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Chapter 722: Coming Back Empty Handed!

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Since it wasn’t enough, Lin Feng had no choice but to take out more fire essence. He put his hand in the fire and took out more flames, then extracted the essence and continued putting it on Jiang Xuan’s forehead. He did that a few times, and the poison Qi was slowly being expelled from the boy.

A few more times was enough, so Lin Feng took Jiang Xuan back to his room. He put him on the bed and covered him with a few blankets. If nothing unexpected happened, Jiang Xuan would wake up in a few hours.

Lin Feng went back down to Qi Yang Tai and into the ocean of flames. He wanted to explore even deeper. The depths of the ocean of flames were dangerous, and many high-level Supreme Gods had died inside, but in any case, Lin Feng was too curious.

Lin Feng dove into the ocean of flames. Thanks to his Primal Chaos Thunderbolt Battle Boots, he was safe despite the extremely high temperature. It was much better than using a fusion of abstruse earth and abstruse water. He could stay in the fire as long as he wanted with the boots.

Lin Feng landed on the ground of the ocean of flames. The fire was purple deep in the abysses of that ocean of flames. Lin Feng had never seen such a purple fire. The first time he had come into the ocean of flames, he had traveled thousands of li before he had seen purple fire, but this time, he had just come in and there was purple fire already, which meant the ocean of flames was becoming stronger with time.

Lin Feng started wondering what would happen if the ocean of flames continued increasing in strength; what if the fire became more difficult to control? Wouldn’t it explode someday and destroy the Country of Eternity?

The Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames was a precious treasure for people in the Country of Eternity, but it was also a dangerous thing. It made Lin Feng think a lot.

But no matter what, Lin Feng wasn’t worried about the Country of Eternity, it wasn’t his homeland. No matter what happened here, it had nothing to do with him. If the Country of Eternity really was destroyed someday, Lin Feng would just go back to the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Lin Feng didn’t choose to fly this time, he just walked on the floor of the ocean. Even though there were flames everywhere, there were no creatures living in the fire.

After half an hour, Lin Feng had already walked hundreds of li, and the fire was growing ever more terrifying. Lin Feng started feeling pain again, it wasn’t intense but it proved there was a mysterious fire poison in the fire, and its density was increasing.

After half an hour, Lin Feng decided to fly. If he wanted to travel over thousands of li, he needed to fly. The farther he went, the more purple fire there was, and he also noticed black fire. Lin Feng had never seen that kind of fire before, either. Maybe that it was the purest form of abstruse fire?

The black fire was hundreds of thousands of degrees. Anything could burn at such temperatures, even Lin Feng’s Primal Chaos Thunderbolt Battle Boots, so he couldn’t go into the black fire.

Lin Feng glanced around. He was hundreds of li away from where he had found Supreme God Xiao Sa’s skeleton and the others, which meant he had traveled farther than the previous time, but since he didn’t have the opportunity to come to the ocean of flames everyday, why not explore a little bit more?

Lin Feng ground his teeth to ignore the pain and continued flying.

He flew over a few thousands more li and finally, it became much harder to continue. He had reached the limit. His Primal Chaos Thunderbolt Battle Boots wouldn’t last long if he continued.

Lin Feng had flown a thousand li more than the previous time, but compared with the outside world, it meant that he had crossed only one hundredth of Lang Xie City. It was said that the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames was everywhere under the Country of Eternity…

It also meant that at the scale of the Country of Eternity, the distance he had just covered was less than one-thousandth of the country. There were many more places he had to explore, but he couldn’t.

In the end, Lin Feng tried to think of another solution, since he couldn’t fly diagonally any farther, why not try horizontally? So he decided to fly purely horizontally without changing his trajectory at all.

He flew over thousands of li and at that moment, he noticed some white bones. He didn’t know whether they belonged to the same body or not, but in any case, he didn’t have time to take care of all the dead people who had never found any heir. Besides, since they had taken the risk to come into the ocean of flames, they were aware it was dangerous.

Lin Feng continued flying. Around him was only pure purple fire. Lin Feng could almost feel the pain. He had the impression he was going to be carbonized.

Extremely powerful, as expected!, he thought with a sigh. This time, he had no choice but to release some primal chaos strength to protect himself. Combined with the Primal Chaos Thunderbolt Battle Boots, he thought he would be relatively safe.

