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Chapter 731: Jiang Xuan’s Departure!


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“Don’t worry. Lin Feng took care of it,” said Supreme God Zi Dian breezily. He didn’t give Supreme God Lang Xie face at all.

Supreme God Lang Xie was annoyed. He just wanted to take Jiang Xuan away, but now he couldn’t since the young man was about to break through. He also wanted to know what kind of godly emperor seed Lin Feng had given to him.

“Lin Feng, what kind of godly emperor seed did you give to Little Xuan?” asked Supreme God Lang Xie hastily, as if he had forgotten that he had just tried to kill Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t dare go too far. Supreme God Lang Xie was still Jiang Xuan’s grandfather, after all. Telling him the truth wasn’t an issue.

“Godly Imperial Elettaria Cardamomum Seed,” spoke up Jing Wu Hen indifferently. He was still angry. It was the first time he had seen such a grandfather. He was angry, but he tried not to show it.

“Elettaria Cardamomum?” Supreme God Lang Xie gasped with astonishment. Elettaria Cardamomum? A Godly Imperial Elettaria Cardamomum Seed? How was that possible?

Mister Lonely grew Elettaria Cardamomum. The seeds he used were from the ancient times and extraordinarily powerful. Not just anyone could obtain such seeds. If someone offended Mister Lonely, not only did they not obtain any seed, but they also ended up dead in Lonely Valley.

Therefore, Supreme God Lang Xie didn’t believe it at the beginning, but then he looked at Supreme God Zi Dian, Lin Feng, and Jing Wu Hen’s expressions, and understood it wasn’t a joke. He was stupefied.

“You really gave him an Elettaria Cardamomum seed?” sighed Supreme God Lang Xie.

They just ignored him. He felt awkward. He had never been looked down upon like this in his entire life, especially since he was a high-level Supreme God. But he controlled himself and didn’t get angry again because Jiang Xuan was about to break through.

“Elettaria Cardamomum… Awesome… Really incredible. Little Xuan will definitely break through to the Supreme God layer someday too that way. It’s a hundred percent sure,” murmured Supreme God Lang Xie. He even seemed touched. He started walking back and forth, looking excited.

Lin Feng looked at the old man’s expression and sighed. That old man did care about Jiang Xuan, but Lang Xie City was still more important to him. The lives of the hundreds of millions of inhabitants of Lang Xie City mattered to him. He was always concerned about their safety.

That was the different between Lin Feng and the old man though. If Lin Feng were the leader of Lang Xie City, he would never sacrifice Jiang Xuan for the safety of the city.

It was a complex situation to be in, but Lin Feng thought he might react that way if he were the old man.

Time passed slowly. In the end, Lin Feng was worried and flew towards the mountain. Supreme God Lang Xie and the others stayed where they were. If anything happened, they would fly to the mountain as well.

However, no sound came from the secluded room at all. It was just completely silent, which was strange. Everybody knew what it was like to break through to the Half-Godly Emperor layer…

Waiting for someone to break through could be a worrying thing, too.

Lin Feng remembered when he had broken through to the Half-Godly Emperor layer. Huang Nü, Meng Qing, and all the people who loved him had been extremely worried.

Lin Feng was worried; he hadn’t felt like this for a long time.


Time seemed to pass extremely slowly, but actually it was passing relatively quickly. Three days passed without anyone noticing it. Now and then, they could hear some pure Qi collisions, but they weren’t too loud. Lin Feng was extremely nervous; under normal conditions, three days was enough to break through to the Half-Godly Emperor layer.

“Could it be that something happened?” whispered Supreme God Zi Dian, standing next to Jing Wu Hen. Jiang Xuan was his disciple’s disciple, after all.

“No. He’ll be fine,” said Jing Wu Hen shaking his head. He didn’t seem worried at all. He had chosen a very stable Elettaria Cardamomum seed, very solid. Jiang Xuan was also focused and careful; he knew it was an extremely important moment.

Supreme God Zi Dian decided to trust Jing Wu Hen, because the latter had lots of experience and was very knowledgeable. He decided to wait for Jiang Xuan to break through and open the door himself.


As night came, everybody was exhausted when they heard the door open itself. Jiang Xuan appeared, surrounded by a beautiful and dazzling golden godly aura.

