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Chapter 734: Back in San Country!

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“Ancient Demonic Clan? A mysterious ancient clan?” asked Lin Feng. Jing Wu Hen looked grim. He knew that Lin Feng wasn’t going to leave the matter at that.

“Yes. One of the ancient clans. But I just know the name of the Ancient Demonic Clan. I don’t know about any other ancient clan,” Jing Wu Hen nodded slowly.

“Let’s go to San Country,” Lin Feng pointed at the desolate area and resumed flying at bullet speed. Jing Wu Hen followed him closely.


After all the troubles Lin Feng had caused in San Country, San Country had become much weaker. Initially, Yan Zhen could rely on his State Teachers, but then Lin Feng had killed them. Apart from Yan Zhen, most of the remaining Supreme Gods were medium-level Supreme Gods and low-level Supreme Gods.

The leaders of the different villages of San Country were medium-level Supreme Gods. Yan Zhen had spent his whole life helping those people reach such levels. He had spent many resources on them. If he hadn’t constantly made efforts to help those leaders break through, San Country would really have faced the risk of collapsing.

But even that way, San Country was slowly being nibbled apart, bit by bit. Jin Lun City had seized some parts of San Country three days after Lin Feng had escaped. Jin Lun City had taken advantage of the situation caused by Lin Feng to do so. Yan Zhen hated Lin Feng even more because of it.

Then, he had heard that Lin Feng was in Lang Xie City. In the past, he had promised Lin Feng that if he found San Zun’s grave, he would bring him to Lang Xie City. He knew Jiang Yi Ze, but they weren’t close.

Jiang Yi Ze had even told Yan Zhen about Lin Feng. Yan Zhen didn’t know what to think. Lin Feng had become much stronger compared to six months before. If Lin Feng came back to San Country for his Primal Chaos Beast, then who would be able to resist him? Yan Zhen would be the only one!

“I’ll go and see the Primal Chaos Beast,” Yan Zhen said to himself. He left the main hall and headed to the prison. Since he had kidnapped the Primal Chaos Beast, he had put him in a cell so that the beast couldn’t escape.

Yan Zhen arrived in the prison and gave a guard the order to open the cell. Lin Feng had killed all the State Teachers, so Yan Tian Jiao was now the chief guard of the prison. With her in charge, the prison was relatively safe… unless someone like Lin Feng came to cause trouble, of course.

Yan Zhen walked through the dark corridors of the prison. He arrived at the end of a corridor, the last cell at the end of the corridor used to be the one in where Lin Feng was imprisoned.

The Primal Chaos Beast was the size of a human at that moment. He was as crouching and had his eyes closed. His Qi was swift and fierce. No one wanted to get close to him, especially during these last six months. Even though he was imprisoned, he had become stronger every day.

Gradually, the Primal Chaos Beast had broken through to the high-level Supreme God layer!

Yan Zhen was worried. What if someday the Primal Chaos Beast was able to break free from his cell? So Yan Zhen had invited the three high-level Supreme Gods of the Lun Bi Empire to come and guard the prison. One of them had agreed to come, and now lived in the imperial palace of San Country.

Yan Zhen knew that Lin Feng would come back at some point for his Primal Chaos Beast, so he had invited the high-level Supreme Gods of the Lun Bi Empire without any hesitation. He was sure that the three high-level Supreme Gods wouldn’t take risks when it came to Lin Feng.

As expected, after having received an invitation, the high-level Supreme God had arrived in San Country. He had now been living here for three months. Yan Zhen curried favor with him every day,  spent lots of time with him and had his cooks cook the best dishes for him. The high-level Supreme God was happy to be there. It was quite relaxing.

“Primal Chaos Beast, will you surrender and pay allegiance to me now or not?” shouted Yan Zhen angrily. His Qi was ice-cold, swift, and fierce.

The Primal Chaos Beast didn’t move and snorted as if he were asleep, but Yan Zhen knew that the Primal Chaos Beast thought of escaping every day, all day long.

Yan Zhen was grim. He came to the prison every day, but the Primal Chaos Beast always ignored him. By now, Yan Zhen felt humiliated. Wasn’t he a better master than Lin Feng?

