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Chapter 741: Borderland Village Again!


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“Can we talk in peace now?” Lin Feng said, smiling at the Black Dragon King in a slightly superior manner. The Black Dragon King had no time to lose, either.

“Yes, you killed the leader of San Country anyway, am I qualified to refuse?” replied the Black Dragon King, forcing a smile helplessly. Lin Feng had killed Yan Zhen. San Country was going to sink into chaos. Lin Feng was now the strongest cultivator of San Country; if he said he wanted to talk, who could refuse? Who would dare?

“Good. You’re smart,” Lin Feng laughed casually. He could now talk seriously without the dragons looking at him arrogantly.

“So, I handed San Country over to Lang Xie City,” Lin Feng said straightforwardly.

The Black Dragon King’s expression changed drastically. His eyes were suddenly filled with cold hate. Lin Feng had given San Country to Lang Xie City? San Zun had created San Country himself long ago. All the villages’ ancestors had fought for their independence. Blood had been spilled. Now Lin Feng had given San Country to Lang Xie City? Seriously?

“No. I refuse!” shouted the Black Dragon King angrily. He didn’t agree, none of the leaders would. How could they let Lang Xie City come and simply pick up the fruits of so many years of work?

Lin Feng wasn’t surprised when he saw the Black Dragon King react like that. It’s why he had chosen to come and see the Black Dragon King first. If he couldn’t convince the Black Dragon King, then nobody would agree.

Lin Feng was happy to do something for Jiang Xuan, but if he had found San Zun’s descendants, he would have prioritized them.

“I knew the leaders wouldn’t agree, so I came to talk to you first. I was just trying to display strength, but it seems like it’s not very useful. Hehe!” Lin Feng said. He didn’t get angry.

When the Black Dragon King heard that, he smiled icily and sat back down, then said flatly, “Lin Feng, I will never agree. Never. No need to talk.”

“Are you sure?” Lin Feng said smiling.

“Indeed. Over my dead body,” said the Black Dragon King, grunting resolutely. Lin Feng was a bit surprised, but he smiled. The Black Dragon King was pretty straightforward. ..

“I know that nobody wants that, but you have to understand that since Yan Zhen is dead, San Country could sink into chaos now. Jin Lun City will definitely try to conquer San Country. If I guess right, I’d even say they’ll do so within three days.

“What do you have in San Country? Do you have high-level Supreme Gods? How many medium-level Supreme Gods and low-level Supreme Gods do you have? You have nothing,” Lin Feng said. The Black Dragon King’s face turned red with anger.

Lin Feng didn’t care, and continued talking, “San Country is in danger. If you don’t let Lang Xie City take things under control, Jin Lun City will crush San Country, and they can do it easily. If you agree and let Lang Xie City take control over San Country, then you can be assured that San Country will stay safe and will not be destroyed.

“I’ve heard that San Zun still had descendants, but we don’t know where they are. I promise you that if they ever show up, I’ll hand San Country over to them,” Lin Feng said. If the Black Dragon King still refused, then Lin Feng would have to resort to force.

The Black Dragon King wasn’t happy but he had no choice but to admit that Lin Feng was right. San Country was on the verge of collapse, and the cause of the disaster was Lin Feng. Lin Feng had killed Yan Zhen, but many people understood why.

But if San Country sank into chaos, then Jin Lun City would destroy them!

“Lin Feng, are you sure you can ensure San Country’s protection?” said the Black Dragon King. He didn’t really care about people in San Country, he just cared about the Black Dragon Clan. If Jin Lun City conquered San Country, they would probably force the black dragons to become their beasts. How humiliating would that be?

The Black Dragon King was the king of the Black Dragon Clan. He had to take care of them. Lin Feng had a solution.

“Yes, I can guarantee San Country will be safe,” replied Lin Feng, nodding. He was ready to do all he could to protect San Country, especially from Jin Lun City. It was mostly because San Zun had transmitted knowledge to him, but also for the primal chaos beast and the Sword of Remote Times.

