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Chapter 733: Tian Fan’s Message!


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“Lin Feng, can you tell me why there are tensions between you and San Country?” Jing Wu Hen asked. Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen were flying in San Country’s direction at bullet speed. Jing Wu Hen was curious and hoped Lin Feng would give him a satisfactory explanation.

Lin Feng saw that Jing Wu Hen was excited to hear the story, so he told him everything about Xiao Qing, the Primal Chaos Beast, and so on. He talked for a few long minutes.

Jing Wu Hen listened carefully. In the end, he gave Lin Feng thumbs up. He admired Lin Feng even more after hearing that he had killed State Teachers mercilessly.

“So your beast is a Primal Chaos Beast!” exclaimed Jing Wu Hen. He was stupefied. Primal Chaos Beasts were like the kings of all beasts. Even dragons had lower positions in the world of beasts. Only some very ancient beasts could compete with Primal Chaos Beasts. Even the four godly beasts didn’t have such a high status in the animal world.

Lin Feng and the Primal Chaos Beast had become friends. Lin Feng was lucky to have met the Primal Chaos Beast. He had to thank Yan Zhen for that, though. If Yan Zhen had never asked him to go and find San Zun’s grave, Lin Feng would have never found the Primal Chaos Beast and the Sword of Remote Times.

But Lin Feng didn’t feel grateful. Yan Zhen had made him go and look for San Zun’s grave, hoping that he would do as he was told, and then would have killed him. How could Lin Feng feel grateful?

“San Country is west of Lang Xie City. We’ll arrive tomorrow morning, I guess,” said Jing Wu Hen, looking at the densely packed buildings on the ground. They were still flying above Lang Xie City, but now they were above West Lang Xie.


The sky gradually became clearer, the sun rose, and the temperature slowly increased.

“We’re about to leave Lang Xie City,” Lin Feng said when he saw the desolate border area. There were fewer and fewer buildings. The buildings were also simpler in design. The territory under their feet now belonged to San Country, not to Lang Xie City.

“Lin Feng, stop,” a cool voice called out behind Lin Feng suddenly. Lin Feng turned around and saw a man in white clothes. It was Tian Fan.

“Tian Fan?” Lin Feng was surprised. What did Tian Fan want from him now?

“I’ve been waiting for you all night long, and finally you’re here,” said Tian Fan calmly. He flashed over in front of Lin Feng. He said, “I need to talk to you.”

“Alright,” Lin Feng agreed without hesitation. No matter what Tian Fan wanted to tell him, Lin Feng was willing to talk.

Besides, Tian Fan must have asked around about Lin Feng, or he wouldn’t have known that Lin Feng was going to leave Lang Xie City, so he had been waiting for him all night. It was probably about something important.

“Wait here,” Lin Feng asked Jing Wu Hen, then followed Tian Fan. They flew back and landed in Lang Xie City, in a small lane where people couldn’t see them.

“Lin Feng, I’m going to die,” said Tian Fan. Lin Feng had a very bad feeling. He just stared at Tian Fan and waited. What did Tian Fan mean?

“Don’t be surprised. I deserve it,” said Tian Fan, smiling when he saw Lin Feng was astonished. He seemed lighthearted and carefree. He didn’t mind dying.

“The reason why I have the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer is that I made an agreement with an evil Supreme God called Supreme God Xie. He helped me become a medium-level Supreme God extremely quickly, and in exchange, I agreed to lower my life expectancy and give him my yang Qi.

“I have less than two weeks left. I gave him my yang Qi a while ago. When I did, I lost the ability to have sex. I did all this to avenge my father’s death and kill you,” said Tian Fan. His eyes grew wet. He regretted what he had done, but it was too late.

When Lin Feng heard that, he sighed. What Tian Fan had to done to avenge his father’s death wasn’t worth it.

“Lin Feng, I didn’t know whether you killed my father or not, but on that day I saw it. After you told me you hadn’t, I also remembered that on that day, I had had a strange impression, as if there was something wrong. That dagger was my father’s dagger. You could have never taken it from him.

“Therefore…” Tian Fan trailed off, and stopped talking. He believed Lin Feng in the end, even if he didn’t want to believe that his father had committed suicide. Why would his father have committed suicide if he loved him?

