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Chapter 723: Ancestor Kong’s Plan!


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“Brother, you really saw Lin Feng?”

There were two old men in cyan clothes talking in Tian Yuan. They were seated and chatting. The old man who had just talked was surprised, and looked at the other old man in a meaningful way. The other old man nodded firmly. He remembered Lin Feng, even if Lin Feng had killed fewer people than the demon five years before.

Lin Feng had killed one person, crippled another one’s cultivation, and then he defeated Tian Fan. The only big thing he had done was destroy thousands of li of buildings in Lang Xie City. It still proved he was strong enough.

It also proved that Lin Feng had a demoniac and cruel side to him.

“I remember you told me you found two people, Lin Feng and Jeston,” Supreme God Tian Yuan said to Ancestor Kong coldly.

Ancestor Kong frowned and nodded slowly. He had made Mister Time bring Lin Feng and Jeston from a remote world to the world of cultivation. He also told Supreme God Tian Yuan everything, including how he had made Lin Feng become stronger, step by step.

Supreme God Tian Yuan kept nodding. He knew that Ancestor Kong was doing all those things for the future, because of the prophecy which dated back to three hundred thousand years before: the prophecy of destruction!

“But are you sure you chose the right ones?” Supreme God Tian Yuan frowned. He didn’t understand why his fellow disciple had chosen Lin Feng and Jeston. Why not someone else? Perhaps Ancestor Kong had made a mistake? What if there were better options on Earth?

Ancestor Kong smiled. He knew that Supreme God Tian Yuan was always skeptical. Since he had seen Lin Feng, he had even more doubts and questions.

“Brother, back in the days, it was impossible for Shi Sheng Feng to bring those two people from the strange space to the continent of the strange world, because he wasn’t strong enough. However, you should know that after that, on the day when Shi Sheng Feng picked them up, there was a celestial phenomenon, the rotation of the nine suns. The strange continent’s pure Qi changed, space and time layered up, and the space and time Dao became optimal.

“Therefore, on that day, Shi Sheng Feng granted half of his forbidden body to Lin Feng to bring him from that strange space. He also picked up Jeston later that day but because he managed to do things quickly enough, Jeston didn’t need his forbidden body. On the contrary, due to a strange combination of circumstances, Jeston obtained the fourth perfect kind of body type, a light body.

“Otherwise, Shi Sheng Feng would have never managed to bring them out. Even you and I wouldn’t be able to bring people from that strange space right now. Therefore, on that day, we can say that a supernatural force blessed us.

“Contrary to expectations, only Lin Feng and Jeston were in danger. Therefore, I think that the future depends on only one of them,” explained Ancestor Kong. When Supreme God Tian Yuan heard that, he understood and regarded Ancestor Kong seriously.

“I hope so,” said Supreme God Tian Yuan. He really didn’t want everybody’s expectations to turn to nothing. If it was neither Lin Feng nor Jeston, then the whole Country of Eternity would be destroyed, and billions of people would die.

“Nothing is certain until now.

“Everybody will love the winner, and the loser will be plunged into an abyss of misery,” Ancestor Kong sighed. He wasn’t sure, either. He could only hope.

“By the way, why do the three high-level Supreme Gods of the Lun Bi Empire want to kill Lin Feng?” asked Supreme God Tian Yuan. He liked to know everything.

Ancestor Kong’s expression suddenly changed. He was also worried about that, but he hadn’t found any peaceful solution yet.

“It’s because of Lin Feng. He has too many enemies. He was fine in the Continent of the Gods, but his enemies remember him, and an old enemy is those three high-level Supreme Gods’ disciple. What do you think?”

“You mean that Lin Feng is one of the three high-level Supreme Gods’ disciple’s enemies? And then they waited for him to arrive in this world to kill him?”

“Indeed. I learned about this recently. You and I know how strong the Lun Bi Empire is. The Lun Bi Empire doesn’t only have three high-level Supreme Gods, they’re backed up by you know who… Maybe…” said Ancestor Kong vigilantly. He almost looked scared.

“You doubt him…?” asked Supreme God Tian Yuan gravely. Had that old man broken through?