“Teacher,” said Jiang Xuan happily when he saw Lin Feng. He walked over to him and looked at him proudly. He was waiting for Lin Feng to flatter him, but Lin Feng rarely flattered people for nothing.

“Not bad,” Lin Feng said, smiling patiently and patting the young man’s head gently. Jiang Xuan was a bit disappointed to hear only that, but what could he do?

“Grandson…. my grandson!” shouted Supreme God Lang Xie in a trembling voice. Supreme God Lang Xie, Jiang Yi Tian, and Jiang Xuan’s mother rushed over. When Jiang Yi Tian saw them, his smile disappeared. Resentment and anger replaced the happiness in his eyes.

“What are you doing here?” asked Jiang Xuan icily. He hadn’t forgotten what had happened at his teenage party, and what Supreme God Lang Xie had done.

Supreme God Lang Xie’s smile stiffened and his legs started shaking. He even paled. He started regretting what he had said. Maybe he really was wrong? But he had no choice…

“Grandson, I was wrong…!” said Supreme God Lang Xie apologetically. He apologized sincerely this time. He hoped Jiang Xuan would forgive him.

But it wasn’t that easy. Jiang Xuan was a young man, but he had a good sense of judgement. He knew what was good or bad for him.

“Leave now,” said Jiang Xuan sternly.

Supreme God Lang Xie paled even more. His skinny wrinkled body shook even more. He looked at Jiang Yi Tian imploringly. He hoped Jiang Yi Tian would make his son change his mind.

Jiang Yi Tian didn’t say anything, he just looked at his wife.

Jiang Xuan’s mother walked over to Jiang Xuan and burst into tears. When she had heard what Supreme God Lang Xie had said, she had felt devastated and hopeless, but now she was happy to see her baby.

She was a mother; she just hoped her young man would come back home.

“Little Xuan…” the woman cried and hugged Jiang Xuan. When Jiang Xuan saw his mother like that, he was sad and started crying too.

“Mom, I…”

“Little Xuan, I was so worried about you. Please come home,” the woman begged. She just had one desire, she wanted her son back. She didn’t want him to be away from home. What if something happened to her baby?

Jiang Xuan didn’t know what to think. He didn’t like to see his mother crying like that. He loved his mother and she loved him too, however…

Jiang Xuan turned to Lin Feng and looked at him guiltily. He wanted to go home with his mother, but he needed Lin Feng’s approval.

Lin Feng understood. Supreme God Lang Xie and Jiang Yi Tian looked at Lin Feng and waited for his reply.

Jiang Xuan’s mother also looked at Lin Feng imploringly.

When Lin Feng saw everybody’s expression, he didn’t need to think. He didn’t want to destroy a family. No matter what, he had to support the young man, too.

“Young man, no need to look at me. If you want to go home, go home. Only you can decide,” Lin Feng said with a sigh.

Supreme God Lang Xie and Jiang Yi Tian looked extremely happy. The woman’s eyes were now filled with tears of joy. They were going to be together again!

Jiang Xuan forced a smile. He stepped away from his mother’s arms and walked over to Lin Feng. He put his arms around Lin Feng and said, “I’m sorry, Teacher…”

Lin Feng sighed. “Sorry about what? The only thing that matters is that you’re happy. You deserve to be happy. I am happy for you,” Lin Feng said, shaking his head and pinching the boy’s cheek. He wiped off the boy’s tears with his sleeve.

“Teacher, is your promise still valid?” asked Jiang Xuan excitedly.

“Of course, when you break through to the Godly Emperor layer, I’ll come back and we’ll travel together,” Lin Feng smiled and nodded, clapping the boy’s shoulder.

Jiang Xuan looked happy again. “Go home now,” Lin Feng said, waving at him.

Jiang Xuan didn’t want to leave Lin Feng, but in the end, in front of everybody, he knelt down and kowtowed three times solemnly.

Lin Feng didn’t stop him. Supreme God Lang Xie pulled a long face, but he didn’t stop the boy either. He didn’t want Jiang Xuan to change his mind.

After that, Jiang Xuan left with his mother, father, and grandfather.

Lin Feng looked at Jiang Xuan disappear in the distance. He turned around after a long time.

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