“Primal Chaos Beast, I’ll tell you the truth; a high-level Supreme God of the Lun Bi Empire is in the imperial palace. When Lin Feng comes back, he will have nowhere to escape, the high-level Supreme God will crush him. Heh! However, if you submit and pledge allegiance to me, I’ll consider the possibility of letting Lin Feng off. What do you think?” asked Yan Zhen scornfully. He was confident that the Primal Chaos Beast would agree.

As expected, when he said that, the Primal Chaos Beast opened his eyes and looked at him coldly. He even roared angrily at Yan Zhen, which made the whole prison shake. Yan Zhen’s expression shifted, but he quickly looked normal again and smiled coldly, “What do you think? If you submit, I will spare Lin Feng’s life.”

The Primal Chaos Beast roared angrily. He didn’t believe Yan Zhen at all. He had trusted him once, and Yan Zhen had betrayed him. He wasn’t stupid. Submitting to Yan Zhen would come down to betraying Lin Feng now.

“Hehe, I know you don’t believe me, but if you don’t submit, Lin Feng will definitely die,” said Yan Zhen confidently and mockingly. He could already imagine Lin Feng’s dead body, which made him feel happy. If Lin Feng came back, he was doomed!

The Primal Chaos Beast had no choice. He stood up and stared at Yan Zhen, then he roared in a way which meant, “Are you sure?”.

“Really. And you probably can sense a high-level Supreme God’s Qi in the imperial palace,” said Yan Zhen, nodding nervously.

The Primal Chaos Beast could indeed sense a high-level Supreme God’s Qi.

That Qi was much more powerful than Yan Zhen’s. The Primal Chaos Beast didn’t know what to think. What if he submitted, and Yan Zhen really spared Lin Feng’s life?

“Do you really need to think? Lin Feng’s life is in your hands now,” said Yan Zhen, fanning the flames. He was afraid that the Primal Chaos Beast wouldn’t agree. He really wanted this beast.

When the Primal Chaos Beast heard that, he suddenly looked resolute. He raised his head and looked at Yan Zhen. His eyes were filled with doubts.

“Come, let’s make a blood pact. Pledge allegiance and become my beast,” said Yan Zhen happily. He took out a dagger and got ready to make a blood pact with the Primal Chaos Beast.

A blood pact was one of the most powerful forms of agreement you could have with someone. If the Primal Chaos Beast made a blood pact with Yan Zhen, he would never be able to betray him; otherwise, he would die, his soul would disperse, and he would never be able to reincarnate.

Of course, if the beast never betrayed Yan Zhen, then their connection would become deeper and deeper with time. In the end, the beast would turn into a real slave and would do everything Yan Zhen wanted.

The Primal Chaos Beast roared. If only he could be sure Yan Zhen would really spare Lin Feng’s life, then he wouldn’t mind. He was ready to sacrifice himself for Lin Feng.

The Primal Chaos Beast also knew how blood pacts worked. If he decided to make himself explode for example, then Yan Zhen would die along with him. Therefore, the idea of a blood pact seemed like a good way, he was willing to commit suicide to save Lin Feng. That way, he wouldn’t need to worry about Lin Feng ever again.

Yan Zhen didn’t know what the Primal Chaos Beast was thinking. He was just interested in acquiring a powerful beast, and to make the Primal Chaos Beast submit, a blood pact was necessary.

“Come, come here my boy. Haha!” said Yan Zhen, smiling ferociously. He could already imagine how people would look at him with such a powerful beast. It would be his first tamed beast!

The Primal Chaos Beast roared angrily. He slowly stood up. The atmosphere became heavy. If the Primal Chaos Beast and Yan Zhen made a blood pact, it would be impossible to take back.

Yan Zhen looked happy and greedy. Was he going to succeed?


“Yo! So, the leader of San Country is really a shameless bastard, huh? Hehe!” shouted a voice mockingly at that moment. A man in silver clothes appeared and looked at Yan Zhen scornfully.

Yan Zhen was furious when someone interrupted him like this. His eyes were instantly filled with murder. “Who are you? How did you get in?”

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