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Chapter 745: Xiao Qing’s Face!


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“Brother Jing, whydid you come back so quickly?” asked Lin Feng after resting for a few minutes. His whole body felt sore. He was surprised that Jing Wu Hen had come back so quickly. Jing Wu Hen looked strange.

Jing Wu Hen looked grim and angry. He had probably faced some difficulties.

As expected, what Jing Wu Hen told Lin Feng after infuriated him.

“Lin Feng, those bastards from Lang Xie City don’t want to manage San Country for the time being!” Jing Wu Hen said furiously. Nobody dared not give Jing Wu Hen face, but Lang Xie City had.

Lin Feng remained silent and waited for Jing Wu Hen to explain everything to him.

“Lin Feng, when I arrived in West Lang Xie, I met Jiang Yi Ze. I told him your conditions, but he instantly refused. He doesn’t want to manage San Country. On top of that, I also told him not to report to Supreme God Lang Xie, but he did!

“Now that Supreme God Lang Xie knows about the situation, he told me to tell you something.”

“What did he say?” asked Lin Feng grimly. Lin Feng had thought they would be happy; he was giving them an opportunity, and in the end, they didn’t give him face.

“He said that you should give up, and that Jin Lun City was going to invade and conquer San Country, and that Lang Xie City couldn’t interfere, because they didn’t want to become enemies with Jin Lun City,” said Jing Wu Hen, clenching his fists furiously.

“Bullshit,” Lin Feng shouted, punching the main stage, which promptly collapsed. Lin Feng was so furious that his shout almost collapsed his statue as well!

“Alright, since Lang Xie City doesn’t want to manage San Country, what about Ze Country, Brother Jing? Will Ze Country dare accept?” Lin Feng said. It was the best solution he could think of so far.

Even though Jing Wu Hen and Lin Feng hadn’t know each other for a long time, they had already become friends. Jing Wu Hen had even dared offend Jin Lun City and their leader for Lin Feng, so Lin Feng knew he could trust him.

Jing Wu Hen hadn’t thought Lin Feng would ask him such a thing. His heart twitched. Having Ze Country manage San Country? It was a difficult decision for him to make. But then he considered the dangers Ze Country could face and he realized it wouldn’t be dangerous for them at all. Ze Country was one of the strongest groups in the countries of the west. Jin Lun City couldn’t oppress Ze Country at all.

But Jing Wu Hen had a different idea.

“Lin Feng, you should manage San Country for now. I will send some high-level Supreme Gods from Ze Country to protect the country. Once they’re here, you and I can leave and travel.

“But it will remain your territory unless you find San Zun’s descendants. If you never find his descendants, then since you obtained his transmissions you’ll have to manage San Country. Don’t try and find all sorts of excuses to refuse.

“I know that you have scruples and doubts, or you would keep San Country for yourself, but think of what I’m telling you,” Jing Wu Hen went on. Lang Xie City didn’t want to manage San Country, so Lin Feng had to. He had killed Yan Zhen, after all; he could have even stolen San Country right after killing Yan Zhen.

But Lin Feng didn’t want to do that at all. He had already done everything that was humanly possible to help. Nobody had anything to say against Lin Feng in San Country.

Lin Feng looked thoughtful. Indeed, he had thought of controlling San Country; that way, he would also have a main base, and wouldn’t just be a wanderer. Besides, San Country was also Xiao Qing’s homeland. Lin Feng wanted to protect San Country for Xiao Qing.

The most important thing was the last; if anyone from the Continent of the Nine Clouds and the Continent of the Gods came to the Country of Eternity, they would first arrive in San Country. If Lin Feng controlled San Country, then those people would be safe when arriving in the Country of Eternity.

So Lin Feng had three good reasons to take control of San Country…

“Benefactor, please become our leader!”

Suddenly, all the people of the slum knelt down and started shouting. Lin Feng looked at them skeptically.

“Benefactor, please, you are the most suitable person to become our leader!”

“Yes, Benefactor! Please be our leader! We beg you!”


“Benefactor!…” more and more people shouted. Jing Wu Hen smiled wryly and looked at Lin Feng.

Even though Lin Feng had killed Yan Zhen, people in Borderland Village, and most particularly in the slum, really wanted Lin Feng to become their leader.

Lin Feng looked at the thousands of people on their knees. He didn’t know what to say.

“Look, Lin Feng,” said Jing Wu Hen. Lin Feng glanced at him; he was pointing to a woman in the crowd. She had a veil on her face.

Lin Feng’s heart raced. Xiao Qing was alive!

Xiao Qing was touched too. She started crying, but her veil hid her face, so nobody could see.

“Xiao Qing? Sister?” asked Lin Feng.

“Bro!” shouted the woman hoarsely. Lin Feng flashed into the air. Xiao Qing also rose up into the air, and floated towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at Xiao Qing silently for a long time. He was excited. Xiao Qing wasn’t dead, she was right in front of him!

He was happy!

Xiao Qing looked back at Lin Feng for a long time as well. She was extremely happy too.

“Tell me what happened, Xiao Qing,” Lin Feng said, grabbing her hand. Xiao Qing’s hand was ice-cold, but to Lin Feng, it felt warm.

Xiao Qing nodded and glanced at the crowd, indicating she wanted the crowd to disperse.

Lin Feng nodded and looked at the thousands of people on their knees and shouted, “Everybody, rise! I accept your request.”

“Oh! Amazing! Our benefactor accepted! Greetings, Leader!”

“Hurry up and greet our new leader!”

Everybody in the slum rejoiced. They were overjoyed as they all kowtowed three times. They didn’t feel like leaving, but they knew Lin Feng and Xiao Qing had things to talk about, so they had to leave them alone.


Everybody left. Jing Wu Hen didn’t want to disturb them either, so he isolated the space around himself and sat down cross-legged on the main stage of the slum.

Lin Feng and Xiao Qing were looking at each other up in the sky. They hadn’t seen each other for a few months. Lin Feng could see that Xiao Qing had lost weight, but her Qi was extremely stable. She seemed less lively, but more graceful. Lin Feng wasn’t used to it at first, but after a few minutes, he was fine with it.

“Come, Xiao Qing,” Lin Feng said, holding her hand and landing on the ground.

“Brother, you became stronger. I am happy for you,” Xiao Qing smiled. But Lin Feng couldn’t see it since her face was covered.

“Xiao Qing, take off your veil,” Lin Feng frowned, but Xiao Qing shook her head refusing.

Lin Feng had the impression there was something wrong. So he reached out his hand and took her veil off. When he saw her face, he had the impression he was going to faint from fury. His eyes were filled with murder. He really wished he could kill Hu Yan Qing once again, that scumbag…

Xiao Qing was completely disfigured. She had huge scars all over her face. She didn’t look like a sweet celestial woman anymore. If Lin Feng didn’t know her, he would have been scared.

“Sister, you…?” Lin Feng’s expression hardened. He didn’t speak for a while.

Xiao Qing gasped and seemed to be afraid. She hastily put her veil back on her face and took a few steps backwards. She whispered sadly, “I’m sorry for scaring you, brother.”

Lin Feng looked at her. Poor girl. He felt extremely sorry for her.

“Sister, no matter what you look like now, you’ll always be my sister,” Lin Feng said, pulling her into his arms and hugging her tightly. Even though she was disfigured, she still smelled good. With her head on his shoulder and her sweet fragrance, Lin Feng calmed down.

Xiao Qing realized he hadn’t changed and still cared about her. He loved her. It was enough to send her into tears.

“Don’t cry, I’m here,” Lin Feng said, sighing and tapping Xiao Qing’s back gently.

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