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Chapter 742: Xiao Qing!


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Lin Feng didn’t understand. How come the slum had a statue of himself? Borderland Village would have never allowed it, San Country in general would have never allowed it. Lin Feng walked faster and faster towards Xiao Qing’s hut.

There was only one possibility: Xiao Qing hadn’t died! She had gone back to the slum, and she had explained everything to the people of the slum. Thinking about that, Lin Feng was overjoyed and excited.

When he arrived in front of Xiao Qing’s hut, he opened the door and entered. It was tiny but cozy. However, the hut and the courtyard seemed abandoned. The house was dusty. There was no Qi inside either, which meant it hadn’t been inhabited for a long time.

Lin Feng, who was initially happy, turned sad. He sat down, not caring that it was dusty. He was disappointed. He hated Hu Yan Qing. He hated the Hu Yans in general. Why had they plotted against Xiao Qing?

Lin Feng clenched his fists. If he could bring Hu Yan Qing come back to life and kill him a second time, he would; even three or four times! It would never be enough! Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with murder. His deadly energies started emerging from his body and rippling around him. When the people of the slum saw his energies in the sky, they were frightened.

After a short time, many people gathered around Xiao Qing’s courtyard. They were all from the slum. The one at the front was Xiao Qing’s third aunt, the chubby old woman who had raised Xiao Qing.

The woman didn’t dare go into the courtyard. She was afraid.

Lin Feng sensed that many people were outside. He stood up and went back into the courtyard. He opened the door of the courtyard and saw the gathered people.

When Lin Feng appeared, many people were frightened, especially Xiao Qing’s third aunt. But when the crowd saw Lin Feng’s face, they suddenly looked overjoyed. It was their benefactor!

Suddenly, everybody knelt down, including the third aunt. Lin Feng’s deadly energies disappeared. He was astonished. What were these people doing?

“What’s going on…?” asked Lin Feng, looking at the third aunt curiously.

The woman lowered her head and remained silent. One man behind her bowed hand over fist and said, “Benefactor! You’re finally back, sir!”

“Benefactor?” Lin Feng was confused. What was going on with those people? Had those people been drugged?

“Yes! If you hadn’t won San Country’s great competition, our slum would have been abandoned, but because you won, sir, we have managed to get out of poverty. It’s all thanks to you!”

“Yes, we will never forget that,” said someone else loudly. Lin Feng’s eardrums almost hurt. It had been a long time since Lin Feng had seen thousands of people kneel down in front of him.

Lin Feng realized that when he had won San Country’s Great Competition, the slum had become famous and had obtained many advantages and privileges. They weren’t poor anymore thanks to him!

Most people in the slum were ordinary people. Most cultivators there only had the strength of the Huang Qi layer. Their life expectancy wasn’t as long as Supreme Gods, who could live hundreds of thousands of years. Now, they had obtained many resources to practice cultivation, so they weren’t poor anymore, and their life expectancy would increase.

Poverty in the world of cultivation wasn’t only about money, it was also about cultivation resources. Lin Feng had solved one of their biggest problems in life. Even though the slum still looked simple and poor, it was just an impression. In reality, they all had many cultivation resources now.

Lin Feng also noticed that everybody was wearing fine clothes and had beautiful apparel, such as gold and jade belts and jewels.

Lin Feng never thought that winning the competition would change their lives.

“Alright, rise,” Lin Feng waved. He didn’t like having thousands of people kneel down in front of him.

The people of the slum all stood up and looked at Lin Feng respectfully. Nobody dared say anything. The atmosphere was a bit heavy.

“Everybody can go back to work. Third Aunt, you stay,” Lin Feng said helplessly.

When the crowd heard that, they all looked at the third aunt enviously. Because of Xiao Qing, the third aunt would have the opportunity to mingle with their benefactor. They had no choice but to leave.

“Benefactor, if you need anything, feel free to contact me,” said the man who had bowed before.

“You choose some people and go to the main stage of the slum. Then you tell everybody that if a big group of people shows up, report to me.” Lin Feng had many things to do and he was in a rush. The people of Jin Lun City wouldn’t waste time. They would soon show up in Borderland Village.

The man nodded excitedly and ran away. Many people followed him. In the end, hundreds of people gathered at the main stage of the slum.

“Third aunt, let’s go inside to talk,” Lin Feng said to the chubby woman. They went into the courtyard.

Lin Feng paid careful attention to her expression. She didn’t seem sad. She considered Xiao Qing her own child. If Xiao Qing hadn’t come back for a long time, the chubby woman would have felt it inside, so Lin Feng’s curiosity was aroused.

“Have you seen Xiao Qing, auntie?” Lin Feng asked worriedly, studying the chubby woman.

The chubby woman’s eyes gleamed, but she shook her head and sighed, “No. No… Xiao Qing hasn’t come back for four months.”

“Really?” asked Lin Feng.

“Really,” said the woman, nodding seriously.

“Good. You go back, auntie,” Lin Feng said. He was disappointed as he waved at the woman. The chubby woman walked away with heavy steps.

Lin Feng followed the woman with his godly awareness. He had the impression there was something wrong. The woman hadn’t told him the truth.

The third aunt walked away faster and faster, then headed behind a hill in the slum. It was the place where Lin Feng had landed the first time he had arrived in Gods Country.

The woman walked up the mountain. Lin Feng could see everything clearly. At the top of the mountain, there was a wooden hut. It was exactly the same wooden hut as Xiao Qing’s.

The woman entered the hut and shouted worriedly, “Xiao Qing! Xiao Qing!”

“What’s wrong, auntie?”

Lin Feng almost stopped breathing. He saw a young woman come out of the wooden hut. She was wearing plain and simple clothes, and her face was covered by a thin veil, but Lin Feng could see her, it was Xiao Qing!

Xiao Qing! 

You’re not dead? You’re really not dead? 

Lin Feng’s heart suddenly accelerated. He was overjoyed. Xiao Qing wasn’t dead, and on top of that, she had broken through to the low-level Supreme God layer! It was astonishing.

When Xiao Qing came out, she frowned and ran to her third aunt.

“Xiao Qing! Your brother is back!” Her third aunt was worried and touched at the same time.

Xiao Qing’s cheeks twitched. She stared at her aunt and then raised her head, her eyes wet.

It felt the same as if he were in front of her, he could see she was touched and moved.

“Oh no, benefactor, oh no!…” gasped someone next to Lin Feng suddenly, interrupting him. Lin Feng recalled his godly awareness.

Lin Feng looked at the man angrily.

“Benefactor, it’s a disaster, someone is here and has killed dozens of people in the slum. He isn’t going to stop,” said the man, kneeling down. He was panic-stricken. He had never seen such a bloodbath. There were corpses and blood everywhere.

“I see that,” Lin Feng said, nodding grimly. He looked in the direction of the main gate of the slum. As expected, a group of people was standing there.

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