“Therefore, I understood that you didn’t kill him. I don’t need to torment myself anymore with this story. Hehe!” he finished. He seemed relieved. He didn’t need to avenge his father anymore, at least.

“Lin Feng, go and do what you have to do,” said Tian Fan, waving and smiling leisurely.

They weren’t enemies anymore. He had two weeks to live, so he would take good care of Jiang Hao. He would put all his heart in his new job as a teacher. Then, on his last day, he would find a place where nobody would be able to find him and wait for Supreme God Xie to come and take his life.

Lin Feng studied Tian Fan for a long time in silence. Lin Feng didn’t know what to say. It was partly his fault. If Tian Fan had never wanted to seek revenge, it wouldn’t have happened.

“Tian Fan, you’re Master Tian Di’s descendant, you have his blood in your veins. Imagine if your father saw you, he would be furious. How could you die now?” Lin Feng said, taking a deep breath. He didn’t want Tian Fan to die.

Tian Fan smiled and said, “No need to tell me that. I know that I am not worthy of being my father’s child.

“But I have no solution. Supreme God Xie will not let me off. In two weeks, he’ll come and take my life. I am doomed. Never mind, it has nothing to do with you. Leave now, and take care,” said Tian Fan. He didn’t want to die, but he had no choice, and it was his own fault.

He had lost his yang Qi, but he hadn’t lost the spirit of a brave man.

“But-” Lin Feng said, but Tian Fan interrupted him.

“Leave!” shouted Tian Fan angrily, staring at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng sighed and bowed hand over fist, “Take care!”

“Yes, leave now,” Tian Fan nodded. Lin Feng rose up into the air and disappeared into the horizon.

Tian Fan grinned and murmured, “You won in the end, Lin Feng…”


High up in the sky, Jing Wu Hen waited for a short while. In the end, he frowned. Could something have happened to Lin Feng? As he was thinking, Lin Feng came back.

“Lin Feng, what’s going on?” He saw that Lin Feng had his head lowered.

“Brother Jing, have you heard of a supreme god called Supreme God Xie?” asked Lin Feng, frowning. Jing Wu Hen was well-traveled, he might knew something.

As expected, Jing Wu Hen’s expression changed and he asked worriedly, “What? Did you offend him?”

“No, it was Tian Fan,” Lin Feng replied, shaking his head.

Jing Wu Hen sighed with relief and said, “I suggest you don’t get involved in that. Supreme God Xie is not someone you want to offend. You’re just a tiny little medium-level Supreme God. Even your teacher Supreme God Zi Dian would be scared of him.”

“Why?” asked Lin Feng incredulously. Why did even Jing Wu Hen fear Supreme God Xie? What was so terrifying about him?

Jing Wu Hen shook his head. He knew that Lin Feng had never heard of Supreme God Xie, so he didn’t know how strong he was. Most native people knew how terrifying Supreme God Xie was. If anyone had heard Lin Feng ask that question, they would have burst into laughter.

“Supreme God Xie is a member of the Ancient Demonic Clan. The Ancient Demonic Clan is very mysterious in this world. Nobody knows where it is, but five hundred years ago, someone showed up here and said he was from the Ancient Demonic Clan: Supreme God Xie!

“At the beginning, nobody cared. Everybody thought, a high-level Supreme God, so what? There are many in this world. However, after that, he started stealing the lives, souls, and yang Qi of many members of gigantic and powerful influential groups. Supreme God Xie even shouted it from rooftops and took credit for it!

“In the end, the Fa Lan Empire couldn’t stand it anymore after Supreme God Xie absorbed the lives of four of their medium-level Supreme Gods. So they sent a high-level Supreme God, and an Ancestor on top of that, to go and stop Supreme God Xie. However, in the end, the ancestor was severely injured by Supreme God Xie. He nearly lost his life during the battle. However, his injuries were too severe, and in the end he died.

“Ever since, everybody considers Supreme God Xie a plague in the Country of Eternity. Nobody wants to offend him. But because of that, he also feels invincible and is even more arrogant. Stealing people’s lives is normal for him.

“Therefore, don’t stir up trouble for nothing. Don’t get involved with him,” Jing Wu Hen said seriously.

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