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Chapter 725: Lin Feng, Will You Fight?


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Lin Feng was in a deep meditative state. Time passed quickly. Three days went by. Supreme God Zi Dian forbade all the disciples of Zi Dian Mountain from going near, so nobody disturbed Lin Feng. Even Supreme God Zi Dian didn’t visit.

Time passed slowly. Lin Feng studied methodically. As time passed, Jiang Xuan slowly forgot about the incident at his coming of age party and slowly started smiling again.

Supreme God Zi Dian helped the boy cultivate. He didn’t let him play too much, as he hoped the little boy would become a Godly Emperor as quickly as possible.

Jiang Xuan broke through to the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, and was about to break through to the top of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer as well. He was getting closer and closer to breaking through to the Half-Godly Emperor layer. It would probably happen within half a year.


Zi Dian Mountain was extremely calm. It was warm, sunny, and there was a little breeze. Supreme God Zi Dian was seated in a rocking chair with a fan in his left hand, relaxing. He drank some tea. Everybody was relaxing so as to not disturb Lin Feng.

Nobody had ever seen Supreme God Zi Dian looking so relaxed. He was in a good mood and excited, so all the disciples of Zi Dian Mountain were also in a good mood.

But quickly, someone ruined that peace and tranquility. A young man in ordinary clothes had arrived.

When the young man arrived at the foot of the mountain, Supreme God Zi Dian sensed his presence. Usually, when people tried to trespass on Zi Dian Mountain’s territory, they were ejected by the guards, but not this young man.

Only one person had ever managed to push the guards away before, Lin Feng. He had even injured many disciples and elders.

Now a new young man had done the same. Supreme God Zi Dian was angry, but at the same time he surprised. Were his guards incompetent? How had someone managed to break in?

The young man slowly walked up the mountain. He smiled and looked in Zu Ti and Supreme God Zi Dian’s direction.

“Greetings, Master Supreme God Zi Dian. Greetings, Master Zu Ti,” the man greeted them, bowing hand over fist when he saw the two old men. He smiled widely. He didn’t look aggressive at all. He looked happy.

Supreme God Zi Dian was irritated and asked icily, “Who are you?”

“Me? Master, I am just an independent cultivator. I just came like that,” responded the man, smiling humorously.

Supreme God Zi Dian was at a loss. Everybody knew it was dangerous to trespass on Zi Dian Mountain. The man looked so unconcerned and relaxed that Supreme God Zi Dian’s curiosity was really aroused.

Supreme God Zi Dian studied the young man. He looked quite handsome, but his clothes were very simple. He had the strength of the top of the medium-level Supreme God layer…

“Who are you? Hurry up and speak!” shouted Supreme God Zi Dian icily and furiously. If the man didn’t speak, Supreme God Zi Dian would mind and hit him away!

“Hehe, don’t be angry. I came to see Lin Feng,” said the man, ignoring Supreme God Zi Dian’s expression. He even kept smiling.

When Supreme God Zi Dian and Zi Dian heard that, they were both surprised. “You’re looking for Lin Feng?” repeated Zu Ti, frowning cautiously.

“Indeed. I’m looking for Lin Feng. Where is he?” the man nodded. He seemed excited. The old man had the impression that the man knew Lin Feng, and they had probably known each other for a long time.

“Lin Feng is not here. Leave now,” said Supreme God Zi Dian. He preferred being cautious concerning Lin Feng’s safety.

“Hey, Master, you know old geezers should not lie,” said the man, smiling mockingly.

“What?! Aren’t you going to leave?” shouted Supreme God Zi Dian angrily. His eyes filled with flames of fury. Deadly energies rolled in waves around him.

The man’s expression changed slightly, but quickly turned to normal again. He shook his head and smiled, “I told you, I came to see Lin Feng. Why would I leave?”

“Since you’re not leaving, you’re not going to leave at all!” shouted Supreme God Zi Dian explosively. He stood up and thrust out his palm.

The man’s expression didn’t change, but remained cautious. He knew how strong Supreme God Zi Dian was. He was much stronger than most high-level Supreme Gods.