“Alright, I accept then,” said the Black Dragon King, nodding seriously. If the Black Dragon Clan could stay safe, then why not?

“Alright. Black Dragon King, let’s move at the same time. You go and talk to some other leaders. Since you’re one of them, they will trust you easily,” Lin Feng said happily. Now that the Black Dragon King had agreed, things were going to be easy.

“Alright, I’ll tell you how it went tomorrow morning,” the Black Dragon King nodded. He said goodbye to Lin Feng and left at bullet speed. Even though there were tensions between the azure dragons and the black dragons, they were all dragons after all, so the Azure Dragon King would probably listen to the Black Dragon King.

He would also tell the Azure Dragon King what Lin Feng had told him. The Azure Dragon King would probably understand that the country was in danger and that they had no other solution.


The Black Dragon King headed towards Azure Dragon Village and Lin Feng left as well. He decided to fly to Borderland Village. He hadn’t been there for six months, and wondered how people there were doing. He also wanted to go back to Xiao Qing’s little hut. He missed her.

But as Lin Feng left, Ba Hei Long stopped him. Lin Feng was surprised.

“Lin Feng, I’m going to Spring Village to convince their leader as well,” said Ba Hei Long. He knew that he couldn’t measure up to Lin Feng, and he also knew that he couldn’t be Lin Feng’s beast anymore because he wasn’t powerful enough. So now, he wanted to show he was worthy and could do things as well.

Therefore, Ba Hei Long wanted to do as much as possible to help. He didn’t want Lin Feng to feel grateful, but he wanted Lin Feng to remember him.

“Alright, go,” Lin Feng said happily. Since Ba Hei Long wanted to help, why not?

Ba Hei Long also left. Lin Feng rose into the air and shot off towards Borderland Village.

At the same time, the strong cultivators of Jin Lun City had already teleported twice. Half an hour later and they would arrive in Borderland Village. They were convinced it’d be easy to conquer San Country.

Although the strong cultivators of Jin Xuan Lun hadn’t thought anything could happen, there were always coincidences. Lin Feng was precisely flying towards Borderland Village as well and would need less than half an hour to get there.

“This time, we have to get things done quickly,” Jin Xuan Lun said confidently. He couldn’t imagine that this time, things wouldn’t go as expected, and he might even die…


Less than half an hour later, Lin Feng arrived in Borderland Village. Lin Feng had killed the Hu Yans back then, so he didn’t know who the new leader of Borderland Village was.

Lin Feng landed at the foot of the government building. It was already evening and there were very few people outside. Only a few strong cultivators were flying around, but none of them dared stop.

Lin Feng walked to the gate of the offices. It had changed a lot. There were guards in the past, but not anymore. The area looked abandoned. Lin Feng walked into the palace very slowly.

Nothing much had changed. The only thing which had changed was that there was a moldy smell inside.

Could it be that nobody replaced the Hu Yans after they died?, thought Lin Feng. He couldn’t believe it. If that was the case, then Borderland Village couldn’t protect themselves anymore.

If Jin Lun City attacked, they would definitely start with Borderland Village. Back then, the leader of Borderland Village was only a low-level Supreme God, and couldn’t compete with the strong cultivators of Jin Lun City anyway.

Lin Feng hesitated, but didn’t stop. He walked to a wall. He remember he had killed them there. Hu Yan Qing had even chased him from there.

Is it really empty?, thought Lin Feng, walking into the meeting hall. There was nobody and he couldn’t sense any Qi at all.

Lin Feng turned around and left, flying to the slum, Xiao Qing’s hometown. He had landed there the first time he had arrived in this world. He missed Xiao Qing, the one he considered his little sister. He didn’t want the strong cultivators of Jin Lun City to destroy his little sister’s slum.

The slum was as desolate as before, it hadn’t changed at all. People looked sad, not because they had the impression they were poor, but because they felt abandoned.

The entrance of the village had been rebuilt. There was even a statue. Lin Feng was stupefied when he saw it, because it was a statue of him!

A statue of me? How is this possible?, thought Lin Feng incredulously. He walked into the slum.

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