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Chapter 737: Yan Zhen’s Death!


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Yan Zhen’s face turned grey. He knew he was going to die. The Third Master of the Lun Bi Empire had left, so Yan Zhen knew there was no recourse for San Country anymore. Lin Feng could easily kill him now, especially with Jing Wu Hen’s help. At the beginning, Yan Zhen didn’t know that Lin Feng’s friend was Jing Wu Hen, but now that he did, he had no hope anymore.

Who was strongest in the west of the Country of Eternity? Everybody called Jing Wu Hen Prince Wu Hen. He had ranked third at the Competition of the West. Prince Demon and Prince Ghost were extremely mysterious and discreet, so Jing Wu Hen was even more famous.

In comparison to Jing Wu Hen, the Seven Princes of Law were weaklings. His daughter Yan Tian Jiao’s idol was Jing Wu Hen. Now Jing Wu Hen was here, but not as a friend. He was here as an enemy!

And it was all because Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen had become friends…

Lin Feng put his Sword of Remote Times back in its sheathe and flashed off the Primal Chaos Beast’s back. He didn’t look happy, because he didn’t know what the Supreme Gods of the Lun Bi Empire were going to do. They would probably continue plotting against him.

The Third Master had left thanks to Jing Wu Hen. If Jing Wu Hen hadn’t been there, he would have used his full strength to kill him. However, even though Lin Feng knew how strong the Third Master was, he also knew that he couldn’t kill him.

But the Third Master thought that Lin Feng was weaker than Jing Wu Hen, and he believed that Jing Wu Hen had saved Lin Feng. He hadn’t even spared a glance for Lin Feng.

Lin Feng knew that Jing Wu Hen wanted to help him, but he didn’t want people to help him like that. He wanted to express himself using his own strength. He wanted to show the Third Master that killing him wasn’t easy!

Jing Wu Hen glanced at Lin Feng. He knew what Lin Feng was thinking. They had become friends because they were very similar, at least when it came to their personalities. He knew that Lin Feng was proud and didn’t want people to help him like that.

However, if Lin Feng had fought against the Third Master, he wouldn’t have been able to get through in one piece. The Third Master didn’t know strong Lin Feng was, but Lin Feng didn’t know how strong the Third Master was, either. Acting recklessly and dying in a hopeless battle wasn’t wise.

“Lin Feng, don’t blame me. You don’t know how strong the Third Master is. You wouldn’t have stood a single chance against him.

“The Third Master could contact his fellow disciple and his teacher, and they would have arrived in less than a minute. What would you have done then? Can you have Supreme God Zi Dian arrive in less than a minute?

“You know the answer. Don’t fight against the Third Master. Do you know why he fears me? Because I can also contact four high-level Supreme Gods from Ze Country, and they would arrive in less than a minute. My teacher, my father, and my two uncles can arrive here in less than a minute,” Jing Wu Hen explained.

Lin Feng understood immediately. He couldn’t measure up to people like that for the time being. He was only backed up by one high-level Supreme God. He didn’t have an army of high-level Supreme Gods to back him up.

Jing Wu Hen did. The Third Master did. That was why he had made fun of Lin Feng!

Lin Feng felt lucky that he hadn’t started fighting. It would have been a disaster otherwise!

“I thought too highly of myself, Brother Jing,” Lin Feng said , bowing hand over fist and admitting he had been wrong.

Jing Wu Hen smiled indifferently. He didn’t mind. Lin Feng wasn’t omniscient, nobody was. Strong cultivators always made mistakes, and learned from them.

Lin Feng admitted his mistakes, Jing Wu Hen did too. At the beginning, the first time he had seen Lin Feng, he had been intrigued, but he hadn’t thought too highly of him. He had just thought that he might have some potential. But then he had fought against him at Zi Dian Mountain and understood how strong he was.

Then Jing Wu Hen had understood that he had underestimated Lin Feng. Now he was willing to help Lin Feng. They would progress together that way.

“Alright, what should we do with him now?” asked Jing Wu Hen, pointing at Yan Zhen. Jing Wu Hen clearly wanted to kill Yan Zhen, so that this enemy wouldn’t become a threat in the future.

Lin Feng glanced at Yan Zhen. Lin Feng wanted to kill him, but at the same time he didn’t feel comfortable. If he killed Yan Zhen, San Country would collapse, and Lin Feng felt it wasn’t fair for San Zun.

Even though Yan Zhen and San Zun weren’t related by blood, Yan Zhen was the leader of San Country, one of the pillars of the country.

“Don’t be softhearted. It’s a dangerous thing,” Jing Wu Hen told Lin Feng icily.

Lin Feng knew he was sensitive and softhearted sometimes, but it wasn’t easy to change.

Jing Wu Hen knew that Lin Feng was struggling to come back to his senses.

“He had the Third Master come here to kill you. Remember that. He also stole your Primal Chaos Beast, and he was about to make a blood pact with it. Don’t you want to kill him?

“I know what you’re thinking, but let me tell you one thing, If you kill Yan Zhen, I’ll tell you where San Zun’s descendants are, and then you can go and see them,” said Jing Wu Hen. He was trying to bring Lin Feng back to his senses.

Lin Feng raised his head and nodded. He glanced at Yan Zhen. This time, his eyes were filled with killing intent.

Yan Zhen realized he was in danger. Death was a part of the game. He was just extremely sad to leave his daughter Yan Tian Jiao behind.

“Lin Feng, I have one last request before dying. Please don’t kill Little Jiao,” implored Yan Zhen.

Lin Feng nodded his agreement. Yan Tian Jiao wasn’t his enemy, Yan Zhen was. As long as Yan Tian Jiao didn’t try to avenge her father’s death, Lin Feng wouldn’t take the initiative to kill her.

“Alright, I accept,” Lin Feng nodded.

Yan Zhen smiled broadly. A dagger appeared in his left hand, and he drove it towards his heart. He didn’t want to be killed by someone. It would be a final defeat.

“You think you can commit suicide? Dream on!” shouted Lin Feng. He threw himself at Yan Zhen at bullet speed, stabbing Yan Zhen in the heart before he even had time to commit suicide. Blood gushed out. Yan Zhen’s eyes were wide open as he collapsed.

Yan Zhen’s Qi disappeared. A high-level Supreme God had fallen.

“No! Father!” shouted a grieving voice. Lin Feng sensed a gust of wind and suddenly Yan Tian Jiao appeared and took her father’s corpse in her arms. She fell on her knees and burst into tears.

“No! Father! Wake up! Father!” Yan Tian Jiao shook her father’s corpse, hoping he would wake up, but he was already dead.

Yan Tian Jiao sat down on the ground and cried loudly. She was devastated.

“…. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH………. He’s dead……..”

Yan Tian Jiao’s face became extremely pale. A smile of pain and despair appeared on her face.

Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen were intrigued by her reaction.

A white light flashed; a dagger had appeared in Yan Tian Jiao’s hand, the dagger Yan Zhen had taken out a moment before. She drove the dagger towards her heart.

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