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Chapter 738: Organizing Everything!


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Lin Feng hit the dagger with his Sword of Remote Times in time. The dagger fell down on the ground. Yan Tian Jiao fell to the ground powerlessly. She felt extremely weak. She didn’t feel like living anymore. She was very different from when Lin Feng had met her for the first time.

“Your father deserved to die!” declared Jing Wu Hen, but it was useless, she was still crying. It was so sad, she was usually so graceful and restrained. Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen both felt bad for her.

“Stop crying. Now that your father is dead, San Country needs you,” Lin Feng said, crouching down and tapping her back gently. He didn’t know what to say apart from that, as he had killed her father after all.

Yan Tian Jiao pushed Lin Feng’s arm away and looked at him angrily. She would never forget that Lin Feng had killed her father.

Her father had imprisoned her in a formation because he knew what was going to happen, and he didn’t want her to get involved. Yan Tian Jiao felt even sadder because of that.

Not matter what mistakes her father had made, she loved him. He was her father. Now Lin Feng had killed him. She had nobody to rely on anymore. San Country had lost its pillar, as well.

“I know you’re extremely sad. You probably hate me too, but I don’t regret that I killed your father,” Lin Feng said. He stood up and looked at the prison, which had been leveled to the ground.

“We’re done here, Brother Jing. Bring me to San Zun’s descendants,” Lin Feng said.

Jing Wu Hen smiled wryly and said helplessly, “I lied. I said that to convince you to kill Yan Zhen,” Lin Feng would have never killed Yan Zhen otherwise, so Jing Wu Hen had had no choice.

Lin Feng was surprised, but what could he do? Jing Wu Hen had done it for his own good. If he hadn’t killed Yan Zhen, things would have gotten worse in the future. But since San Zun had no descendants, then San Country would collapse. It was in a dangerous situation. Yan Tian Jiao couldn’t do much to protect San Country.

Without a high-level Supreme God, San Country wouldn’t be able to survive. Lin Feng didn’t want to let San Country collapse though. Jin Lun City had been waiting for an opportunity for a long time, as they hated the people from San Country.

Lin Feng felt really sorry for San Zun. What if he left and San Country collapsed? The old man had even transmitted his Tao skill to him and told him his last wishes.

The Primal Chaos Beast silently stood next to Lin Feng. He nudged Lin Feng with his paw. Lin Feng frowned and looked at the Primal Chaos Beast.

The Primal Chaos Beast lowered his head. He roared sadly. Lin Feng had never seen the Primal Chaos Beast like this. He knew that the Primal Chaos Beast wanted him to take good care of San Country. The Primal Chaos Beast and San Zun were really close, after all.

“Buddy, don’t worry. San Country won’t get destroyed. I will do my best to find a trustworthy master for the country,” Lin Feng said. If San Country was destroyed by Jin Lun City, then the only solution would be to find some of San Zun’s descendants or a trustworthy high-level Supreme God. Only a high-level Supreme God could protect a country.

But Lin Feng could count the number of high-level Supreme Gods he knew with one hand. Supreme God Lang Xie was one, but he wouldn’t ask him any favors. Supreme God Zi Dian was in charge of Zi Dian Mountain and protecting Supreme God Xiao Sa’s grave there, so he wouldn’t leave Zi Dian Mountain.

Lin Feng thought of Supreme God Tian Yuan, but Supreme God Tian Yuan was the head of Tian Yuan, which had existed for hundreds of thousands of years. Asking him to protect San Country was impossible.

“Lin Feng, you want to find someone who can protect San Country?” Jing Wu Hen asked suddenly.

Lin Feng nodded gravely.

“I know someone trustworthy,” said Jing Wu Hen.

“Who?” asked Lin Feng happily.

“Jiang Yi Ze!” said Jing Wu Hen smiling.

Lin Feng was astonished, and shook his head. He didn’t understand what Jing Wu Hen was thinking. Lin Feng didn’t really like those people from Lang Xie City.

“You’re refusing before I even had time to explain everything to you,” said Jing Wu Hen. He knew what Lin Feng was thinking, but his suggestion was the most suitable, as Jiang Yi Ze could be trusted.

“Tell me,” Lin Feng nodded slowly.

“First, Jiang Yi Ze is the leader of West Lang Xie, but he doesn’t have much power there. The vice leaders of West Lang Xie are in power. If Jiang Yi Tian didn’t exist, Jiang Yi Ze would have been expelled already.

“If Jiang Yi Ze were in power in West Lang Xie, then Lang Xie City and San Country could become close allies. It would be beneficial for both Lang Xie City and San Country. I know you hate Lang Xie City… but think of the future. Jiang Xuan is probably going to become the leader of Lang Xie City. You are his teacher. Don’t you want to do that for him?

“And let’s imagine San Zun’s descendants show up in a hundred years. Then they can take the helm, if they’re not dead. Otherwise, Jiang Xuan could then control Lang Xie City and San Country at the same time. What do you think?” asked Jing Wu Hen with a smile. He was convinced Lin Feng would like the idea. He wanted the best for Jiang Xuan.

Lin Feng’s expression changed. He didn’t refuse this time, nodding agreement. It was indeed the best solution.

“We have to tell all the leaders of the different villages to support Jiang Yi Ze then,” Lin Feng said. Since he had accepted, he had to do everything properly. If he didn’t tell all the leaders of the different villages, tensions might arise, and that would be a problem.

Lin Feng didn’t feel like taking care of San Country himself, but he wanted to ensure its safety for San Zun. Lin Feng would have been a good leader, but San Country was too small and too weak for him.

Lin Feng walked back and forth. Now that he had killed Yan Zhen, he had to organize everything and it wouldn’t be easy.

“Brother Jing, you go and tell Jiang Yi Ze the plan. Also, tell him not to report to Supreme God Lang Xie. It’s not necessary. I don’t think he will be a problem…”

“I will travel to the different villages to report to the different leaders. They have to pledge allegiance for the plan to work,” Lin Feng said. It was the best if they didn’t want to waste too much time.

Jing Wu Hen didn’t mind. It was a change from the usual routine.

“I’m going now. I’ll be back in three days,” Jing Wu Hen nodded. The Nose-Pierced Ox suddenly turned into a cloud of light, which disappeared. Lin Feng was astonished.

“Uh…?” Where had the Nose-Pierced Ox gone?

“Haha! Camouflage! Even the Third Master couldn’t detect its presence, so you can’t detect it, either! My teacher gave it to me. You think I could have a Nose-Pierced Ox as a pet? I’m not as lucky as you with your Primal Chaos Beast!” Jing Wu Hen laughed as he flew towards Lang Xie City.

Lin Feng watched Jing Wu Hen disappear into the distance. Who would have thought that Nose-Pierced Ox had such an incredible camouflage technique? Even the Third Master hadn’t detected its presence…

Lin Feng shook his head. Jing Wu Hen wasn’t any less mysterious as they spent time together. On the contrary, he was getting even more and more mysterious!

I hope you’re not an enemy!, thought Lin Feng, sighing. He turned around and looked at Yan Tian Jiao, who was still on her knees. She had already stopped crying, but her eyes were still wet. Poor girl…

“Yan Tian Jiao, you’re still alive; I hope you’ll make good use of your life.”

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