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Chapter 747: Xie Ling!

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“Xiao Qing, come with me. We’re going to Great Village together,” Lin Feng said. He decided to take Xiao Qing with him to Great Village. She had no choice, but she hadn’t intended to refuse anyway. She was happy to spend time with her brother.

Jing Wu Hen followed Lin Feng and Xiao Qing. Behind him were the three strong cultivators from Jin Lun City. They had paid tribute to Jin Lun City in the past and now they had given Jin Lun City up.

Apart from those three people, all the other strong cultivators of Jin Lun City were dead. The leader of Jin Lun City would go insane after learning about that…


Nobody had reported to him, but the strong cultivators’ talismans were broken, so the Leader knew that they were dead, including his son who had blown himself up.

The Leader of Jin Lun City immediately convoked people in the meeting hall. All the Supreme Gods of Jin Lun City, disciples and elders, were in the meeting room. The atmosphere was piercing cold. Many people were covered in cold sweat.

Nobody dared talk. They all stared at the Leader, Supreme God Jin Lun.

“You all know what happened. I’m going to ask you just one question: what do we do now?” Supreme God Jin Lun stated icily. If anyone talked about retreating, he would go crazy.

People there all knew how the Leader was. Nobody would dare act cowardly.

“Leader, we need to dispatch more people to kill our enemies,” spoke up a man, taking a step forward. He was wearing a black battle robe, and his Qi was evil and ice-cold.

“Xie Ling, you’re Supreme God Xie’s chief disciple; are you just repeating what he told you?” asked Supreme God Jin Lun seriously.

Xie Ling smiled and nodded, “Indeed, Master. I always listen to my teacher.”

“Haha! Alright, good. Since it’s that way, you can choose thirty medium-level Supreme Gods and go to San Country with them. My fellow disciple Supreme God Jin Shan can also come with you. What do you think?” asked Supreme God Jin Lun, smiling darkly. The whole crowd shivered when they saw his smile.

But Xie Ling didn’t look afraid. His teacher was Supreme God Xie; who was scarier than Supreme God Xie? He didn’t need to fear Supreme God Jin Lun, because if Supreme God Jin Lun offended him or Supreme God Xie, then the latter would have to leave Jin Lun City. Supreme God Jin Lun wouldn’t be happy about that.

Therefore, Supreme God Jin Lun was very respectful to them.

“Thank you, Master. I will do my best to avenge you,” said Xie Ling, bowing head over fist. His robe fluttered at his energies. He had a bloodthirsty red aura around himself.

“Xie Ling, your teacher is a member of the Ancient Demonic Clan. If you succeed this time, I will talk to your teacher and ask him if the Ancient Demonic Clan can also recruit you. What do you think?” asked Supreme God Jin Lun. He knew that if he didn’t promise Xie Ling something exceptional, Xie Ling wouldn’t take risks for Jin Lun City.

As expected, Xie Ling suddenly looked excited. The reason why he had become Supreme God Xie’s disciple was that he wanted to join the Ancient Demonic Clan. If Supreme God Jin Lun tried to convince his teacher, then his chances of being accepted would definitely increase.

“Don’t worry, Great Leader. I will do my best for Jin Lun City,” Xie Ling swore confidently.

“Xie Ling, after Jin Xuan Lun detonated himself, I saw some of his memories at the moment of his death. You might have two enemies this time,” said Supreme God Jin Lun gravely.

Xie Ling frowned and asked, “Who?”

“One of them is called Lin Feng. You’ve probably heard of him. The other one is one of the strongest young geniuses of the west, Prince Wu Hen.”

“Them?” Xie Ling suddenly didn’t feel as confident anymore. At the beginning, Supreme God Jin Lun hadn’t told him who the enemies were and now that he had made a promise, that old grouch finally gave him those two names.

Lin Feng wasn’t an issue, but Prince Wu Hen! Xie Ling now really felt the pressure. Six months ago, he had fought against Prince Wu Hen and hadn’t had the advantage. Now that six months had passed, he had studied hard with Supreme God Xie, but would it suffice?

The biggest problem was Prince Wu Hen’s teacher. He was extremely famous. Even his own teacher feared Prince Wu Hen’s teacher. Prince Wu Hen had probably studied really hard during these six months as well! He wasn’t the kind of person who wasted time…

Xie Ling ground his teeth. He had just made a promise, so he couldn’t go back on his word. Supreme God Jin Lun would be angry at him, but his own teacher would also be disappointed, and then he would never be able to become a member of the Ancient Demonic Clan.

