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Chapter 743: Kill!


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“That bunch of trash dares spy on us?” said Jin Xuan Lun, smiling coldly, his foot on a corpse. He kicked the corpse away. The corpse exploded in the sky rained blood. Jin Xuan Lun looked even more insane. The twenty medium-level Supreme Gods behind him smiled in contempt.

“It seems like San Country is ours already,” said Jin Xuan Lun. He seemed overjoyed already. The strong cultivators behind him all looked confident.

“Yes, San Country is ours!” said a strong cultivator, stroking his beard and looking at the corpses ferociously. They were so many medium-level Supreme Gods, killing everybody in San Country would be easy!

“Stop talking shit, let’s hurry up so that we can get to Great Village as soon as possible and seize the main palace! Then we’ll dispatch some Godly Emperors all over San Country to keep it under control,” exclaimed another Supreme God greedily.

Jin Xuan Lun kicked another corpse and got ready to fly to Great Village.

“Hey, so many guests… It’s bustling with excitement here,” a mocking voice interrupted them. Lin Feng slowly walked into view. When he saw Jin Xuan Lun, a huge smile appeared on his face.

Jin Xuan Lun was furious, but when he saw Lin Feng, his legs started shaking and his face paled. He would never forget the man who had humiliated him in Lang Xie City a few months ago. He had even nearly died there!

He would never forget that Lin Feng had killed Di Rong in one attack, either! Lin Feng was a ferocious and bloodthirsty cultivator!

Jin Xuan Lun trembled, then looked at the medium-level Supreme Gods behind him and tried to calm down. Could Lin Feng do anything against so many people? Could he kill over twenty medium-level Supreme Gods alone?

He didn’t think Lin Feng was that strong. If he could kill over twenty medium-level Supreme Gods, then he would have already become extremely famous in the whole Country of Eternity, and wouldn’t have wasted his time in San Country.

“Lin Feng, I had a dream the other day. I dreamt I was crushing you to mush! Finally, that dream is going to become reality!” said Jin Xuan Lun grinding his teeth ferociously. He hated Lin Feng, and wanted to get rid of him as quickly as possible!

Lin Feng felt the same about him. If Supreme God Lang Xie hadn’t prevented Lin Feng from killing Jin Xuan Lun the first time, this scumbag wouldn’t be alive anymore. Now, Jin Xuan Lun was in front of him again; if Lin Feng didn’t kill him, he be quite made with himself.

“I feel the same. Last time, you were lucky. Today, you’re going to die!” Lin Feng said resolutely. Lin Feng’s energy started emerging and floated around Jin Xuan Lun’s throat. Jin Xuan Lun gulped and started suffocating.

Jin Xuan Lun took a step backwards and almost fell down but a Supreme God behind him caught him. Jin Xuan Lun coughed and pushed that man. Then he shouted at Lin Feng furiously, “Come and try then! We’ll see who’s going to kill whom!”

“Alright, come then,” Lin Feng said grinning icily. He wiggled his forefinger to tell Jin Xuan Lun to come to him. He didn’t take the initiative to attack, he waited for them to attack first. No matter what, even if the whole group attacked him at the same time, Lin Feng wouldn’t flinch.

“Kill him! No need to take turns, let’s all attack at the same time! Conquering San Country is the most important thing!” Jin Xuan Lun shouted at the strong cultivators behind him. All the strong cultivators nodded and rose into the air, quickly surrounding Lin Feng.

Jin Xuan Lun didn’t attack. He was afraid of Lin Feng. If he could avoid fighting him, that would be best. He also felt confident, and was convinced his assistants would kill Lin Feng easily.

Lin Feng stood there and glanced around at the twenty strong cultivators around him. It was a big group. But Lin Feng was fearless!

“You, attack,” Lin Feng said, wiggling his forefinger at the closest cultivator, an old man.

The old man’s expression turned icy. Then he flashed into motion, turning into lightning. His Qi of the medium-level Supreme God layer started surging towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng frowned. The old man was quite strong… stronger than Di Rong, at least. However, he couldn’t compete with Lin Feng, who had killed Yan Zhen, a high-level Supreme God. He didn’t need to worry when facing other medium-level Supreme Gods.

