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Chapter 727: Small Talk!


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“Awesome! Haha! I haven’t had such a nice fight in a very long time,” said Wu Hen, now seated on a chair. Lin Feng was slowly recovering. His wounds had stopped bleeding and his Qi was stabilizing again.

Lin Feng looked over at Wu Hen. Supreme God Zi Dian was healing him even though he was angry. Those young idiots had risked their lives for nothing!

“You are irresponsible little brats!” stated Supreme God sternly. After healing them, he left the room. Only those two irresponsible little brats were left inside.

After Supreme God Zi Dian left the room, he smiled broadly and stroked his beard. His heir had fought a draw against Wu Hen; what an honor!

When Supreme God Zi Dian left the room, Lin Feng took a deep breath. He was relieved. Wu Hen smiled with relief, too. With a high-level Supreme God in the room, the atmosphere was heavy.

“Haha, Lin Feng! Would you dare fight again?” asked Wu Hen excitedly. It was the first time he had a draw in his life.

“If we have the opportunity, why not?” replied Lin Feng smiling easily. Wu Hen was a funny guy. Lin Feng hadn’t fought a draw against someone in a long time.

“Since it’s that way, let’s fight again now!” said Wu Hen excitedly. He stood up and got ready to leave the pavilion.

At that moment, someone opened the door. It was Jiang Xuan. Jiang Xuan was alarmed when he heard they wanted to fight again; he hugged Lin Feng and shouted furiously, “Don’t, teacher! You haven’t completely recovered, you can’t fight right now!”

“Hey! If you want to die, die alone, but not with my teacher, okay?!” Jiang Xuan shouted at Wu Hen with his hands on his hips. Lin Feng burst into laughter. Even Wu Hen started laughing.

“No wonder you love your teacher, he’s a living legend,” said Wu Hen, smiling at Jiang Xuan and Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded and patted Jiang Xuan’s head gently. They weren’t relatives, but Lin Feng had always felt close to the boy. He didn’t know why, though… maybe that it was fate?

“Hey, little boy, you can’t be angry at your teacher. He offended Jin Lun City’s representatives and your grandfather because of you; if you are angry at him, I’ll spank you!” said Wu Hen, smiling broadly.

Jiang Xuan snorted angrily and said, “I don’t need your pieces of advice! Hmph! I only listen to my teacher, and I don’t force him to do dangerous things like you!”

“Hey, little boy, you’re a smart one, uh?” said Wu Hen, shaking his head and sighing. The Young Prince of Lang Xie City was clever and eloquent.

“Alright, don’t worry, little boy. I will not take risks. Go out now and be a good boy,” said Lin Feng, smiling and patting his cheeks.

Jiang Xuan nodded helplessly. He glanced at Wu Hen, then left the room and closed the door. But he didn’t walk away, he stayed at the door and put his ears to it. He was afraid that his teacher and Wu Hen were going to fight again.

Lin Feng and Wu Hen could see his feet under the door. They both burst into laughter. That little boy!

“Lin Feng, I’ve just heard about you in the past, will you introduce yourself today?” asked Wu Hen looking at Lin Feng in admiration.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, ignoring Wu Hen’s expression. Whether the other admired him or not was not important.

“Prince Wu Hen, why didn’t you get onto the stage during Jiang Xuan’s teenage party?” Lin Feng asked curiously.

Prince Wu Hen smiled indifferently, “I didn’t feel like it. I wasn’t interested in such an “opponent”.”

“You sound arrogant and proud, but that’s normal; you’re extremely strong and you have a high position. You’re right, people like Jin Xuan Lun and Di Rong are not worthy,” Lin Feng agreed.

“If I hadn’t seen you, I would have gone straight back to Ze Country,” Wu Hen said honestly. But now he had met Lin Feng, so he didn’t feel like leaving anymore. Lin Feng was a great opponent.

He decided to travel with Lin Feng for a while. He hoped that someday, he’d become stronger than Lin Feng, then he’d fight against him again and defeat him. Then he’d leave Lin Feng and would go back to Ze Country. That was his new plan!

Lin Feng didn’t know what Wu Hen was thinking, but it didn’t matter. Lin Feng wanted to go back to San Country as quickly as possible to rescue his primal chaos beast, that was all.

“Lin Feng, don’t call me Prince Wu Hen anymore. Just call me Jing Wu Hen,” smiled Wu Hen. {Translator’s note: Jing Wu Hen is the name of PMG 1’s author} Lin Feng nodded. Indeed, calling someone “prince” was a bit annoying anyway.

“Brother Jing, do you know a lot about the Country of Eternity?” asked Lin Feng. Lin Feng was always interested in knowing more about the Country of Eternity.

“You want me to tell you?” grinned Jing Wu Hen. Of course he knew a lot about the Country of Eternity. He had traveled a lot. He knew more than ordinary people.

“I’d love to hear your stories, Brother Jing,” Lin Feng smiled.

Jing Wu Hen didn’t beat about the bush, he knew it was annoying, and asked, “Just tell me what you want to know!”

“Brother Jing, I know there are eleven influential groups in the Country of Eternity, four are cities and seven are countries. Lun Bi Empire, San Country, Ze Country, Zhao Country, Fa Lan Empire, Yue Guang Empire and Ri Guang Empire, these seven countries; and Jin Lun City, Lang Xie City, Ao Lai City and Tian Dong City, these four cities. But there must be other influential groups, right?” asked Lin Feng. He needed to know things in better detail.

Jing Wu Hen understood what Lin Feng knew.

“Indeed. Seven countries and four cities, but…” Jing Wu Hen paused. He could see that Lin Feng knew what he was going to say, “But you probably don’t know that those countries and cities are not influential groups! For example, there are many sects and clans in Ze Country, and Ze Country can’t afford to offend them.

“Let’s use Lang Xie City; you’re in Zi Dian Mountain right now, aren’t you? This territory is in Lang Xie City, but it’s not controlled by them. Supreme God Zi Dian controls this territory. The city palace doesn’t get involved in Zi Dian Mountain’s affairs. Tian Yuan is the same. It existed before Lang Xie City was created. It’s an ancient clan.

“Therefore, you were wrong from the beginning. Empires or countries and cities are not powers. Many clans and sects stand behind them. Powerful ancient clans rarely show up. That’s something you need to know.

“I can’t tell you all the details, but I can tell you that the Fa Lan Empire, the Lun Bi Empire, the Ri Guang Empire, and the Yue Guang Empire are not the most powerful influential groups in the Country of Eternity. The most powerful influential groups are mysterious clans and sects.

“Also, high-level Supreme Gods are not the strongest cultivators in this world. I know that at least five people have broken through to a cultivation layer higher than the high-level Supreme God layer.

“Therefore, don’t think things are that simple. You think there could only be eleven influential groups in such a huge world?” chided Jing Wu Hen.

Lin Feng slowly realized that Gods Country couldn’t be as simple as he thought. On the contrary, it was a very complex place.

He also understood that Supreme God Tian Yuan and Ancestor Kong probably weren’t simple independent cultivators, either. They were probably from a mysterious and ancient sect or clan. It’s just that nobody really knew which one.

Lin Feng needed to dig deeper to learn more about those things.

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