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Chapter 732: Lin Feng’s Departure!


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“Hehe, it’s alright, he’s gone,” said Jing Wu Hen, smiling at Lin Feng. He clapped Lin Feng’s shoulder and walked to the main hall.

“We were always together; I like that boy. I’ll miss him,” Lin Feng said, smiling wryly. He felt a bit sad, but the young man had broken through to the Half-Godly Emperor layer. He was safe, so Lin Feng was relieved.

“Hehe, you did so much for that young man, and yet his mother stole him from you. Haha!” said Jing Wu Hen.

Lin Feng smiled patiently. “It’s normal. I am his teacher, nothing more. A mother is more important. I would never want to make my mother sad.”

“But all the efforts you put on him were in vain then. Only Lang Xie City is going to benefit from his progress, and then he’s going to become the leader.”

“It doesn’t matter. It was my duty as a teacher. The boy is free to do what he wants,” Lin Feng said with a smile. Jing Wu Hen was making fun of him, but he didn’t mean it in a bad way.

Besides, after this, maybe Supreme God Lang Xie would consider Jiang Xuan more important than Lang Xie City. In the future, Jiang Xuan would be extremely strong and Lang Xie City would be safe, so the old man wouldn’t have to choose between them too.

“Brother Jing, I am done here. Should we go to San Country have some fun?” Lin Feng asked with a grin.

Jing Wu Hen’s curiosity was aroused. He was sick of staying in Lang Xie City already, so having some fun sounded good.

“No problem. I can’t wait!” replied Jing Wu Hen. He was convinced their journey in San Country would be complicated. Even though San Country was a small country, there were high-level Supreme Gods and medium-level Supreme Gods there. There were the Seven Princes of Law. Why not exchange views on cultivation with them? Jing Wu Hen was excited because he wanted to see the beautiful queen of San Country, Yan Tian Jiao!

Lin Feng wasn’t sad about leaving. Jiang Xuan had become stronger. He had also helped Supreme God Zi Dian, so it was time to go to San Country.

“Wait for me outside. I’m going to say goodbye to my teacher,” Lin Feng said to Jing Wu Hen, before heading to the top of the pavilion. Supreme God Zi Dian was in the library resting. Zu Ti was there as well.

When Lin Feng arrived, he knocked at the door and then opened it.

Lin Feng looked at Supreme God Zi Dian and Zu Ti. They were holding an ancient book and translating it. Lin Feng walked over to Supreme God Zi Dian.

“Young man, you’re leaving?” asked Supreme God Zi Dian, smiling. Lin Feng was surprised. The old man was wise and clever.

“Hehe, don’t be surprised. You’re done with Jiang Xuan, you don’t have much to do in Zi Dian Mountain, so you probably want to go and travel,” Supreme God Zi Dian went on.

Zu Ti slowly put down the book he was holding onto and stood up. Since Lin Feng wanted to leave, it was time for him to turn into the Sword of Remote Times again. He wanted to travel with Lin Feng.

“Teacher, I would indeed like to leave, but I need your authorization,” Lin Feng sighed. The old man was surprised and frowned. He actually didn’t want Lin Feng to leave; Lin Feng was his heir now, his only successor.

However, Zi Dian also knew that Lin Feng was ambitious and liked to travel, and Zi Dian Mountain was too small. Even Lang Xie City was too small. Lin Feng wanted to explore the world. Zi Dian was proud of Lin Feng for that, too.

“Alright, you can leave and travel. Good luck. I’ll be watching you,” Supreme God Zi Dian said with a slow nod. If Lin Feng didn’t break through within a hundred years, considering his speed, then it would mean he never would. Therefore, the old man would also watch him and see how fast Lin Feng progressed.

If Lin Feng faced danger, he would also do his best to save him, even if he had to abandon Zi Dian Mountain. Since Lin Feng was his only heir, he would never let him down.

He was happy and felt lucky to have met Lin Feng. Lin Feng was talented and extremely strong, and intrinsically good. It was the second truly meaningful thing he had done in life. The first thing was building Lang Xie City with Supreme God Lang Xie.

He was convinced that Lin Feng was a rising genius. Someday, he would surpass most high-level Supreme Gods, and he would become the strongest Supreme God.

“Go, Lin Feng. Do what you have to do,” Supreme God Zi Dian sighed and waved him off. He seemed much older suddenly, and a bit sad. He didn’t feel like parting with Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was also a bit sad. At the beginning, Supreme God Zi Dian had tried to kill him because of Fu Su Rong, and now they had become really close.

Of course, Lin Feng didn’t consider Supreme God Zi Dian his real teacher, like Emperor Yu, and he didn’t consider him like a second father either, like Godly Emperor Blood. But he would always remember this teacher, Supreme God Zi Dian. That would never change.

“Take care, teacher,” Lin Feng bowed, hand over fist. He turned around and got ready to leave the pavilion.

“Slowly! Are you in a rush?” shouted Supreme God Zi Dian angrily.

Lin Feng staggered and almost fell down. Supreme God Zi Dian walked over to him and gave him a book. He said, “Take this. It’s a book which contains a collection of scripts from the ancient times. Inside are the A Bo Script, the Gu Gui Script, the Pan Si Script, and the Di Script. If you ever bump into a book you don’t understand or anything, you can use this book to translate it.

“Lin Feng, this book is the Classic of Mountains and Rivers. It contains a wide range of information about precious items, beasts, and other things that you’ve never seen. Take it,” said Zi Dian, giving a book to Lin Feng as well. Supreme God Zi Dian loved those books, they were priceless to him. Supreme God Zi Dian had always taken them with him everywhere for tens of thousands of years.

Lin Feng took the book. He was speechless. He felt even more reluctant to leave. In the end he just said, “Take care, Teacher!”

“Take care!” returned Supreme God Zi Dian, nodding and smiling as Lin Feng left the pavilion.

“I’m off too, old buddy,” Zu Ti sighed. He turned into the Sword of Remote Times, flew out through the window, and followed after Lin Feng.

Supreme God Zi Dian didn’t look out of the window. He just stood there in his library.

When Lin Feng came out of the pavilion, the Sword of Remote Times was already in the sky. Many beasts on the ground in the mountainous forests crouched down, scared that that sword would kill them.

Lin Feng looked at the Sword of Remote Times, grabbed it, and put it in his sheathe on his back.

Jing Wu Hen was surprised when he saw that. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng had such a weapon. The Sword of Remote Times was a famous weapon, one of the ten Supreme God weapons of the world.

“Lin Feng, next time we fight, use the Sword of Remote Times. I’d like to see how powerful it is!” exclaimed Jing Wu Hen.

“Little bastard, don’t cast greedy eyes on me,” shouted Zu Ti’s voice from inside the sword.

“Hehe, it’s too late!” shot back Jing Wu Hen, smiling lightly. He knew Zu Ti was inside the sword, but he still made fun of him.

“Brother Jing, I first need to get my enemy,” Lin Feng said, waving at Jing Wu Hen. He flew towards the top of a mountain. There was a secret room there, and Fu Su Rong was inside. Since Lin Feng had become Zi Dian’s disciple, Fu Su Rong had always been locked in there.

Lin Feng opened the door and entered the room. It was extremely dark inside. Lin Feng had to activate his godly aura to see better. Finally, he saw Fu Su Rong.

During these last few months, Fu Su Rong had lost lots of weight. His eyes seemed empty. He looked like a body without a soul. He was seated on the ground and had his head lowered. He didn’t say anything.

“Fu Su Rong, come with me,” Lin Feng said.

After a short while, Fu Su Rong slowly raised his head and said expressionlessly, “Did you go and save Little Xue?”

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