However, it was painful even that way, and it grew worse. He had the impression his internal organs were going to burn. It felt as if the heat emerged from his viscera and spread throughout his skin, but it was also as if the heat couldn’t get out through his skin, keeping the heat inside.

Lin Feng couldn’t stay there. He moved back ten li and felt much better. There was nothing around him, so he was disappointed. But he cheered up, telling himself that he couldn’t always find precious treasures everywhere.

However, if he didn’t find something quickly, he would just leave the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames and would try again some other time.

Lin Feng glanced around meticulously and tried to sense different threads of Qi, but he was quickly disappointed again. It was like there were nothing. There weren’t even any skeletons.

Lin Feng flew back. When he arrived where Supreme God Xiao Sa’s skeleton and the others had been, the poison fire was powerful, and the purple poison fire was just incredibly powerful. Lin Feng was surprised.

But it was the first time Lin Feng had returned, so he continued flying back. In the end, he drew closer to the exit which led to Qi Yang Tai.

He had come back empty-handed this time.

Lin Feng felt disappointed. He hadn’t found anything, and it had been dangerous. When he got out of the ocean of flames, he was still covered with fire Qi. He got rid of it, pushed it back into the ocean of flames, and closed the passage. The temperature instantly dropped.

Lin Feng flashed back into Jiang Xuan’s room. Jiang Xuan was still lying in bed. The poison had already disappeared. He was safe, just a bit weak.

But he hadn’t woken up yet. He was still sleeping. Lin Feng felt sad for the little boy. He had no choice but to let the boy rest longer. Lin Feng sat down at the little boy’s bedside and waited for him to wake up.

Time passed slowly. Half an hour passed, Jiang Xuan slowly opened his eyes. Initially, he was pale, but now he had rosy cheeks. The boy glanced around.

“Teacher?” said Jiang Xuan smiling happily and trying to raise his head.

“Little boy, how do you feel?” asked Lin Feng, hugging Jiang Xuan.

Jiang Xuan nodded and said in a trembling voice, “I’m alright, teacher, don’t worry.”

“Alright, good then,” replied Lin Feng, nodding and smiling. He was relieved.

“Little boy, I made a decision on your behalf. You will leave Lang Xie City with me. Well, that’s what I decided; if you don’t want to come, then you’re free to stay here. I don’t want to force you to do anything,” said Lin Feng honestly. He didn’t criticize Supreme God Lang Xie, but he also told Jiang Xuan what had happened.

When Jiang Xuan heard that, he seemed disappointed and sad. His grandfather had refused to kill the one who had tried to kill him. He was ready to abandon his grandson to maintain good relations with those people. That was indeed sad.

“I’ll come with you, teacher,” said Jiang Xuan after a long time. Lin Feng noticed Jiang Xuan was a bit pale after making the decision. The little boy didn’t understand why his grandfather had refused to kill his enemy. Maybe he would understand later.

“Alright, I’ll take you with me and we’ll travel together. That way, you will also progress faster!” proclaimed Lin Feng, smiling and tapping Jiang Xuan’s shoulder. In the future, Jiang Xuan would have to make his own decisions and be responsible. It wasn’t the best life for a child, but the world of cultivation wasn’t fair, it was cruel.

Jiang Xuan got off the bed, and Lin Feng took him out. Zi Dian and Supreme God Zi Dian were at the door. They had been waiting for five hours; it was already dark outside.

The sky was filled with stars, but there was no moon, so the night was darker than usual.

It was a strange night in Lang Xie City. The atmosphere was heavy. Even people who were usually happy and positive would be depressed in such circumstances.

“Let’s go,” Lin Feng told Zi Dian and Supreme God Zi Dian. He took Jiang Xuan in his arms and flew towards Zi Dian Mountain.

Lin Feng couldn’t leave Lang Xie City for the time being. He needed to return to Zi Dian Mountain. Fu Su Rong was still there. He also needed to go back to San Country to save his primal chaos beast and resolve the issue with Yan Zhen. Then, he’d head to the Fa Lan Empire.

Lin Feng still didn’t know whether he wanted to save Yan Ran Xue or not, but he had decided to go to the Fa Lan Empire anyway. Maybe that it was because of Yan Ran Xue, or maybe it was simply because it was one of the strongest influential groups in the Country of Eternity, and he would have opportunities to become stronger there.

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