The man smiled coldly, standing there steadily. He released as much pure Qi as he could and then threw two punches at Supreme God Zi Dian’s palm.

Boom, boom! Two explosions rang out. The man grunted with pain and was pushed back, and he flushed from the effort. Supreme God Zi Dian was pushed back as well. Luckily, he reacted in time and landed on the ground.

Supreme God Zi Dian was surprised. He couldn’t believe his eyes. This young man was so strong! Supreme God Zi Dian was a high-level Supreme God, one of the strongest in the world, and this young man had pushed him back!

Supreme God Zi Dian was furious. If this whelp could push him like that, wasn’t Lang Xie City in trouble? How could he continue being the leader of Zi Dian Mountain?

“Look at this attack!” shouted Supreme God Zi Dian furiously. The strength of his voice rolled in waves over the whole mountain range. All the disciples in Zi Dian Mountain laid down. Their ancestor was furious again…

Supreme God Zi Dian threw out punches like cannon shots. When the crowd heard those sounds, they were even more scared. Supreme God Zi Dian was extremely quick, but the intruder wasn’t slow, either. The man threw a kick at Supreme God Zi Dian’s chest.

Supreme God Zi Dian shouted out again. Energies emerged from his fists and looked like dragons moving to crush the man. When their energies collided, they sparkled.

Boom! Thunder echoed out, and the ground exploded, a gigantic crater appearing. The man was blown away, but he released strength to stabilize and land on the ground.

The man looked at Supreme God Zi Dian coldly. Supreme God Zi Dian was really strong. He wanted to fight against Lin Feng, not Supreme God Zi Dian!

The man glanced around and finally he found the pavilion where Lin Feng was.

“Where are you, Lin Feng? Would you dare fight against me?”

Would you dare fight against me, Lin Feng? Where are you, Lin Feng! 

The different words echoed through the mountain range. When people heard them, they felt extremely excited, and wished they were Lin Feng.

Supreme God Zi Dian looked glum. He also wanted to fight against the man, but he controlled himself. Since he was looking for Lin Feng…

“Why wouldn’t I? Let’s fight!”

A silhouette appeared at the top of the pavilion. Everybody saw that blurry silhouette suddenly appear in front of the man and throw a punch. Energies exploded instantly.

Boom boom!…

Terrifying energies rolled out in waves. The whole mountain trembled. Beasts in the mountain range crouched down and roared imploringly.

The man and Lin Feng appeared at the top of the mountain. They looked like two demons. Was it going to be a battle to the death?

Lin Feng’s robe fluttered in the wind. He looked resolute and steadfast, yet cautious. He was ready to fight, his blood was boiling. What a wonderful fight! Lin Feng had the impression he was dreaming.

The man remained motionless at the top of the mountain. He looked like a powerful giant.

“Good, Lin Feng! You’re a real man! I’m happy you accepted my challenge!” said the man, laughing freely. He had a sharp look in his eyes.

Lin Feng was high up in the air. He laughed as well when he heard the man, “Having the opportunity to fight against Prince Wu Hen is a great honor!”

“Alright, let’s stop talking, look at this attack!” shouted Prince Wu Hen with a smile. He threw out an explosive punch.

“The hero of this battle is me!” replied Lin Feng with a grin. He wasn’t nervous at all. On the contrary, he laughed easily.

Supreme God Zi Dian and Zu Ti watched the two fighters. After a long time, they shook their heads and sighed.

“Hehe, we’re old men. We’re not as excitable as young people,” said Supreme God Zi Dian, smiling wryly. He remembered his youth nostalgically.

“I’m surprised to learn he’s Prince Wu Hen!” said Zu Ti, studying the young man in simple clothes.

“So he came to Jiang Xuan’s teenage party?”

“Maybe he just didn’t want people to see him, and when he saw Lin Feng he became excited?”

The two old men chatted happily. Jiang Xuan watched his teacher in admiration. He would never forget this battle, even a thousand years later.

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