but the crowd was astonished. They hadn’t forgotten that Lin Feng was just a medium-level Supreme God. However, Supreme God Lang Xie was a high-level one… and he was an old, outstanding, and well-known high-level Supreme God.

Surprisingly, Lin Feng had managed to push him back! Many people were just dumbstruck. Just how strong was Lin Feng?

Supreme God Lang Xie himself hadn’t thought Lin Feng could push him back. The fact that Lin Feng had been pushed back by him directly didn’t change any of that. He couldn’t kill Lin Feng! Supreme God Lang Xie was astonished when he realized that. How strong would Lin Feng be in a few years?

Supreme God Lang Xie couldn’t imagine how strong Lin Feng would be after breaking through to the high-level Supreme God layer. He would be much more terrifying. What would he be able to do if he had a conflict with Lin Feng then?

Supreme God Lang Xie suddenly thought of all those problems, but he wasn’t that worried yet. First he had to solve the current issue. Jiang Xuan had just become the object of a dispute between them. But actually, even if Lin Feng took Jiang Xuan away and brought him back someday to become the leader of Lang Xie City, would that be a problem?

Supreme God Lang Xie remained silent and stared at Lin Feng and Jiang Xuan for a long time. Jiang Xuan’s face was black, his lips were purple. He had been poisoned, and he was in danger.

Everybody remained silent. Supreme God Lang Xie ground his teeth. He wished he could kill Jin Xuan Lun. But for Lang Xie City, he couldn’t. He did feel guilty and sad that he had to protect Lang Xie City at the cost of his family members.

Jiang Yi Tian and Zu Ti didn’t understand Supreme God Lang Xie’s behavior. Wasn’t he being a coward?

Lin Feng stared at Supreme God Lang Xie. His muscles kept twitching, but he didn’t show it, controlling himself. He didn’t want Supreme God Lang Xie to know something was wrong.

“Teacher, let’s go,” Lin Feng said to Supreme God Zi Dian. If he wanted to leave safely, he needed Supreme God Zi Dian’s protection.

“Haha, good, young man. Let’s go,” said Supreme God Zi Dian, laughing freely. He flashed in front of Lin Feng, who just glanced at the crowd, and they left.

“Stop!” shouted Supreme God Lang Xie hastily. He couldn’t let Lin Feng take Jiang Xuan away, especially since Jiang Xuan was injured.

“Father, let him go,” Jiang Yi Tian told his father icily. He didn’t understand his father’s decision either, but as a father himself, he wanted the best for his son, Jiang Xuan.

“Supreme God Lang Xie, you’re really imposing and awe-inspiring, hehehe,” said Zu Ti slowly walking down the stage. He had just met with Supreme God Lang Xie after such a long time, and now tensions had risen again. Zu Ti was disappointed.

When Supreme God Lang Xie saw that, his heart twitched. He felt powerless. His people were disappointed in him…

“Brother, my son, you..,” said Supreme God Lang Xie with a pained look. Why didn’t his relatives understand him?

“Ignore him. Let’s go,” said Zu Ti, glancing at Lin Feng. Then they all left, ignoring Lang Xie, whom they found heartless.

Supreme God Lang Xie wanted to stop them, but Jiang Yi Tian looked at him angrily. The old man was extremely sad; even his own son didn’t trust him!

Supreme God Lang Xie sighed sorrowfully. He had to let them leave. Jiang Xuan’s coming-of-age party had turned into a fiasco.

Jin Xuan Lun looked after Lin Feng angrily. His plan had finally worked. Everybody thought he was really afraid of death, but what people didn’t know was that his goal was to divide Lang Xie City. For Lang Xie City to become really divided, tensions needed to arise. When tensions started, then collapse wasn’t far behind.

“Thank you very much, Master!” said Jin Xuan Lun tearfully, although he was smiling on the inside. Supreme God Lang Xie grunted icily. He wished he could crush Jin Xuan Lun to mush.

“Go, go!” Supreme God Lang Xie seemed much older and exhausted suddenly. He seemed like he was on the verge of collapse. The old man really looked tired.

Supreme God Lang Xie left. Jiang Yi Tian watched Supreme God Lang Xie disappear. He tried to understand the old man’s behavior; he could understand why he had done and said those things, but he couldn’t forgive him.

“It’s the end of the party!” Jiang Yi Tian told the crowd. The representatives of Ze Country hadn’t said anything, their Young Prince hadn’t even fought, and now the teenage party was already over.

The elder and Young Prince of Ze Country left the stage. The two of them looked at the man in silver clothes in the crowd respectfully, but the man in silver clothes remained indifferent.

“Lin Feng, Lin Feng…” whispered the man excitedly.

“You go back. I need to leave for a few days,” said the man, tapping the Young Prince’s shoulder, before disappearing in the crowd.


Lin Feng was still carrying Jiang Xuan in his arms, Zu Ti and Supreme God Zi Dian behind him. The three of them flew to the back of the mountain, but Lin Feng noticed the poison was spreading faster and faster inside Jiang Xuan. He had sealed the boy’s energy circulatory system, but now there were leaks. Lin Feng release primal chaos strength to seal the poison, but the seal wouldn’t last long.

“Lin Feng, let’s hurry and go to Qi Yang Tai!” said Zu Ti. When Lin Feng heard that, he recalled the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames, indeed, abstruse fire could probably destroy the poison.

“Go, hurry,” said Supreme God Zi Dian. He was worried about Jiang Xuan, but he was also concerned about Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t think too much at that moment, he just flew as fast as he could with Jiang Xuan in his arms. The mountain behind the palace of East Lang Xie was a thousand li away. They arrived quickly.


At that moment, Jiang Yi Tian hadn’t come back from town. Lin Feng didn’t ask the guards for help, he asked Supreme God Zi Dian and Zu Ti to stand guard, and then he isolated the area. Nobody noticed anything was wrong.

Lin Feng brought Jiang Xuan into his room and put him on the edge of the bed. He found the mechanism to open the floor and activated it. There were two buttons. The ground opened up and the black pit appeared. He picked up Jiang Xuan and jumped into it.

Lin Feng was just worried about Jiang Xuan’s safety at that moment, even more than about his own safety.

They fell down the hole and landed on the white ground. Lin Feng noticed the ground was still broken from the previous time, and the hole had even grown deeper and bigger.

The temperature was thousands of degrees in there. It wasn’t optimal for Jiang Xuan, but it wasn’t dangerous for Lin Feng anymore.

Lin Feng used the mechanism to open the ocean of flames. He pressed the button, rumbling sounds echoed, the ground opened itself up, and an ocean of flames appeared in the hole. It sounded like dragons were roaring in there. Lin Feng also noticed that the temperature had increased compared with the previous time.

Lin Feng put Jiang Xuan on the ground. At the same time, he took out his Primal Chaos Thunderbolt Battle Boots and put them on. He suddenly felt cool and refreshed. Lin Feng tried to put his feet in the flames and sensed nothing; they worked!

Thanks to the Primal Chaos Thunderbolt Battle Boots, he was protected from high temperatures. The abstruse fire didn’t affect him at all.

Lin Feng put his hands in the fire, released some primal chaos strength and took out some fire. He then kept only the essence of the fire. He tapped Jiang Xuan’s head. Jiang Xuan’s face turned from black to red as the blackness gradually disappeared. In the end, his face turned completely red, but there was still poison Qi in his chest.

“Still not enough.”

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