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Chapter 726: Damages on Both Sides!


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“As expected, you’re extraordinary, Lin Feng!” said Prince Wu Hen, flashing and turning into a sharp blade, then flew towards Lin Feng at an incredible speed. His voice reverberated everywhere in Zi Dian Mountain.

“Sorry, I have never heard about you before!” replied Lin Feng while releasing primal chaos strength. His explosive energies made the whole mountain range tremble.

Lin Feng wasn’t joking; the first time he had heard about Prince Wu Hen was during Jiang Xuan’s teenage party. Now he could see that the man was quite strong.

Lin Feng and Prince Wu Hen didn’t collide again. Lin Feng threw a punch, his energy rising to the skies. Prince Wu Hen raised his arms to block the punch, then returned a punch at Lin Feng. He was steady, stable, and powerful.

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change. He raised his left hand and released demon Qi. Two explosions rang out. Lin Feng and Wu Hen were both pushed back. Lin Feng threw a kick. Energies emerged from his foot and shot towards Wu Hen like a dragon.

Wu Hen also threw a kick. The energies which emerged from his foot looked like cloud-penetrating arrows.

Two more explosions sounded. Lin Feng and Wu Hen were both blown back. Lin Feng slapped out, and the space around him crackled. Lin Feng rotated and shot back towards Wu Hen.

Wu Hen fell to the ground head first, put his hands on the ground, and threw a kick while upside down, then pushed the ground to get back up in the air. He rotated and threw a follow-up punch, and also used a Tao skill. Energies surged all around Zi Dian Mountain.

Lin Feng threw a punch back, their fists collided. The mountain shook even more harder. Lin Feng and Wu Hen’s blood felt like it was boiling. Neither had the advantage yet.

The battle was fierce and beautiful. Lin Feng punched Wu Hen in the chest, but Wu Hen looked indifferent. He didn’t seem affected at all.

Wu Hen shouted furiously and released a terrifying strength. Lin Feng was pushed back. Wu Hen was unharmed. Lin Feng started using his Thunderbolt Tao skill. It was extremely explosive.

Lin Feng flashed again and attacked Wu Hen. Wu Hen wasn’t stupid; he knew that Lin Feng was extremely skilled in close combat, so he kept some distance. Staying away and using Tao skills was the best strategy against Lin Feng.

But he didn’t know that Lin Feng actually wanted that. He wanted to have a ranged battle since he had many Tao skills to use!

Lin Feng was very confident with his eight Tao skills. Even if Wu Hen was extremely strong, Lin Feng was totally able to resist him.

“Mountain Destroying Earthquake!” shouted Wu Hen furiously. The mountain hadn’t stopped shaking since the beginning of their battle, but now it was even worse. Zi Dian Mountain seemed like it was on the verge of collapse.

Wu Hen used one of the most powerful attacks of his Tao skill. He had never used this attack before but today, he had because Lin Feng was too strong.

“Sky Destroying Palm!” shouted Lin Feng back at him. He used one of the most powerful attacks of his Freedom of Movement Tao Skill.

The sky was already filled with the lights of their godly auras. A cyan and a golden godly aura kept colliding. They couldn’t see clearly because the two fighters were extremely high up in the sky.

Many disciples withdrew. They were afraid that the energies would reach them.

“Lin Feng, even if you’re extremely strong, you won’t win today,” declared Wu Hen aggressively.

“It’s my territory, not yours, so keep quiet unless I allow you to talk,” taunted Lin Feng, smiling coolly.

Their fists collided again. The whole mountain range shook even more. Many mountains started cracking. Supreme God Zi Dian suddenly looked worried. Zi Dian Mountain! His place! His territory!

Lin Feng and Wu Hen didn’t have time to take that into consideration, they were fighting. Their sole objective was to win the battle!

“You’re so strong, but I can still defeat you!” exclaimed Wu Hen. He kept attacking, he didn’t want to give Lin Feng time to move.

“We’ll see!” Lin Feng smiled, icily confident. He didn’t try to just counter Wu Hen, he tried to win!