At least he would be backed up by Supreme God Jin Lun’s fellow disciple this time, Supreme God Jin Shan. He was a high-level Supreme God as well, and with over thirty medium-level Supreme Gods, their chances of success were extremely high.

“I will do my best to succeed, no matter who the enemies are. At least, I should be able to crush that dog Lin Feng. I’ll behead him, and then bring his head back to you, so you can put it in a jar if you want as a souvenir,” said Xie Ling, bowing again. His face was distorted by ferocity. He knew that there were tensions between Lin Feng and Jin Lun City. He couldn’t kill Prince Wu Hen, but killing Lin Feng wouldn’t be an issue!

Was Lin Feng as strong as the rumors said? Xie Ling didn’t think so, and was determined to go and behead him. He was very confident about that.

“Let’s go!” said Xie Ling, laughing confidently. He flashed and left the meeting hall with over thirty medium-level Supreme Gods. Supreme God Jin Shan also suddenly appeared and followed them. The big group of people flew towards the teleportation portals.

They could arrive in San Country within two hours. Then they’d be able to avenge their twenty colleagues!

They grew more and more excited. Their battle energies became thicker and denser. Even though Jin Lun City was far from San Country, Lin Feng could almost smell blood…


Lin Feng had already arrived in Great Village. All the leaders had gathered outside the imperial palace. When Lin Feng arrived, they all smiled and bowed hand over fist respectfully. The Black Dragon King and the Azure Dragon King also nodded at him. Lin Feng understood they had succeeded.

However, they had noticed there was something strange. Lin Feng had no choice but to tell them.

“Everybody, Lang Xie City is not interested in managing San Country,” Lin Feng said straightforwardly and seriously. All the leaders suddenly looked grim. They were angry at Lang Xie City.

“Damn it! What is that supposed to mean? They despise San Country?” shouted the leader of Precipice Village angrily. Ya Wu Hen, the Third Prince of Law was behind him.

Lin Feng looked at the leader of Precipice Village and smiled calmly, waving at him to calm down. Lin Feng also glanced at Ya Wu Hen. He hadn’t changed; he still had the strength of the low-level Supreme God layer.

Ya Wu Hen glanced back at Lin Feng. He had mixed feelings. Back then, he could exchange ten attacks against Lin Feng, but now? Lin Feng had killed the leader of San Country, Yan Zhen, which meant the difference between him and Ya Wu Hen was huge.

Ya Wu Hen also glanced at Jing Wu Hen, they were both called Wu Hen… But Jing Wu Hen was known as Prince Wu Hen in the Country of Eternity, where he was just the tiny little Third Prince of Law in San Country…

“Everybody, Lang Xie City doesn’t want you, but it doesn’t matter, I’ll take control of San Country,” Lin Feng said resolutely.

Many of them were surprised, especially the Black Dragon King and the Azure Dragon King. What did Lin Feng mean?

“Lin Feng, you mean…?” asked the Black Dragon King. But he didn’t finish his sentence.

“Indeed. I want to take control of San Country. I’ll manage the country. Anyone have any objection?” asked Lin Feng casually.

Most of them remained silent and looked him over. The atmosphere became heavy. Lin Feng just smiled.

Xiao Qing was standing behind him and said, “San Country is in danger. Jin Lun City poses a huge threat to us; if Lin Feng hadn’t killed the strong cultivators of Jin Lun City, we would all be dead!”

“What? What did you say, Miss?” Everybody’s expression suddenly changed drastically.

“What? You didn’t sense it? Over twenty medium-level Supreme Gods from Jin Lun City came here! If my brother and Prince Wu Hen hadn’t killed them, they would have killed all of us already! If you don’t believe me, you can ask them,” she finished, pointing to the three men behind Jing Wu Hen.

Everybody looked at the three men strongly. All the people there were medium-level Supreme Gods!

“Indeed, she’s telling the truth. We came along with the members of Jin Lun City, but then we surrendered and decided to support Prince Lin Feng,” confirmed the leader of the group. Everybody looked dumbstruck.

“Since it’s that way, I accept,” said the Black Dragon King. He flashed in front of Lin Feng and curtsied as a sign of respect, acknowledging him. Lin Feng seemed to be a good leader for San Country, indeed!

Since the Black Dragon King had decided to support Lin Feng, the other leaders decided to follow him and accepted Lin Feng as their leader. In so doing, Lin Feng successfully became the legitimate Leader of San Country.

However, Lin Feng wasn’t excited at all because he knew Jin Lun City wasn’t going to leave the matter at that. In the following hours, San Country might survive, or maybe that it would be completely annihilated.

“Everybody, we need to go to Borderland Village to stop any attackers!”

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