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Chapter 748: Massacre!


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Everybody took off and flew towards Borderland Village. The three strong cultivators from Jin Lun City who had surrendered also followed. They were determined to show they were loyal and devoted, which meant they would have to kill enemies as well. Otherwise, they might be considered traitors.

Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen were behind the whole crowd. However, Lin Feng didn’t allow Xiao Qing to follow them. Xiao Qing went into the imperial palace to stay with Yan Tian Jiao. Her father was dead and she was extremely depressed. Lin Feng felt guilty and didn’t want her to commit suicide.

Xiao Qing promised Lin Feng she would take care of Yan Tian Jiao, so Lin Feng was relieved. He could go to Borderland Village without having to worry.

For the second time that day, Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen went to the Borderland Village. This time, eight medium-level Supreme Gods were with them, all the leaders of the different villages. Lin Feng was convinced that they could win this battle because Jing Wu Hen could call his teacher in case of danger, and his teacher would arrive in less than a minute.

Lin Feng flew as quickly as he could, but even that way, they needed half an hour to arrive in Borderland Village…


On the other side, Xie Ling, Supreme God Jin Shan and the thirty medium-level Supreme Gods had already teleported themselves thrice and were already at the border of Borderland Village.

The cultivators on both sides felt nervous. But in the end, Xie Ling and his troops arrived first. Very quickly, they arrived in the sky above Borderland Village. From the sky, they saw the corpses of the strong cultivators of Jin Lun City. They were lying in their own blood.

Xie Ling smelled Jin Xuan Lun’s blood Qi. He had detonated himself, so his blood had splashed everywhere. Xie Ling looked grim.

“Master, Lin Feng and the others are not here,” said Xie Ling, turning to Supreme God Jin Shan. Supreme God Jin Shan was a high-level Supreme God, so he still had to call him master.

At the same level, there were differences between high-level Supreme Gods, even if they weren’t always obvious. Xie Ling’s teacher had told him several times that there were differences between high-level Supreme Gods. In the Ancient Demonic Clan, they even divided high-level Supreme Gods into four categories. The difference between level one and level four high-level Supreme Gods was gigantic.

Level one high-level Supreme Gods were Supreme Gods like Yan Zhen or Jin Shan.

Level two high-level Supreme Gods were like Jiang Yi Tian and Jiang Yi Ze.

Level three high-level Supreme Gods were rare. In the Country of Eternity, they were usually state leaders or ancestors, such as Lang Xie and Jin Lun.

Level four high-level Supreme Gods had already reached the top of the high-level Supreme God layer. Thinking about such a level, Xie Ling was always extremely excited, especially since his teacher was a level four high-level Supreme God. That was why Supreme God Jin Lun respected Supreme God Xie and gave him face.

Therefore, even though they all had the strength of the high-level Supreme God layer, there could be huge differences between them, but only the strongest people could notice the differences.

“Xie Ling, the leader said that you were in charge of the operation, so don’t ask me anything,” smiled Supreme God Jin Shan. He didn’t dare act as the one in charge of the operation, as he didn’t want to offend Supreme God Xie’s chief disciple.

Xie Ling was satisfied by Supreme God Jin Shan’s tone of speech and behavior, so he bowed shortly and smiled, “You’re joking, Master. I wouldn’t dare give you orders.”

“No, please. You’re in charge. I don’t mind,” said Supreme God Jin Shan, stroking his beard while smiling and nodding. He didn’t want Supreme God Xie to hate him for such a small reason. Supreme God Xie could be quite evil when offended.

Xie Ling didn’t feel like wasting time either, so he just smiled at Supreme God Jin Shan, then turned around and suddenly looked quite sinister.

He looked at the people of the slum. His eyes were filled with murder. He slowly ordered the thirty strong cultivators, “Kill everyone!”

“Are you sure?” asked one of the strong cultivators, but Supreme God Jin Shan glared at him angrily, so the strong cultivator shut up. He realized he had said something wrong.

“What is wrong? We’re in San Country. These people are pigs, not humans, why not kill them? Their lives don’t matter at all. Kill them!” Xie Ling said wickedly. He liked killing people. He liked bloodbaths!

The lives of San Country’s people were insignificant, so they could kill them all. Then, people from Jin Lun City would have more space.

A massacre! The idea was awesome! That’s what Xie Ling wanted to do! Slaughter people!

Nobody dared ask any question anymore. So everybody started slaughtering the people of the slum.

The thousands of people of the slum were pale with terror. They all started running away, but they were too weak. They couldn’t escape.

In the blink of an eye, dozens of people died. Blood gushed, and rivers and ponds of blood appeared in the slum.

Some people wailed mournfully, some others begged for mercy, but nobody listened to them.

“Let’s fight! We can’t let them win so easily! Even if we lose, our Benefactor will avenge us!” shouted someone. Since they were being attacked, they couldn’t just give up, they had to try. So all the young people of the slum started fighting. Even though it came down to attempting the impossible, they couldn’t just give up. Fighting was better than nothing.

More and more people started fighting back. More and more horrible screams spread through the air, more and more blood gushed. Xie Ling smiled icily. Lin Feng had killed twenty strong cultivators from Jin Lun City, so now Xie Ling wanted to kill thousands and thousands of people from the slum.

Blood gushed everywhere. It smelled like blood everywhere in the village. Many people’s heads exploded. Body parts flew around. It was a true massacre.

Time passed slowly. The people of the slum just had the impression it was the apocalypse. They had no hope anymore. They had no choice but to get slaughtered and wait for death.

Xie Ling and his group even killed children and babies. They punched babies, which exploded in the sky. Their mothers were devastated and cried their eyes out, before following them into death.

The whole slum turned into hell on earth in less than half an hour. Xie Ling felt like a death god.


At the same time, Lin Feng and Jin Lun City were flying towards Borderland Village as quickly as they could. They could sense that strong cultivators from Jin Lun City had already arrived in the slum. Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen were flying so fast that it was impossible to follow them with bare eyes.

But even that way, only a bloodbath was awaiting them.

Forty minutes was all it took; thousands of people had been killed. The medium-level Supreme Gods hadn’t even used Tao skills. They had killed everyone easily with one attack. They had even raped some women.

Xie Ling sat down on the main stage and smiled in satisfaction. The thirty strong cultivators in front of him were covered in blood and looked happy and relaxed. How fun!

Everybody in the slum had been killed. The strong cultivators of Jin Lun City had successfully achieved the first part of their plan.

They had committed all sorts of atrocities. Some strong cultivators crushed some babies’ heads on the ground, they also kicked some women’s corpses away. Some of their bodies were hanging in trees, dripping with blood.

Xie Ling and the others then suddenly sensed two powerful threads of Qi. Xie Ling smiled icily. “They’re here!”

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