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Chapter 729: I Am Sure, What Do You Want?


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“Godly Imperial Elettaria Cardamomum?” repeated Lin Feng. He stared at Jing Wu Hen’s little box. Lin Feng had never heard of Elettaria Cardamomum, but considering Supreme God Zi Dian’s expression, he understood it was an extraordinary. Could it help someone break through to the high-level Supreme God layer?

“Indeed, it’s Godly Imperial Elettaria Cardamomum,” Jing Wu Hen replied with a smile. He opened the box and the Elettaria Cardamomum appeared. It had a golden aura. There were three layers of light around it, the third one was the most dazzling. It looked godly.

Lin Feng had the impression he was looking at a Supreme God’s eye. It did look supreme and godly.

Elettaria Cardamomum was much more powerful than a godly emperor seed. Lin Feng remembered the godly emperor seed Huang Nü had given to him… This Elettaria Cardamomum was much, much more powerful than Huang Nü’s godly emperor seed. Elettaria Cardamomum godly emperor seeds were among the powerful forms of godly emperor seeds.

“Lin Feng, this Elettaria Cardamomum has a life expectancy of three thousand years. I picked it up myself. For this Elettaria Cardamomum seed, I planted thousands and thousands of trees for my old friend,” said Jing Wu Hen, smiling wryly. He would have left that place much earlier if it hadn’t been for the Elettaria Cardamomum seed.

Lin Feng suddenly had the impression that Jing Wu Hen was telling him he had left to find a godly emperor seed for Jiang Xuan? But why help Jiang Xuan?

“Young man, your old friend…?” Supreme God Zi Dian seemed astonished. He couldn’t believe it.

“Indeed, Master, my old friend is that strange guy who loves planting trees,” said Jing Wu Hen, nodding and smiling.

Supreme God Zi Dian couldn’t believe it. He was astonished that Jing Wu Hen and that strange cultivator were friends? Supreme God Zi Dian and that cultivator had met once a long time ago.

“Who?” asked Lin Feng curiously.

“People call him Mister Lonely. His passion is planting trees, all sorts of trees. His favorite seeds are very ancient seeds. Therefore, all his trees are extremely precious.

“But Mister Lonely is extremely strange, too. If you look at him with admiration and respect, he looks at you with disdain. If you insult him, he’s happy. He’s one of the strangest people in the Country of Eternity. He only has the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer, but everybody in this world considers him the strangest cultivator.

“If he wants to kill you, he doesn’t even need to do it himself. When you’re not aware of it, a poisonous seed penetrates into your body and kills you.

“Therefore, nobody has dared offend him for a very long time. I never thought you, Jing Wu Hen, and that old man would be friends. That’s just astonishing,” finished Supreme God Zi Dian with a sigh. Jing Wu Hen was amazing, he had managed to become friends with Mister Lonely…

Supreme God Zi Dian had never managed to become friends with him. Supreme God Zi Dian had met him once and had offended him. In the end, he had nearly ended up poisoned by a seed.

“I was lucky. Lonely Valley is in Ze Country, so it’s not surprising that I know him. Anyway, let’s change the topic,” said Jing Wu Hen shaking his head. He didn’t feel like talking about Mister Lonely. He smiled and gave Lin Feng the box,

“I struggled to find the Elettaria Cardamomum seed. Mister Lonely doesn’t know I took it. Give it to that boy.

“I didn’t do it for you. I just think that the boy deserves it. He’ll be the Great Leader of Lang Xie City in the future and then he’ll do me favors, too! It’s a kind of investment,” explained Jing Wu Hen when he saw Lin Feng’s strange expression.

Lin Feng just considered that an excuse, though. Jing Wu Hen was confident and at ease, natural and unrestrained; he didn’t care about what people like Town Leaders thought of him.

Lin Feng didn’t insist, though. The most important thing was that Jiang Xuan could break through to the Godly Emperor layer safely. Since the Elettaria Cardamomum seed was priceless, it would definitely be a perfect seed for Jiang Xuan.

“In the Country of Eternity, few people use Elettaria Cardamomum seeds to break through to the Godly Emperor layer because they’re too rare. However, when you use an Elettaria Cardamomum seed to break through to the Godly Emperor layer, then you’re also sure you can break through to the Supreme God layer in the future,” Jing Wu Hen told Lin Feng.

