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Chapter 746: San Zun’s Descendant?


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“Alright, don’t cry,” Lin Feng said trying to cheer Xiao Qing up. No matter what, he had to act like her brother.

Xiao Qing nodded resolutely and smiled. She started accepting the truth. She had to tell Lin Feng everything, she considered him family.

“Brother, Hu Yan Qing plotted against me. Hu Yan Qing and his brother pushed me from the top of a cliff and sealed my meridians,” Xiao Qing cried.

“I’ve already avenged you. All the Hu Yans are dead,” Lin Feng said icily. He had killed all the Hu Yans to avenge Xiao Qing, but then was even sadder, because he had thought he’d never see Xiao Qing again.

Xiao Qing nodded. She knew that the Hu Yan’s were all dead, and that Lin Feng had killed them to avenge her. She was touched. Her brother was the best, that had never changed!

“But when I fell, I didn’t die. Even though my meridians were sealed, I was lucky to fall on some trees. It’s just…” Xiao Qing trailed off, looking extremely sad. Lin Feng didn’t push her and waited patiently.

“My face was destroyed,” said Xiao Qing, touching her veil. At the beginning, she was so sad she wanted to die, but then she thought of Lin Feng and knew he would be extremely sad if she perished. She didn’t want to make Lin Feng feel sad, so she decided to hang on.

“So now I will never be able to show my face ever again,” said Xiao Qing, her smile sad and helpless. But she was now confident regarding the future.

Lin Feng nodded and quickly thought of something. He said quickly, “Xiao Qing, I have a mask technique. You can use it.”

“No, brother. I decided not to use any kind of mask technique. I prefer keeping my face as it is, otherwise I would have asked my teacher for one,” said Xiao Qing.

Lin Feng was a bit disappointed, but nodded. He was also surprised. Teacher? Since when did Xiao Qing have a teacher?

Xiao Qing noticed that Lin Feng was surprised. “Brother, when I fell in the valley, it was one of the most difficult times in my whole life. But then, maybe I was just lucky, and I met Ma Gu.”

“Ma Gu?” repeated Lin Feng.

“Yes, she calls herself Ma Gu. She says she’s San Zun’s only descendant. But she doesn’t want to get involved in her ancestor’s complicated affairs, so she’s always lived in seclusion.

“She felt lonely in the valley though so she recruited me as a disciple and when I broke through to the low-level Supreme God layer, she taught me the Ma Gu Tao skill.”

“She’s a Supreme God?” Lin Feng was stupefied.

“Yes, and on top of that, she’s a high-level Supreme God. There wasn’t only one Supreme God in San Country, but Teacher Ma Gu never showed herself in public,” Xiao Qing said. She knew that her teacher didn’t want her to tell anyone things, but Lin Feng was like her brother. She didn’t need to hide anything from him.

Lin Feng was happily surprised. San Zun’s descendant? Maybe in the future, he would be able to hand San Country over to Ma Gu! At least, having her as the leader of San Country would be logical. Besides, she was a high-level Supreme God, so she would definitely be able to protect San Country.

“Xiao Qing, can you bring me to your teacher?” asked Lin Feng, pressing on Xiao Qing’s hand excitedly.

Xiao Qing knew what Lin Feng wanted to do, but she shook her head. Lin Feng didn’t understand, “Why, sister?”

“Brother, my teacher told me that she didn’t want to get involved in her ancestor’s affairs no matter what, even if San Country was on the verge of collapse.”

“She said that?”

“Brother, you can’t see my teacher. She has an isolated world, and if you’re not a high-level Supreme God, you can’t find her. I know you understand space and time Dao strength, but my teacher’s world isn’t made of space and time strength.”

“I see. So, I have no choice but to keep San Country for myself then,” Lin Feng said. He was disappointed, but what could he do? Since San Zun’s descendant wasn’t interested…

“Hehe! My teacher anticipated that something like this would happen someday. She said a man would take control of San Country, and that man would make San Country splendid and glorious. She also said that the country would become even more powerful than back in the days when San Zun was the leader,” Xiao Qing giggled.

Lin Feng was happy to see Xiao Qing giggle like that. She looked simpler and unsophisticated, like before. Lin Feng didn’t look at her, as he didn’t want to make her feel awkward. Since she needed and wanted to laugh, then he was happy for her.

Xiao Qing became naughty and cheeky like she used to be without even realizing it, making fun of him.

“Supreme God Ma Gu can predict the future?” asked Lin Feng. He was curious.

Xiao Qing nodded and smiled proudly, “Of course. My teacher is really good at that. Ma Gu has a foresight Tao skill. She told me that in the next hundred years, the Country of Eternity would change a lot. Geniuses would rise, and it would be a bloody era.

“So you’re the man my teacher saw in her visions,” said Xiao Qing, smiling happily. She was convinced the man her teacher had seen was Lin Feng, so she was very happy.

Lin Feng’s curiosity was aroused. Who was Supreme God Ma Gu? But Lin Feng remained extremely skeptical because he remembered a hundred years before, when the Diviner had told him he would become a demon and Yi Ren Lei would be the Ice and Snow Goddess. What had happened in the end? Nothing.

The Diviner had then tried to kill him, there was no demon god. Yi Ren Lei had given up and wasn’t interested in becoming the Ice and Snow Goddess anymore. So how could Lin Feng believe what Ma Gu had foreseen?

That’s what he thought, but he was still happy for Xiao Qing, because she seemed happy.

“Xiao Qing, why didn’t you look for me when you came back? You have my jade bracelet and jade hairpin,” Lin Feng said morosely.

Xiao Qing had hidden from Lin Feng. She had heard a lot about him, she was just afraid of seeing him. She had even seen Lin Feng as soon as he had arrived in Borderland Village because she could see the whole village at all times.

She had also seen Lin Feng enter the wooden hut. She had made everybody go to the hut as well, but she hadn’t thought Lin Feng would find her. It was fate.

Xiao Qing didn’t say anything, but looked guilty. Lin Feng couldn’t get angry at her. He just poked her and tickled her and laughed, “I had to look for you to come say hello!”

“Hmph!” Xiao Qing grunted teasingly. Lin Feng was happy, it reminded him of half a year ago.

“Anyway, who allowed you to talk? Go and pick up some firewood!

“Hey, look at me!”


Lin Feng was happy to spend time with Xiao Qing. She was disfigured, but it didn’t matter. She would always be like his sister. That would never change.

Besides, Yan Zhen was dead, and San Country was now his. Even if some people from Ze Country were coming to help manage the country, it wasn’t a big deal. Lin Feng would definitely become strong enough someday, and then the strong cultivators of Ze Country would step aside and watch from a certain distance.

Lin Feng was really happy today. He raised his head to the sky and sighed happily.

“Lin Feng, we don’t have much time. You need to move on. Even though you destroyed the group of people from Jin Lun City, they won’t leave the matter at that. I need to talk to my teacher,” spoke up Jing Wu Hen as Lin Feng was lost in thought.

Xiao Qing nodded at Lin Feng as well. San Country was the most important thing. Lin Feng needed to resolve the situation. Xiao Qing didn’t really care about San Country; she cared about Borderland Village, the slum, and Lin Feng!

She cared about her brother!

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    I don’t get it. What’s with all the scars on everyone these days? Since even the Zen level cultivators can regenerate limbs why can’t she make her face right? Plus even before the godly layer these cultivators can look as young or old as they want. And weren’t Ba Dao and Hanman supposedly able to get rid of their face scars at a certain level too.

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