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Chapter 735: Mysterious Cultivator!


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“Me? I saw that there was nobody outside so I came in,” said Jing Wu Hen. He intentionally remained vague.

Yan Zhen looked grim. There were a dozen disciples outside, it was impossible to get in without anybody knowing it. But…

It meant that the disciples outside had probably been killed. Thinking about that, Yan Zhen had a bad feeling…

“You killed everybody outside then,” said Yan Zhen icily. He clenched his fists. His eyes were filled with murder. No matter who that person was, he had trespassed on his territory, so Yan Zhen didn’t intend to let him off.

When Jing Wu Hen saw how furious Yan Zhen was, he wasn’t surprised. It was also a good opportunity. Besides, he had been lucky enough to arrive just before Yan Zhen and the beast made a blood pact.

“Hey Ho! Don’t kill me. I am not the protagonist here,” answered Jing Wu Hen, waving his hand. He didn’t want to replace Lin Feng. Lin Feng had come to seek revenge, so it was better to leave everything to him. Jing Wu Hen was just there to cause trouble, that was enough.

“Could it be… Do you mean…?” Yan Zhen instantly thought of someone and looked even grimmer.

“Master Yan Zhen, long time no see,” said a voice laughing mockingly and scornfully. Yan Zhen saw a silhouette appear at the end of the corridor. That familiar silhouette walked towards him slowly.

When the Primal Chaos Beast heard that familiar voice, he immediately flashed to the cell bars and roared happily.

Gradually, Yan Zhen saw Lin Feng more and more clearly. As Lin Feng walked between all the cells, all the prisoners laughed eagerly. They would never forget Lin Feng. He had impressed them during his stay in prison.

“You’re back, Sir!”

“Haha! He’s back! Kill Yan Zhen, that scumbag!”

All the prisoners were shouting curses angrily. Lin Feng arrived next to Jing Wu Hen and then smiled thinly.

“Lin Feng? You really dared come back?” muttered Yan Zhen, grinding his teeth ferociously. He felt a deep hatred for Lin Feng.

“Why wouldn’t I dare?” Lin Feng said, smiling even more resplendently.

Why wouldn’t Lin Feng dare come back, indeed?

Yan Zhen nodded and smiled angrily. His eyes were filled with flames of fury. He shouted angrily and the whole prison trembled. Humming Qi emerged from him, and the prisoners suddenly stopped shouting.

“Last time, you escaped. This time, you won’t!” stated Yan Zhen icily. He had to kill Lin Feng and get rid of this enemy who could pose a huge threat to San Country in the future. Letting Lin Feng live might lead to the annihilation of San Country in the future.

“I could say the same. Last time, I couldn’t kill you. This time, I will behead you,” Lin Feng replied icily. His Qi slowly started filling the jail. With all those energies building up, the prison was slowly turning into Hell.

“Hmph! Getting on your high horse won’t make you any stronger. You’re just a reckless little brat!” shouted Yan Zhen angrily, throwing a punch at Lin Feng.

“We’ll see who is reckless!” shouted Lin Feng as well. He threw a punch containing primal chaos Qi. His primal chaos Qi surged around him.

Boom, boom!… There was an explosion, and energies destroyed most of the walls and doors in the prison. Instantly, a horde of prisoners started running away.

“Fuck!” shouted Yan Zhen explosively. His eyes were bloodshot. He had been keeping those people imprisoned for hundreds of years. Now, they were free! Finding them again would be impossible!

“I’ll kill you!” shouted Yan Zhen angrily. He threw himself at Lin Feng like a bullet. However, six months had passed, an Lin Feng had changed. However, Yan Zhen hadn’t become much stronger.

Lin Feng threw a punch and pushed Yan Zhen back. This time, Lin Feng didn’t need to rely on Zu Ti anymore. He could rely on his own strength to oppress Yan Zhen. Lin Feng had become much stronger.

“You’re going to die, so this jail is of no use anymore,” Lin Feng said, flashing away. He threw a punch and all the cells but the Primal Chaos Beast’s collapsed, and the jail was leveled to the ground. Lin Feng then flashed up in the air.

Phwap! Lin Feng flew higher and higher. Yan Zhen roared out in a thundering rage. He glared at Lin Feng ferociously and clenched his fists. Killing Lin Feng wouldn’t be easy this time!

Yan Zhen flashed to the attack. An axe appeared in his hand.

He threw himself at Lin Feng without saying anything. His axe seemed like it could chop the atmosphere. A trail of swift and fierce energies appeared behind it.

Lin Feng grinning scornfully. This time, Lin Feng was convinced that Yan Zhen couldn’t compete with him anymore, whether in close combat or using weapons. The high-level Supreme God of San Country was certainly going to fall on that day.

“You want to see who’s the most skilled with a weapon? Is that why you were so confident?” Lin Feng sneered. He unsheathed the Sword of Remote Times with a hum. Lin Feng flew higher while grasping the sword and cut down. A thread of Qi even more powerful than the axe Qi spread in the air.

Yan Zhen’s expression changed drastically. He had forgotten Lin Feng had the Sword of Remote Times. It was with that sword that Lin Feng had severely injured him the first time, and it was thanks to that sword that Lin Feng had managed to escape.

Clang! The sound of colliding weapons spread in the air. Yan Zhen’s arms shook violently, and he almost let his axe slip. He was astonished and hastily flashed back. He didn’t dare stay close to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t intend to give him any opportunity. “Your life is mine!” Lin Feng declared, laughing loudly. He flashed towards Yan Zhen at bullet speed, appearing in front of him in the blink of an eye. He kicked Yan Zhen in the chest. Yan Zhen grunted in pain and coughed blood as he was smashed away.

Lin Feng didn’t let him off. He raised his sword and slashed again. A swift and fierce sword Qi cut towards Yan Zhen’s chest. He was extremely nervous and his Qi became unstable.

Yan Zhen was terrified, and shouted frantically, “Master, save me!”

“Hehe! You piece of trash! You’re the leader of San Country, and a young man is crushing you!” said an old man’s voice hoarsely.

Lin Feng’s expression instantly changed. “A high-level Supreme God?” He was suddenly nervous.

His Sword of Remote Times shook violently to warn him. Lin Feng also sensed a dangerous Qi of the high-level Supreme God layer. Lin Feng noticed that that Qi was more powerful than Supreme God Lang Xie’s Qi.

Jing Wu Hen emerged from the prison, followed by the Primal Chaos Beast.

Jing Wu Hen and the Primal Chaos Beast rose into the air. A black silhouette appeared in the distance. It was gigantic, a hundred zhang in size. It blotted out the sky.

Jing Wu Hen moved next to Lin Feng, and the Primal Chaos Beast roared, swelling to gigantic size. Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen flashed onto the Primal Chaos Beast’s head.

The atmosphere became extremely tense!

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