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Chapter 724: Piling up Tao Skills!


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When Lin Feng saw how sad Supreme God Zi Dian looked, he left silently; he didn’t want to bother the man. He went to Jiang Xuan’s room.

Lin Feng had found a new room for Jiang Xuan here. Zu Ti took care of the boy. They were related by blood, so Lin Feng wasn’t worried that Zu Ti would do anything to harm the boy. Besides, Jiang Xuan was depressed after what had happened. Even though he was only ten years old, he knew what had happened during his teenage party, and it wasn’t a good thing.

Lin Feng still wanted to head for Lang Xie City and kill Jin Xuan Lun, but since Supreme God Lang Xie was protecting him, it was impossible.

Lin Feng had no choice but to wait for an opportunity to kill Jin Xuan Lun. First, he had to take care of Jiang Xuan. He also had to go back to San Country to save his primal chaos beast, and he needed to resolve his issue with Yan Zhen.

Lin Feng entered a room and saw Jiang Xuan seated on a chair. Zu Ti was looking out of the window in the direction of Lang Xie City. He seemed furious. Supreme God Lang Xie’s behavior was unacceptable!

“Teacher,” said Jiang Xuan when he saw Lin Feng. He suddenly looked much happier. Lin Feng smiled wryly. He knew that that boy was feeling sad because of what had happened.

“It’s alright. Don’t think too much. Continue and study hard. You’ll soon become an extremely strong cultivator. That way, nobody will ever be able to bully you again. You won’t even need anyone to protect you anymore, either,” said Lin Feng, patting the boy’s head gently.

Jiang Xuan nodded resolutely. He knew that he had to do his best to be able to protect himself. Relying on others was never a long-term solution.

“Teacher, I want to travel around the world with you, and face dangers to become stronger,” Jiang Xuan said resolutely.

Lin Feng looked at Zu Ti. Zu Ti shook his head and smiled wryly. He had already tried to talk to him, but the boy was stubborn, like Lin Feng.

“Little boy, how strong are you now? Can you travel around the world now? You’re not even a Godly Emperor yet. When you break through to the Godly Emperor layer, we’ll go and travel, but not before,” said Lin Feng seriously. When Jiang Xuan heard that, he sighed. He knew that with the strength of the top of the seventh Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he would just be a burden for Lin Feng.

“Teacher, please promise me that when I break through to the Godly Emperor layer, we’ll go and travel together,” said Jiang Xuan calmly. Zu Ti’s expression changed. Jiang Xuan was too stubborn…

“Alright, I promise. When you break through to the Godly Emperor layer, we’ll go and travel together,” said Lin Feng nodding without any hesitation. Children were still easy to cheer up.

Jiang Xuan grinned. He trusted his teacher, so now he was excited and couldn’t wait to break through to the Godly Emperor layer!


After that, Lin Feng returned to the pavilion, where Supreme God Zi Dian was still waiting for him.

When Lin Feng arrived back at Supreme God Zi Dian, Supreme God Xiao Sa’s skeleton had disappeared. Lin Feng understood that Supreme God Zi Dian had buried his friend at the top of Zi Dian Mountain. From now on, it would be forbidden territory.

Lin Feng was in a better mood. Since Supreme God Xiao Sa had been buried in a nice place, Lin Feng had kept his promise. He didn’t need to be worried about it.

“Lin Feng, thank you,” said Supreme God Zi Dian sincerely, lowering his head.

Lin Feng shook his head and cheered Supreme God Zi Dian up. Supreme God Xiao Sa had given Lin Feng his Tao skill in payment for taking him out of the ocean of flames. It was a fair deal. Lin Feng didn’t think it was necessary to thank him for that.

Supreme God Xiao Sa smiled indifferently. No matter what, Lin Feng had taken Supreme God Xiao Sa’s skeleton out of the ocean of flames and to him, that was incredible. He couldn’t thank Lin Feng enough.

In the past, he had recruited Lin Feng as a disciple because he had ulterior motives. Now that Lin Feng had helped him, he also knew that Lin Feng was an honest person. He really considered him his heir.

“Lin Feng, come with me,” said Supreme God Zi Dian, heading for the stairs. Lin Feng followed him until they arrived at the top of the pavilion.

Nobody had ever been there apart from the old man, not even Fu Su Rong. But now the old man was bringing him there…


The pavilion wasn’t too high, but because the old man was walking very slowly, it took them a while to get to the top. Lin Feng couldn’t pass in front of the old man, and just followed him.

When they arrived at the top, Lin Feng saw all sorts of books. The bookshelves were three meters high, with books everywhere.

Supreme God Zi Dian stood next to a bookshelf and took out a book. He threw it at Lin Feng. Lin Feng caught it and looked at the name.

Tao Skill of Nature and Freedom!

“What’s this?” Lin Feng gasped. Wasn’t this the Tao skill Supreme God Xiao Sa had transmitted to him?

Surprisingly, there was another version here!

“If I’m not mistaken, Xiao Sa must have transmitted his skill to you, but the version he gave you isn’t complete. The other part is here. Lin Feng, read it slowly. Don’t go to San Country yet. If you don’t understand all those Tao skills, you won’t be able to defeat Yan Zhen, even if he’s one of the weakest high-level Supreme Gods.

“Now, you have the entire Tao skill of Nature and Freedom. When you finish learning it, you’ll study this one,” added Supreme God Zi Dian, throwing another book at Lin Feng.

“It’s the Freedom of Movement Tao Skill. Even though Supreme God Xiao Yao has disappeared, we were sworn brothers. I can’t let his legacy disappear. Maybe someday, you will bump into him or his heir, but it doesn’t matter; you also have to study his Freedom of Movement Tao Skill.

“As your teacher, I don’t have many things I can give you, only those two Tao skills. But you also study my Purpura Tao Skill.”

Supreme God Zi Dian raised his hand and his Purpura Tao Skill appeared, which he put it into Lin Feng’s hand. In such a short time, Lin Feng had obtained two new Tao skills and the rest of the Tao skill of Nature and Freedom.

Lin Feng counted the number of Tao Skills he had. Apart from the Tao Skill of General Principles he hadn’t understood yet, he had San Zun’s Blood Skill of the Great Tao, Song III’s Third Master Tao Skill, Song V’s Thunderbolt Tao skill which he had obtained along with the Primal Chaos Thunderbolt Battle Boots, Supreme God Tian Yuan’s Tian Yuan Tao Skill, Supreme God Zi Dian’s Purpura Tao Skill and the Freedom of Movement Tao Skill, he had obtained eight Tao skills so easily.

He was piling up Tao skills!

If anyone knew that, the world would be completely shaken. All the high-level Supreme Gods of the Country of Eternity would join hands to kill him!

Lin Feng wasn’t sure whether he was the person who had the most Tao skills in the world, but he was convinced people who had as many or more Tao skills than him were extremely rare.

But Lin Feng wasn’t particularly happy. The pressure was increasing… just like normal times.

Supreme God Zi Dian walked away and left Lin Feng alone to study hard. Jiang Xuan was safe with Supreme God Zu Ti. Even if Supreme God Lang Xie came over, he wouldn’t dare do anything to hurt his own grandson.

Lin Feng sat down and started reading the Tao skill of Nature and Freedom. The content of the book was seventy percent similar to the one he had obtained before. After studying the whole skill, it’d have an even more explosive power.

Lin Feng knew that biting off more than he could chew wasn’t a good idea, but he was still motivated to study as much as he could.

Very quickly, Lin Feng went into a deep meditative state. He already understood the basics of the skill well. so studying the rest wouldn’t be too difficult…

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