“Ten Thousand Men Destroying Strength!”

“Wrathful Thunderbolts!”

“Scarless Imprint!”

“Infinite Star Rain!”

Wu Hen and Lin Feng kept attacking unceasingly. They used all the attacks of their Tao skills. At the beginning, Wu Hen was confident that he would have the advantage with his Tao skills.


As time passed, he realized that Lin Feng also had a few Tao skills. Wu Hen started taking the whole battle even more seriously, and was even more careful. He had several Tao skills, but so did Lin Feng!

But that just motivated him more. It was a great duel, and fighting against weaklings was useless!

“Come, try and prove to me that I should use my full strength today!” shouted Wu Hen explosively. He wanted to use his full power.

“Yeah well, you do the same,” shot back Lin Feng, grinning evilly. He suddenly looked like a demon who would had just woken up. His eyes were already bloodshot and looked terrifying.

Lin Feng raised his left hand and took off his robe. He was just wearing trousers now and was topless. He was tanned and slim and had big abs, and scars all over his body. His scars were his pride. He was proud of them.

When Wu Hen saw all those scars, he was impressed; Lin Feng was a beast! But, what about Wu Hen himself?

“Awesome. Haha!” said Wu Hen, laughing loudly. He also tore his clothes apart. He was extremely muscular, his skin was white, and he also had many scars.

Lin Feng and Wu Hen glanced at each other. They both looked like death gods.

Tap… tap… 

At the same time, Lin Feng and Wu Hen flashed to the attack without saying anything.

They collided again. Lin Feng threw a punch; Wu Hen was merciless and threw a kick.

Boom! Boom! Lin Feng and Wu Hen were pushed back again. Then they collided again. Lin Feng punched Wu Hen’s chest. Wu Hen punched Lin Feng in the ribs.

Neither of them made a sound. Nobody begged for mercy. They just fought cruelly and mercilessly. Time passed slowly. Both were covered with wounds and blood. Lin Feng and Wu Hen didn’t care about the blood though. Many people’s hair bristled as they watched them.

Supreme God Zi Dian and Zu Ti were amazed and watched the two fighters eagerly. However, Wu Hen and Lin Feng didn’t complain. They just focused on fighting.

“Fall now, Lin Feng!” shouted Wu Hen furiously.

“Dream on! I’ll crush you!” Lin Feng retorted. His whole body twitched. He punched Wu Hen again, pushing him back. Lin Feng didn’t intend to let him off, and immediately continued with a kick.

“Haha! You can’t defeat me! Even Prince Demon and Prince Ghost can’t defeat me. You think you’re stronger than them?” asked Prince Wu Hen, smiling confidently.

“Try and you’ll see!” Lin Feng smiled coldly. He continued punching and kicking Wu Hen at the same time.

Wu Hen also continued punching and kicking Lin Feng. Each time, their attacks hit like explosions.


Time passed, and the two of them had already been fighting for half a day. They were both covered with wounds and blood. Supreme God Zi Dian winced, picturing the pain they were in.

“Stop!” shouted Supreme God Zi Dian. He couldn’t let them continue like this, or they might die and nobody would win.

Supreme God Zi Dian jumped between them and released whistling Qi. Lin Feng and Wu Hen had already used almost all their pure Qi, so their Qi wasn’t very powerful at that moment.

Lin Feng was out of breath and sat down. His chest started really hurting when he paid attention to it. Some of his bones were even sticking out. His face was extremely pale, and he was shaking from head to toe.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. He realized how serious his injuries were. If they had continued fighting like that, maybe they really would have died!

Wu Hen laid down on the ground. He was out of breath, too. His face was covered in blood, and his internal organs were damaged. He had never been this severely injured, even when he had participated in the Competition of the West, when he had fought in finals and ranked third.

His clavicle and acromion were both sticking out, and he had many bleeding wounds. He was in bad shape and looked miserable.

Supreme God Zi Dian looked at them. He was almost traumatized, they looked so miserable. They could have both died!

“Let’s go, I’ll heal you,” said Supreme God Zi Dian to them angrily.

They were just irresponsible!

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