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Chapter 739: What Kind of Intentions?


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Lin Feng didn’t say anything more. He watched Yan Tian Jiao, but she didn’t react. Lin Feng put his Primal Chaos Beast into his spirit world and flew off towards Black Dragon Village.

He wanted to inform all the leaders, and the one who would trust him the most would probably be the Black Dragon King, thanks to his connection to Ba Hei Long. If the Black Dragon King agreed, then the rest would be easy and natural.


Lin Feng left the palace. Yan Tian Jiao raised her head. Her eyes were filled with murder, but she also felt hopeless and devastated. She looked at her father’s corpse. His eyes were still open. It was horrible.

She reached out and closed his eyes. She couldn’t let her father die discontent. She didn’t want to bury her father in the wild, either. She grabbed his body and went inside the palace. Many of the leaders of San Country were buried there, so she wanted to entomb her father there as well.

Outside of the palace, there was nobody. The prison had turned into a pile of debris. The area was ruined. San Country was initially quite poor already, but now it seemed even worse.

Everybody had seen Lin Feng kill Yan Zhen, but nobody had dared get any closer, only watching using their godly awareness. Everybody was worried about the fate of their country.

Of course, many people decided to stay there no matter what. It was their homeland, how could they abandon it? Yan Zhen wasn’t San Country. He was dead, but not their country. They loved their country, but not necessary its leader.

Many people, ordinary and strong cultivators, knew what kind of leader Yan Zhen was. They were worried that he had died because of San Country, not because they liked him. Now that San Country had no leader anymore, some strong cultivators might cast greedy eyes on their country.


In the palace of Jin Lun City…

There were many people gathered in a secret room. They had heard that the leader of San Country was dead. It was a great opportunity for them, and they couldn’t let it slip by.

Supreme God Jin Lun was seated on his Dragon Throne, looking domineering and imposing. Jin Lun City was different from other cities. Everybody in Jin Lun City had to kowtow to greet Supreme God Jin Lun. When he said something, people had to obey, or he killed them!

Jin Lun City was a centralized state. The leader was like a god to them and they had to obey him. Traitors were killed.

“Father, I am ready to lead the troops to war,” said Jin Xuan Lun. Since he was the oldest prince of the city, he had to speak first to show he was motivated.

After that, the younger princes also spoke up to show they were motivated. However, everybody knew Jin Xuan Lun was probably going to be the one in charge, because he had succeeded the previous time at Jiang Xuan’s teenage party, even if Di Rong had died. The ultimate purpose was to make tensions arise in Lang Xie City, and it had worked.

However, conquering San Country was Jin Xuan Lun’s strongest aspiration. It was an extremely important task, so the other princes didn’t feel like competing with Jin Xuan Lun for it. It was too important. If he succeeded, he’d become the next leader!

“You really want to go?” Supreme God Jin Lun smiled.

When Jin Xuan Lun heard his father, he bowed hand over fist and replied immediately, “Please give me another chance!”

“Alright, I’ll give you another chance. Bring fifteen medium-level Supreme Gods to San Country. I hope nothing unexpected will happen. You know what you have to do,” said Supreme God Jin Lun without hesitation, accepting Jin Xuan Lun’s request.

Jin Xuan Lun was extremely happy. The previous time, he had been humiliated in Lang Xie City, someone called Lin Feng had nearly killed him! But in the end he had succeeded, he had fomented tensions in Lang Xie City, including between Jiang Yi Tian and Supreme God Lang Xie.

Now he was going to attack San Country. If Jin Lun City could conquer San Country, he would have even more chances of becoming the leader of Jin Lun City!

Jin Xuan Lun thought of what an honor it would to become the leader of Jin Lun City, and he also hadn’t forgotten about Lin Feng. Someday, he would look for him and seek revenge. Otherwise, Lin Feng might become a dangerous threat in the future…

“Go. Choose some people and head to San Country,” said Supreme God Jin Lun, waving impatiently. He didn’t like people who wasted time.

Jin Xuan Lun hastily ran away to choose some people. If nothing unexpected happened, he would be able to arrive at the border within three hours.

It was impossible just by flying, but Jin Lun City had already set up some teleportation portals. Each of those teleportation portals could send them to a location situation three million li away. Teleporting themselves three or four times was enough to arrive at the border with San Country.


Lin Feng flew straight to Black Dragon Village, and soon arrived at the border of the village.

When he entered the village, he smelled a strong dragon Qi. Lin Feng could imagine that some people were probably terrified when they arrived here, especially tiny little Godly Emperors.

Lin Feng flew straight to the main palace. The buildings of Black Dragon Village were imposing. They all had golden towers hundreds of meters high.

Lin Feng sighed and continued. However, before he entered, he heard some whistling sounds. He saw two dragons appear, their claws spread menacingly wide.

Lin Feng stopped and looked at the two dragons, which were hundreds of zhang long. They were bigger than Ba Hei Long, but their Qi was weaker.

“Who are you? How dare you trespass on Black Dragon Village? Are you sick of living?” roared one of the two dragons angrily.

“Go and talk to Ba Hei Long. I am his master. Have him come out,” Lin Feng said indifferently.

When the two dragons heard that, they roared in outrage and threw themselves at him. “How audacious! How dare you humiliate our prince! You’re going to die!” shouted one of the dragons.

Unfortunately for them, they were both low-level Supreme Gods, so Lin Feng didn’t fear them at all.

“Piss off! Go and find him!” shouted Lin Feng. He threw punches at them and pushed them away. They fell down from the sky and crashed onto two pavilions, which collapsed beneath them. Two other dragons quickly appeared.

“Hurry up, go and report to the Black Dragon King!” shouted one of the dragons. He had never seen such a strong trespasser. One punch had driven him from the sky. How incredible!

The two dragons turned into humans and ran into the palace.

Lin Feng watched them icily and waited for Ba Hei Long and his father, the Black Dragon King, to come out.

The Black Dragon King and Ba Hei Long quickly came out. Considering the Black Dragon King’s expression, the dragons had probably been virulent in their words. Ba Hei Long also looked furious. Someone said he was his master?

However, when they came out and saw Lin Feng, they were astonished, and their expressions changed swiftly.

“Impossible!” shouted the Black Dragon King.

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