Lin Feng naturally understood. He didn’t waste time, and immediately gave the Elettaria Cardamomum seed to Jiang Xuan. Jiang Xuan was extremely excited. He had been waiting for a long time for this. Lin Feng would finally take him around to travel! He couldn’t wait anymore…

“Little boy, go and meditate in seclusion. Focus on the process. I’ll be outside waiting. I’ll wait for you until you break through and come out. Good luck!” said Lin Feng, smiling at Jiang Xuan. Jiang Xuan nodded seriously and followed after Supreme God Zi Dian who brought him to a private room.

Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen followed them. The room wasn’t in the pavilion, it was far from the kwoon and the pavilion, inside a mountain. Supreme God Zi Dian had created several secluded rooms in the mountains so that people could practice in peace.

Jiang Xuan entered the room, turned around and looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled and gave the boy thumbs up as a sign of encouragement. Jiang Xuan felt even more confident and determined. He slowly closed the door of the secret room.

Boom! Lin Feng’s heartbeat accelerated. Even though Jiang Xuan was confident, Lin Feng was worried.

“Don’t worry. That little boy is talented and has more than one string to his bow,” said Jing Wu Hen cheerfully. “Hehe, it’s as if the boy were your child. Dude, come on, tell me the truth; are you like Jiang Yi Tian’s wife?” said Jing Wu Hen, laughing at him.

“Come on, stop joking,” said Lin Feng, smiling wryly and shaking his head. He felt a bit relieved though. Jing Wu Hen smiled casually. He started joking to make Lin Feng think of other things.

“Eh? Hehe, old friend!” Supreme God Zi Dian’s expression changed. He looked at the foot of the mountain. Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen were surprised, but they didn’t notice anything.

“Who is it?” Lin Feng frowned.

Supreme God Zi Dian said hoarsely, “Lang Xie City’s people.”

“I see,” Lin Feng nodded. They were probably there for Jiang Xuan.

“I’ll go and see. Stay here,” said Lin Feng expressionlessly. He flashed away.

Jing Wu Hen didn’t intend to let Lin Feng go alone, and followed him. Supreme God Lang Xie stroked his beard, but didn’t leave. Since those were people from Lang Xie City, nothing too serious could happen. Lin Feng had done so much for Jiang Xuan, after all.


Lin Feng and Jiang Yi Tian arrived at the main kwoon and saw Supreme God Lang Xie and Jiang Yi Tian as well as two old men, as well as a woman.

The woman was dressed in ancient fashion, but she looked extremely worried and stared at Lin Feng.

Jing Wu Hen smiled, “I see. It’s really what I thought. Hehe!”

“Shut up,” Lin Feng chided him. He looked at Supreme God Lang Xie, cupped his fist and bowed. “Master, how may I help you?” he asked indifferently. Supreme God Lang Xie noticed that Lin Feng was emotionless. In the past, Lin Feng had looked at him with admiration and respect. It had changed…

Since the coming of age party, Lin Feng had much less esteem for him. He stood on Jiang Xuan’s side.

Lin Feng wasn’t the only one. Almost everyone was cold and detached when they were around him these days. He knew he had made a mistake, but he had done it for the safety of Lang Xie City.

Now, he wanted to bring his grandson back. Jiang Xuan was the future leader of Lang Xie City, he couldn’t stay in Zi Dian Mountain all the time. Besides, Lin Feng was just Jiang Xuan’s teacher, not his father!

“Lin Feng, I came to pick up my grandson. Where is Little Xuan?” Supreme God Lang Xie asked stiffly.

Lin Feng frowned unhappily. “I’m sorry. You can’t see him. Go back now,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head indifferently.

Supreme God Lang Xie’s expression changed. Jiang Yi Tian sighed and said, “Lin Feng, I know you are angry, and you’re not the only one. I am angry too, but Jiang Xuan is my heir, you can’t kidnap him; he must come back home!”

“Your heir? Hehe, I asked Master Lang Xie, what if Lang Xie City was in danger? He said he’d abandon or sacrifice him. How could I feel comfortable knowing the boy is in a potentially permanently hostile environment?”

“But you can’t kidnap Jiang Xuan!” swore Supreme God Lang Xie aggressively.

Lin Feng’s grim expression didn’t change. “He calls me teacher, I call him little boy. How is that a kidnapping?” demanded Lin Feng icily.

“Are you sure about your decision?” asked Supreme God Lang Xie. His eyes were filled with murder and he stared at Lin Feng.

“Yes. I am. What do you want?” replied Lin Feng resolutely.

Jing Wu Hen nodded approvingly. Lin Feng was awesome! He even dared confront a high-level Supreme God. SO COOL!

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