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Chapter 730: Fighting Against Supreme God Lang Xie!


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“Lin Feng, I don’t want to attack you, but if you don’t release him, I’ll get angry,” said Supreme God Lang Xie icily. His eyes were filled with murder already, trying to intimidate Lin Feng.

“Alright, Master, let’s exchange views on cultivation then,” said Lin Feng indifferently. Supreme God Lang Xie could threaten him, but he couldn’t scare him. No matter what the result of the battle would be, Lin Feng didn’t intend to flinch, especially since it had taken Jiang Xuan a while before he was happy again.

“Hehe, as expected, you’re very proud! Show me if you can measure up to me, though!” said Supreme God Lang Xie, laughing sarcastically. He clenched his left fist and disappeared. At the same time, he reappeared in front of Lin Feng, only two meters away, and threw a punch. His speed was so astonishing that Lin Feng couldn’t dodge.

Lin Feng hadn’t thought that Supreme God Lang Xie could be so fast. But he didn’t care, he didn’t intend to flinch, no matter how strong Supreme God Lang Xie was. Lin Feng was ready to use his full strength!

“Purpura Tao Skill!” shouted Lin Feng as he raised his fists. A purple curtain appeared in front of his chest. His eyes were already purple as a purple layer of energy slowly appeared around him. The atmosphere became heavy.

“Hmph! Your Purpura Tao Skill is weak. Ask your teacher to show you how to use it,” mocked Supreme God Lang Xie as he punched the purple curtain of energy. Crackling sounds spread out, the layer of energy was about to explode.

Lin Feng was grim. Supreme God Lang Xie was right, Lin Feng hadn’t mastered the Purpura Tao Skill yet. He couldn’t use it to resist his opponent. However…

“No need. I have other Tao skills,” Lin Feng grinned. He stomped the ground and blue lights appeared around his legs. A swift and fierce sword Qi gathered as Lin Feng threw a kick at Supreme God Lang Xie. “Primal Chaos Thunderbolt Kick!” shouted Lin Feng explosively.

The Qi which appeared was heavier than three mountains. Supreme God Lang Xie pulled a long face. He wasn’t ready to counter the kick. Lin Feng’s kick coupled with the Purpura Tao Skill was extremely powerful. All the disciples on the kwoon were astonished.

“Our Young Master is extremely strong!” said a girl, applauding and looking at Lin Feng in admiration. She seemed enchanted and bewitched. Her eyes twinkled.

“Yes, he’s much stronger than our previous Young Master,” agreed a boy next to her heartily.

“Our leader thinks extremely highly of our new Young Master. Imagine if anybody else broke some mountains? They would definitely get punished. He didn’t.”

“And who else can go to the top of the pavilion? It’s normally a forbidden area. But our Young Master can go there.”

“They also crack jokes together; usually our Master doesn’t allow that, but with our Young Master, no problem.”

All the disciples were amazed by Lin Feng. Their leader liked him a lot, so nobody dared offend him.

On top of that, with the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer, Lin Feng had managed to push Supreme God Zi Dian back ten steps, which was astonishing.

Jing Wu Hen was surprised when he heard all those disciples. They were very proud of their leader and their Young Master.

Supreme God Zi Dian was also surprised when he heard all those disciples; they really liked Lin Feng!

Back then, when Lin Feng and Supreme God Zi Dian had a poor relationship, it was different. Now, they were teacher and disciple and in a few months, things had completely changed. Supreme God Zi Dian was happy. Everything was possible now.

“Master, thanks for fighting against me,” said Lin Feng, smiling intentionally. Supreme God Lang Xie looked even more glum.

Supreme God Lang Xie knew that Lin Feng couldn’t defeat him. Even a draw was impossible. If Lin Feng didn’t use his full strength, only one consequence was possible, a tragic one. But Lin Feng belittled him openly on purpose. He had slyly used two Tao skills and had caught Supreme God Lang Xie unprepared.

Supreme God Lang Xie looked extremely glum. He clenched his fists angrily, and his energies surged over the mountains of Zi Dian Mountain. Lin Feng understood the old man was really angry now.

