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Chapter 740: Now, We Can Talk!


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“Long time no see, Your Majesty,” Lin Feng said, smiling at the Black Dragon King. He slowly walked towards him in the palace. Nobody stopped him this time.

All the black dragons watched Lin Feng warily. The Black Dragon King remained cautious as well. He seemed shocked. He couldn’t believe Lin Feng had come back. Wasn’t he afraid of Yan Zhen?

The Black Dragon Village was extremely far from the capital city, so they didn’t know that Lin Feng had killed Yan Zhen yet.

“You dared come here?” The Black Dragon King seemed worried.

When Lin Feng heard that, he laughed. He understood that the Black Dragon King hadn’t heard the news. They were quite isolated from the outside world in Black Dragon Village, after all.

“Why couldn’t I come?” Lin Feng grinned. He stopped in front of the Black Dragon King and Ba Hei Long. Ba Hei Long lowered his head when Lin Feng looked at him. Lin Feng was his master. The agreement had never been canceled.

“Let’s go inside to talk,” Lin Feng said to the Black Dragon King. He headed towards the interior of the palace, and then to the meeting room. Everybody was astonished. Did Lin Feng think Black Dragon Village was his territory? He was a guest!

“You can all leave. Little Long, you stay,” ordered the Black Dragon King grimly. All the dragons dispersed. Only Ba Hei Long stayed and followed his father into the meeting room.

“What do you want, Lin Feng?” asked the Black Dragon King. People usually didn’t visit without an ulterior motive. He asked in order to not leave everybody feeling awkward.

Lin Feng walked into the meeting room leisurely. He studied the Black Dragon King and Ba Hei Long silently.

Ba Hei Long and the Black Dragon King were surprised; what was wrong with him?

“Lin Feng, don’t beat about the bush, speak!” said the Black Dragon King angrily. He sat down on his throne and stared at Lin Feng.

“Nothing. I just wanted to come and see my beast,” Lin Feng said, shaking his head and smiling. Ba Hei Long lowered his head again. Lin Feng was probably the only person in the world who could make him lower his head like that.

“Little Long is your beast indeed; if you need him, he can go with you anywhere you want,” said the Black Dragon King. He didn’t feel like admitting it, but he had no choice. Dragons were always honest and always kept their promises. Since Ba Hei Long had lost, he would be Lin Feng’s beast for his entire life. Nothing would ever change that.

“No, it’s not what I meant. I just came to tell you something,” Lin Feng replied, shaking his head. He hadn’t come for Ba Hei Long. His favorite beast was the Primal Chaos Beast, anyway.

“Alright, so what do you want to tell us then?” asked the Black Dragon King nodding impatiently.

“Yan Zhen is dead. I killed him.”


The Black Dragon King dropped the cup of tea he had just filled and spilled it all over the floor as the cup shattered. The Black Dragon King glared at Lin Feng angrily, “You’re talking nonsense!”

“Send some people to the city and you’ll see. They’ll tell you what happened,” Lin Feng said, smiling confidently. The Black Dragon King’s heart started racing.

How could Lin Feng have killed Yan Zhen? He couldn’t believe it. Yan Zhen was a high-level Supreme God. Even though he could see Lin Feng had broken through to the medium-level Supreme God layer, the different between the two cultivation layers was gigantic. How could Lin Feng have killed Yan Zhen?

That was the first thing the Black Dragon King thought. However, Lin Feng didn’t lie, and he looked extremely confident.

“Someone come here!” shouted the Black Dragon King. A disciple came in hurriedly and waited for the Black Dragon King’s order.

“Go to Great Village and see if anything has changed there,” said the Black Dragon King grimly. The disciple nodded hastily, turned into a dragon and flew off towards Great Village.

“Alright, so wait patiently,” Lin Feng said with a smile. He closed his eyes and waited.


Lin Feng ignored the Black Dragon King and Ba Hei Long’s expressions, just waiting there. They both stared at Lin Feng, but he seemed extremely confident so they waited. Three hours passed.

In the afternoon, the sun became dazzling and scorching hot. It looked like hell in Black Dragon Village.

Finally, four hours later, the disciple came back. He looked pale, as if something incredible had happened. He entered the room and knelt down. “Your Majesty, the leader is dead!”

“What? Repeat that!” shouted the Black Dragon King angrily, his eyes wide.

The disciple shook from head to toe, but he still repeated, “The leader is dead!”

“Really?” asked Ba Hei Long, staring at Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng’s eyes were closed and he remained motionless.

“Leave!” shouted the Black Dragon King to the disciple. The disciple left hastily again.

The Black Dragon King took a deep breath. He was astonished, and stared at Lin Feng. How terrifying! Lin Feng had killed Yan Zhen? Since when had Lin Feng become so strong?

“Lin Feng! Look at this attack!” the Black Dragon King shouted angrily and threw a punch at Lin Feng at bullet speed. He wanted to see how strong Lin Feng really was.

Lin Feng opened his eyes and grinned. When he had just arrived in San Country, maybe he would have been wary, but nowadays, the Black Dragon King didn’t pose a threat to him at all.

“Back!” shouted Lin Feng explosively, throwing a punch back at the Black Dragon King. The Black Dragon King was pushed back several steps and fell back onto his throne. His face turned red.

The Black Dragon King stared at Lin Feng with his eyes wide, speechless. He understood that with that kind of power Lin Feng could easily defeat him in three attacks.

The Black Dragon King understood Lin Feng wasn’t lying or bragging. He had changed a lot during these last six months. He wasn’t the Lin Feng Yan Zhen had chased six months before!

The Black Dragon King looked at Lin Feng incredulously for a long time. Lin Feng was strong enough to kill Yan Zhen? It was real?

The Black Dragon King took a deep breath and came back to his senses. Ba Hei Long was astonished as well. Back then, he had fought a battle against Lin Feng; Lin Feng couldn’t defeat him so easily, but now it had changed. One of Lin Feng’s attacks could kill him easily!

The gap between them kept increasing. Ba Hei Long lowered his head submissively.

“Now, we can talk,” Lin Feng said, smiling thinly. He slowly stood up. He wasn’t a guest anymore; he had shown he was extremely strong, so now he had control of the situation.

“Alright, tell me what you want?” agreed the Black Dragon King, taking a deep breath.

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