“Yes. Lin Feng is in trouble. His enemies are just too powerful,” said Ancestor Kong. He regretted that he had made Lin Feng enemies with such powerful people. Even though Lin Feng had defeated them, he hadn’t killed them. Getting rid of the problematic roots was always the best thing to do, otherwise…

“But we’ve all set high hopes on Lin Feng and Jeston… If you don’t help him, he’ll be killed, all we have done will be in vain and turn into a fiasco. Our people won’t forgive us,” said Supreme God Tian Yuan glumly. He didn’t want Lin Feng to die, at least not before the fulfillment of the prophecy!

“Don’t worry, brother. Lin Feng is safe right now. Lang Xie City’s people aren’t easy to deal with. I think Lin Feng can still safely become stronger. No need to rush for now,” said Ancestor Kong, shaking his head confidently. He had the situation under control.

Supreme God Tian Yuan shook his head and sighed. Among Ancestor Kong’s disciples, only Xu Gan knew about his plans.

Developing, thinking, scheming, omniscient!

“Brother, in less than two weeks, I’ll break through to the high-level Supreme God layer. I can’t show up during that time, so if there’s anything, contact Shi Sheng Feng,” said Ancestor Kong seriously. Finally, he was about to break through.

Supreme God Tian Yuan nodded and looked out the window. There was a white-haired old man on a stage there, who hadn’t moved at all the whole time. If Lin Feng had been there, he would have recognized Mister Time. Mister Time’s real name was Shi Sheng Feng!

“Low-level Supreme God? He became much stronger and has a primal chaos body now?” Supreme God Tian Yuan was stupefied.

Ancestor Kong had planned everything. If someday Lin Feng were out of control, he would ask Mister Time to replace him for the prophecy.


Nobody knew there were two people who had a primal chaos body in this world. That kind of body was flawless. Apart from people who had a light body, who could compete with them, apart from those who had broken through to that legendary cultivation layer?


The night was bright in Zi Dian Mountain, thanks to the purple Qi floating over it. The long, narrow mountainss looked like dragons about to take off.

Lin Feng and Supreme God Zi Dian were seated opposite each other. After they came back from Lang Xie City, Lin Feng and Supreme God Zi Dian started playing chess. Lin Feng remembered when he had played chess with Ancestor Kong.

The teacher and his disciple had a heart-to-heart talk.

“Lin Feng, how did it go in the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames?” asked Supreme God Zi Dian excitedly. He had been waiting such a long time for this time.

Lin Feng looked at Supreme God Zi Dian and hesitated. Should he tell him about Supreme God Xiao Sa or not? Should he give him his skeleton?

Lin Feng thought for a long time and decided to hand the skeleton over to Supreme God Zi Dian, but first he wanted an explanation. If Lin Feng gave him the skeleton, wouldn’t Supreme God Zi Dian think even more highly about Lin Feng? In the future, he might help him even more!

“Teacher, I had already been to the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames before. This time wasn’t the first time. Besides…”

“Besides what?” asked Supreme God Zi Dian, staring at Lin Feng.

“The first time I went to the ocean of flames, I found Supreme God Xiao Sa’s skeleton. So the first time you asked me about it, I didn’t know what to do, it was so unexpected. Now, I think I should give it to you,” Lin Feng said.

He took out Supreme God Xiao Sa’s skeleton, and put it in front of Supreme God Zi Dian. It was in perfect condition, still shiny and white. It almost seemed alive, or like a lifelike sculpture, but nobody felt like admiring it, as it was a skeleton, after all.

“It’s really him!” said Supreme God Zi Dian when he saw the skeleton. His sworn brother! Even as a skeleton, he could recognize him.

Supreme God Zi Dian was moved. He reached out his hand and touched the skeleton’s hand. How cold!

He was really dead!

Before seeing the skeleton, in Supreme God Zi Dian’s heart, he thought Supreme God Xiao Sa had just disappeared. but not died. Now, he had to face the sad truth.

But one of his dearest wishes had also come to reality. Now, he just needed to find Supreme God Xiao Yao. He had the feeling that Supreme God Xiao Sa’s death had something to do with Supreme God Xiao Yao, otherwise, Supreme God Xiao Sa wouldn’t have disappeared for such a long time. Xiao Yao had also disappeared.

Back in the days, the three of them were sworn brothers. Xiao Yao was always confused though. Xiao Sa and he never knew what Xiao Yao was thinking.

It was the first time Lin Feng saw Supreme God Zi Dian act so delicately, as if he were afraid to break the skeleton. It proved how close the two of them were. Lin Feng regretted that he hadn’t handed it over to him earlier.

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