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Chapter 744: Jin Xuan Lun Makes Himself Explode!


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“Lin Feng, you’re really annoying. Why didn’t you call me to have some fun too?” laughed Jing Wu Hen as he appeared in the sky.

Lin Feng, who was initially furious, laughed when he saw Jing Wu Hen’s apathetic smile, then looked at the remaining medium-level Supreme Gods icily.

“Brother Jing, let’s kill them. None of them shall survive,” Lin Feng said. He threw a punch at a medium-level Supreme God. The man paled and his eyes rolled.

“Alright, I’ll do my best,” said Jing Wu Hen, nodding and grinning. He shot towards a man and punched him. The man’s muscles twitched, and he was blown away. However, Jing Wu Hen didn’t let him off. A sharp light appeared in his hand, turned into a light beam and pierced through the man’s chest. The man didn’t even have time to shriek, and died instantly.

Lin Feng also killed another old man. In the matter of a few seconds, two medium-level Supreme Gods died. They didn’t even have time to react. Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen killed them quickly and easily.

Jin Xuan Lun’s face was getting even paler. He was dumbstruck. He couldn’t even think clearly anymore. His people were getting killed, one after the other. Only three medium-level Supreme Gods remained. They were already exhausted. Including the one whose cultivation Lin Feng had crippled at first, only four people were left!

Lin Feng’s eyes were still bloodshot, his blood boiling. He was excited to fight, but he wasn’t happy to fight against such people.

Jing Wu Hen’s blood also boiled, but he also thought fighting against such people was a waste of pure Qi. They were so weak!

Jin Xuan Lun didn’t know what Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen were thinking. If he knew, he would have gone crazy. His two enemies had killed almost all of his colleagues, all medium-level Supreme Gods, but surprisingly, they found the battle extremely easy!

“I’ll kill the last three.” Jing Wu Hen glanced at the three remaining medium-level Supreme Gods. They were already covered in blood. Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen hadn’t managed to kill them in one strike. They were stronger than the others.

Jing Wu Hen looked excited because those people were a bit more difficult to kill. Killing people in one strike wasn’t that much fun.

Lin Feng also looked at them. They were stronger and younger than the others.

Jin Xuan Lun couldn’t think clearly anymore. He was dumbstruck by Lin Feng’s aggressive ferocity.

“The three of us aren’t fighting,” said the three younger medium-level Supreme Gods as Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen were getting ready to kill them.

“Why?” asked Lin Feng.

“Because we can’t defeat you, so fighting is pointless,” replied the leader of the group indifferently. Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen’s expressions twisted wryly.

The man said, “Prince Wu Hen is extremely famous, and Lin Feng is an insane and demonic killer. We wouldn’t dare fight against you. We surrender.” He looked at the two other medium-level Supreme Gods. They nodded agreement. The man looked relieved.

“Bastards! You… How dare you…” shouted Jin Xuan Lun explosively. He was furious, because he knew it was the end. What a tragedy for him…

It didn’t matter whether Lin Feng and Prince Wu Hen killed them or not, he knew his chances of survival had just been reduced to nothing.

The three men looked at Jin Xuan Lun icily, then they smiled icily. “We’re not members of the Jin family. You invited us to join you and pay tribute to your family. Now, it doesn’t matter whether we die or not, but we won’t sacrifice ourselves for cultivation resources and money,” said the man, pointing at all the corpses furiously. He didn’t want to become one of them. He didn’t want to die for nothing. He was a medium-level Supreme God, and he had made many sacrifices to reach this level.

When Lin Feng heard that, he smiled; those three people were smart. They had made the right decision. Since they weren’t members of the Jin family, why sacrifice themselves and die along with Jin Xuan Lun?

“Alright, you guys move back,” Lin Feng said, smiling broadly and nodding. The three men rejoiced and hastily moved away.

Jin Xuan Lun was the last one remaining. Twenty people had died, three remained, who had all surrendered. Jin Xuan Lun was alone.

Jin Xuan Lun’s heart twitched. He knew he was probably going to die. Lin Feng had wanted to kill him for a long time because of what had happened at Jiang Xuan’s coming-of-age party, but he hadn’t because Supreme God Lang Xie had prevented him from doing so. Now, Supreme God Lang Xie wasn’t there and nobody could protect him anymore…

“Lin Feng, if you kill me, my father will find you and avenge me. Are you sure you want to kill me?” said Jin Xuan Lun desperately. He knew he was definitely going to die.

Lin Feng couldn’t have cared less. Jin Xuan Lun could beg or threaten him as much as he wanted to, Lin Feng didn’t intend to let him off.

“Hehe, I killed twenty of your people. You think that even if I don’t kill you, your father will forgive me?” Lin Feng spat mockingly. He looked at Jin Xuan Lun as if he were an idiot. Lin Feng hated Jin Xuan Lun and had killed twenty of his people already. It was well past the point of no return.

Since it was that way, did it make sense to fear the leader of Jin Lun City? Lin Feng had to finish what he had started!

Lin Feng was going to kill Jin Xuan Lun, and nobody could make him change his mind!

Jin Xuan Lun’s expression dropped. Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with murder.

“Since you want to kill me, then…” hissed Jin Xuan Lun desperately. He stared at Lin Feng and burst into evil laughter.

Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen had a bad feeling.

“I’m going to make myself explode, and I’ll injure you at the same time! Hahaha!” shouted Jin Xuan Lun. He knew he couldn’t escape anymore, so even if died, he was determined to make Lin Feng die along with him, or at least injure him severely.

“Haha! Come! Haha!” shouted Jin Xuan Lun. He clenched his fists, bones crackled. His muscles twitched, and his Qi dashed to the skies. His body became transparent, his veins and organs clearly visible.

“Oh no! Move away!” shouted Jing Wu Hen urgently. He used his full strength to fly away.

Lin Feng looked grim, but he didn’t intend to retreat, because if he did, Jin Xuan Lun’s explosion might lead to the destruction of the whole region.

Xiao Qing was in the hills nearby, and the people of the slum were still here, too. Lin Feng couldn’t let them die.

Therefore, he ground his teeth and got ready to block the energies of the explosion.

Jin Xuan Lun’s body became more and more translucent as it started swelling.

BOOM! His body exploded. Of course, the most important thing was that his energies surged out. Lin Feng had the impression his organs were going to explode.

“AHHHHH!” Lin Feng shouted furiously, but he didn’t back away. He released as much primal chaos energy as he could and attacked the waves of energy.

Energies roiled for a dozen minutes. Jin Xuan Lun exploding collapsed many buildings. Lin Feng did all he could to protect the hill where Xiao Qing was. He used all his pure Qi and all his primal chaos strength.

Luckily, in the end, he was more scared than hurt. He managed to block and stop the energies. The region was out of danger.


After the terrifying explosion, many people knelt down and looked at Lin Feng as their savior. Buildings could be rebuilt; they weren’t important, their lives were. And Lin Feng had saved them.

Lin Feng was breathless. He collapsed and fell from the sky. As he was about to hit the ground, his primal chaos beast came out of his spirit world and caught him. Lin Feng fell onto his back.

The primal chaos beast roared out. He wondered why Lin Feng hadn’t had him come out at that crucial moment. Lin Feng forced a smile. He had forgotten about his primal chaos beast. Maybe if he had come out, they wouldn’t have been injured.

“Amazing!” Jing Wu Hen was astonished, he came back and stared at Lin Feng.

He had never admired anyone; Lin Feng was the first. He had resisted such a powerful explosion alone and he had saved thousands of people’s lives. He had saved everybody in the slum.


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