Lin Feng wanted to laugh. The leader of Jin Lun City probably never thought that the whole group he had sent to conquer San Country would become a dummy run for the sword of Remote Times and himself.

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change. The old man threw a punch with thunderous power. His energies were as heavy as a mountain.



The sound of a collision and the sound of gushing blood spread in the air. But the blood wasn’t Lin Feng’s, it was the old man’s. The old man’s face paled. A terrifying energy had pierced through his meridians, and his cultivation had just been crippled.

Lin Feng didn’t need to kill him; he had crippled his cultivation, so the old man was useless. He would never be able to practice cultivation ever again.

One strike, and his cultivation had been crippled!

“Cultivation crippled, piece of trash. Next!” shouted Lin Feng disdainfully. He pushed the old man with one finger, and the old man was blown away and crashed onto the main stage of the slum. When he crashed on the stage, more blood splashed.

“Kill him!” shouted Jin Xuan Lun. When he saw that, his expression changed drastically. He could see that Lin Feng was much stronger than two months before. He was really terrified now. What if Lin Feng actually killed over twenty medium-level Supreme Gods…

“Encircle and kill him!” howled Jin Xuan Lun desperately. His face was distorted with ferocity and hatred.

The twenty strong cultivators knew Lin Feng was terrifying, and didn’t dare act recklessly. They all threw themselves at Lin Feng together. Some of them were holding swords, some of them were holding blades, some of them threw punches.

“Haha! A group attack? I’ll show you how I kill a group of people then!” Lin Feng said fearlessly. His blood was boiling with excitement. This reminded him of several gigantic battles he had fought in. Lin Feng was becoming stronger and stronger, and with time, also less reckless, so he had fewer opportunities to fight such great battles. However, now he had twenty strong cultivators in front of him. It was going to be fun!

He didn’t think of the consequences; even if he killed those strong cultivators and offended Jin Lun City, so what?

He was going to slaughter these people, so what?

Didn’t he use to do such things all the time? Did he use to think of the consequences? He didn’t, so this time he didn’t either!

What could happen anyway? He was curious.

“Disgusting old scumbags! Die!” shouted Lin Feng throwing a punch at an old man.

The old man’s expression froze. He had never seen such a terrifying medium-level Supreme God. It was too late to escape now, though!


Blood splashed as Lin Feng’s fist pierced through the old man’s chest. Lin Feng grabbed the old man’s beating heart, tore it out of the old man’s chest, and raised his hand. He closed his fist and crushed it to mush. Blood sprayed around him, and he kicked the old man’s corpse away.

“Second one,” Lin Feng said, raising two fingers. He looked at the next old man. His eyes were already bloodshot. The old man was so terrified he had the impression his soul was going to disperse. He got ready to retreat. He didn’t want to fight anymore.

“Hehe, you’ve lived for such a long time, and you’re afraid to fight? Useless scumbags!” Lin Feng snarled scornfully. He disappeared, and the old man sensed a cold energy around him. Lin Feng didn’t give the old man any time to think, stabbing the man in the heart with the Sword of Remote Times.

Another one was dead!

“Next one. bald one, come here! Die!”


“Next one! You! You look like a rapist, come here! Die!”

“You! The one who looks confident and at ease, you look like Jin Xuan Lun, huh?! Die!”

Lin Feng made fun of all of them, and killed them one after the other.

“Die, die, die!”

Lin Feng’s eyes were completely red. People from the slum watched from the distance. They were astonished.

Lin Feng quickly killed six people. All of them were medium-level Supreme Gods. Jin Xuan Lun felt like crying. Lin Feng had killed six medium-level Supreme Gods so easily!

“Disperse! Hurry up!” shouted Jin Xuan Lun. His face was completely pale. Lin Feng was killing his people like ants! How would he even explain this to his father?

Jin Xuan Lun was terrified now, and only wanted to escape.

However, would Lin Feng let him escape? Was that possible?

“Escape? I, Jing Wu Hen, haven’t had fun yet. Nobody is leaving,” a voice broke in suddenly. The voice reverberated everywhere in the slum. Everybody’s expression changed drastically.

Jin Xuan Lun turned even paler. He almost fell on his ass.

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