“Young man, I gave you an opportunity. Now, you’re going to die. When you’re dead, Little Xuan will agree to come back with me,” swore Supreme God Lang Xie. He knew that if Lin Feng died, the little boy would be extremely sad and lost, and would agree to return to his family.

Supreme God Lang Xie shouted furiously and threw himself at Lin Feng. He didn’t intend to give Lin Feng any opportunity this time. Lin Feng took a deep breath. He knew that Supreme God Lang Xie was ready to kill him now.

However, he couldn’t flinch. He wanted to push it to the limits. Besides, this would show him what a fight against Yan Zhen could look like.

“Since you want to kill me, please go ahead and try!” retorted Lin Feng icily. He clenched his fists and released demon Qi. His eyes turned red.

“You’re going to die!” promised Supreme God Lang Xie impatiently. Killing Lin Feng was the only way to solve the situation!

Supreme God Lang Xie threw two punches. Terrifying energies rolled towards Lijn Feng. His energies were swift and fierce. Lin Feng reacted quickly, making some hand seals and a gigantic golden imprint appeared and smashed Supreme God Lang Xie’s chest. Supreme God Lang Xie pushed the golden imprint back with deadly force.

Crack! Crack! The golden imprint broke apart. Supreme God Lang Xie threw another punch and the golden imprint disappeared. He threw two more punches at Lin Feng again. Lin Feng had nowhere to escape.

“Blood Skill of the Great Tao. Scarless Sky Destruction!” shouted Lin Feng. He turned into demon blood strength and rose to the skies. His energies exploded around him as he turned into a light beam. His godly aura contained a terrifying strength.

Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen had had a fierce battle. He had learned a lot from it. When Supreme God Lang Xie saw this, he was shocked. He could sense many different sorts of strength in Lin Feng’s attack, so he released even more power.

There was an explosion, the force rolling out and sweeping everything away. The disciples on the kwoon were blown away, coughing blood and paling.

Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen were blown away and crashed against a mountain. They both coughed up blood and paled as well. Supreme God Lang Xie wasn’t doing great, either; he groaned in pain and blanched. There was blood on the corner of his mouth, which he wiped off with his sleeve. He clenched his fists in fury.

What a terrifying battle!

Lin Feng looked at Jing Wu Hen and smiled wryly, “You didn’t need to interfere, Brother Jing.”

“Haha! I couldn’t help it,” said Jing Wu Hen, laughing without a care. He also wanted to try and fight against a high-level Supreme God. He loved fighting in general.

Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen’s energy circulatory systems were already injured. They would need a little time to recover.

“Lin Feng, where is Little Xuan?” shouted Supreme God Lang Xie mercilessly. Jiang Yi Tian and the woman stared at Lin Feng in worry.

Lin Feng coughed again, and paled further. He had been injured during that exchange, but he had also learned a lot.

“Stop pissing me off, old grouch! Your grandson is in a dangerous situation, he’s about to break through to the Half-Godly Emperor layer!” shouted Supreme God Zi Dian as he flew back from the mountain where the secluded room was. He was furious when he saw that Lin Feng was injured.

“Damn Supreme God Lang Xie! You even dared injure my disciple! Here’s a punch for you!” shouted Supreme God Zi Dian explosively. He jumped and threw a punch at Supreme God Lang Xie. Supreme God Lang Xie was angry and threw a punch back.

When the two high-level Supreme Gods exchanged an attack, it seemed like Zi Dian Mountain was on the verge of collapse, and everything was about to be razed. But Supreme God Zi Dian didn’t want that, so he had to use less strength.

Both old men were pushed back a hundred steps. Supreme God Lang Xie’s Qi was weaker. He had used too much pure Qi, but Supreme God Zi Dian’s arm still felt numb.

“Zi Dian, my grandson is about to break through?” asked Supreme God Lang Xie, as if nothing had happened.

“Yes! It’s at the most crucial moment. So, don’t disturb him!” Supreme God Zi Dian replied angrily.

When Supreme God Lang Xie heard that, he stopped fighting. His grandson was about to break through, it was a dangerous moment.

“Alright, since he’s going to break through, what kind of godly seed did you give him?” asked Supreme God Lang Xie suddenly. It was an extremely important question!


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