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Chapter 736: Leaving Because Of Danger!


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“So you’re Lin Feng?” said the loud voice. It seemed like the voice came from the outer space. A golden silhouette appeared a hundred meters away from Lin Feng.

It was an old man. He was extremely wrinkled, vile, and ugly, with a single eyebrow. It was the first time Lin Feng had seen such an ugly high-level Supreme God.

However, that high-level Supreme God was also terrifyingly strong. Even though they hadn’t fought yet, Lin Feng didn’t need to think too much, as that high-level Supreme God’s Qi was absolutely terrifying.

“Where are you from, Master?” asked Lin Feng, frowning icily.

The man in golden clothes smiled icily and stroked his beard, saying proudly, “I am one of the three Masters of the Lun Bi Empire, the third one.”

“Three masters of the Lun Bi Empire?” Lin Feng frowned even more. He had a very bad feeling.

When Jing Wu Hen heard the man, he frowned. He had been to the Lun Bi Empire before. He had even spent quite some time there. He had many friends from the Lun Bi Empire. He had heard about the three Masters of the Lun Bi Empire, who had an extremely high position, including this Third Master.

There was also the Second Master and the Great Master. Some people thought the three of them were brothers, but actually, that wasn’t the case. The Great Master was the Second Master and the Third Master’s teacher!

“It doesn’t look good,” whispered Jing Wu Hen in Lin Feng’s ear grimly. He clenched his fists, ready to fight. Lin Feng also remained wary.

“Lin Feng, last time, you managed to escape. This time, you came willingly. That was reckless. You’re not going to leave,” declared the Third Master, smiling coldly. Lin Feng was already doomed in his eyes. To him, killing Lin Feng was just a formality, and he would finally achieve the task he had been assigned six months before.

His disciple had mentioned Lin Feng’s name to him, and Lin Feng was the person his disciple wanted to kill the most.

Lin Feng didn’t know why the Three Masters of the Lun Bi Empire wanted to kill him; he didn’t know that they had recruited a disciple who used to be one of Lin Feng’s enemies.

“I don’t know why you want to kill me. I don’t understand. I’ve never had any conflict with the Lun Bi Empire,” Lin Feng said. He was at a loss.

The old man grinned mockingly and said, “Why can’t we kill people even if they’re not our enemies?”

“Eh? What’s your motive then?” asked Lin Feng icily.

“We’ll talk about our reasons when you’re dead. I’m here to behead you today, not to talk nonsense. Your life is mine!” shouted the Third Master angrily. He stretched out his hand and flew towards Lin Feng like a bullet. He wanted to kill Lin Feng in one attack, the faster, the better!

However, he had underestimated Lin Feng. Killing Lin Feng in one attack wasn’t that easy. Lin Feng wasn’t an ordinary medium-level Supreme God. Even Yan Zhen couldn’t compete with him. Lin Feng could now kill him easily.

Lin Feng saw that the Third Master was extremely fast, but he remained calm. He took half a step backwards. The Primal Chaos Beast flew back as well, as he could feel what Lin Feng was thinking. They hadn’t seen each other for six months, but their connection was still strong and deep.

Lin Feng threw a punch. His fist collided against the old man’s palm. The old man didn’t feel as confident anymore, his expression changing drastically. He quickly punched Lin Feng’s energies and made them disappear. Then he moved back, as did the Primal Chaos Beast.

At the same time, Jing Wu Hen rose up off the Primal Chaos Beast’s back. He raised his arms and dazzling golden lights appeared. Jing Wu Hen started chanting in an ancient language. Ancient symbols came out of his mouth and started growing bigger and bigger.

“Invocation, Nose-Pierced Ox!” Jing Wu Hen shouted grimly. His voice made the sky shake, and the whole town. The golden lights grew more and more dazzling. Then, a hundred-meter-tall silhouette appeared. A Nose-Pierced Ox appeared!

The Nose-Pierced Ox was a hundred meters long, colored blue, and its gigantic eyes were bloodshot. A protective golden halo glowed around it.

“An ancient evil beast, a Nose-Pierced Ox?” The old man was astonished. His expression shifted quickly. He was growing more and more astonished. He was already amazed by the Primal Chaos Beast, and now another ancient evil beast had appeared, a Nose-Pierced Ox.

A Nose-Pierced Ox!

Lin Feng hadn’t thought Jing Wu Hen could summon a Nose-Pierced Ox, either. Even though Lin Feng didn’t know what it was, as he had never seen it, he had read about it in some books in Supreme God Zi Dian’s library. It was one of the ancient evil beasts, and it could compete with a Primal Chaos Beast. When Nose-Pierced Oxen reached adulthood, they were often even stronger than Primal Chaos Beasts.

Jing Wu Hen looked cold and detached. The Nose-Pierced Ox rose into the air and charged. The old man raised his hand and thrust out a palm. It was like a gigantic mountain had appeared. He slapped the Nose-Pierced Ox. However, the Nose-Pierced Ox did all it could to stand steadily. It was pushed backwards, but it wasn’t injured. On the contrary, it was even more motivated to fight!

When the Primal Chaos Beast saw the Nose-Pierced Ox, he was astonished and even more determined, as well. Lin Feng could sense that the Primal Chaos Beast’s Qi had suddenly become much more powerful. The gigantic bloodthirsty mouth on the Primal Chaos Beast’s tail grew even more terrifying.

“Wu Hen? You’re Prince Wu Hen?” asked the old man, after taking a few steps backwards.

Jing Wu Hen’s expression narrowed. He smiled icily and asked, “Hey hey! How do you know it’s me, Master?”

“Everybody knows you. You’re a famous cultivator. The supreme cultivator of Ze Country supports you so nobody dares offend you!” replied the old man, smiling coldly. He was suddenly extremely careful.

Jing Wu Hen was extremely famous. He had been traveling for many years and he kept doing insane things. He was one of those young people who constantly shook the entire Country of Eternity. Everybody knew about him.

Jing Wu Hen had tremendous potential and his teacher was incredible, so everybody respected him. The old man hadn’t thought he would bump into him here.

“Prince Wu Hen, why did you get involved in all this?” asked the old man. He didn’t understand. He didn’t want Jing Wu Hen or his Nose-Pierced Ox to become one of his enemies, either.

However, Jing Wu Hen ignored the old man. If the old man definitely wanted to kill Lin Feng, then he had to fight against Jing Wu Hen and his Nose-Pierced Ox as well.

When the old man saw Jing Wu Hen not replying, he stared at him coldly. He knew that Jing Wu Hen was determined and wouldn’t change his mind. Now, he had only two solutions: fight, or let Lin Feng go. If he chose the second option, he would have to go back to the Lun Bi Empire and think of another solution.

“Old man, I suggest you leave now. Look, we have two ancient evil beasts, a Nose-Pierced Ox and a Primal Chaos Beast, and Lin Feng and I aren’t easy to deal with, either. Lin Feng also has the Sword of Remote Times. I have the Roaming Demon Spear. Are you sure you want to kill Lin Feng?” challenged Jing Wu Hen.

The old man suddenly felt much less confident when he heard that; he glanced at Lin Feng and the Primal Chaos Beast.

If it had been any other medium-level Supreme God, he wouldn’t have needed too much. But Jing Wu Hen was extremely strong.

After a short time, the Third Master decided to give up. Even if he managed to kill Lin Feng this time, it would have dangerous consequences. As a high-level Supreme God, there were risks he wasn’t willing to take.

“Alright, I won’t kill him. I’m going,” said the Third Master, nodding helplessly. He was furious on the inside, but he would leave the rest to his disciple.

It’s about time anyway, thought the old man. His disciple would soon be strong enough to go public. During the Competition of the West, he would become famous, possibly as famous as Jing Wu Hen!

“See you, Prince Wu Hen,” said the Third Master, bowing hand over fist, before he turned into a hundred zhang long beam of light and disappeared.

But the man hadn’t glanced at Lin Feng even once. If Jing Wu Hen hadn’t been there, Lin Feng would have died.

Yan Zhen paled when he saw the old man leave. Since the old man hadn’t killed Lin Feng, San Country was in danger. Yan Zhen had no hope.

“We’re doomed!”

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