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Chapter 749: Chopping Xie Ling’s Body into Pieces!


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Lin Feng was extremely worried about the slum. What if it was completely destroyed by the time he arrived? Well, when he arrived, he saw blood and corpses everywhere. Even babies and their mothers had been slaughtered. Body parts floated on the surface of blood rivers in the slum.

Lin Feng’s hair bristled. His heart slowly started beating faster and faster. Jing Wu Hen felt the same. He had never seen such a horrible thing in his entire life. Were there humans who were capable of doing such things?

Jing Wu Hen raised his head and looked at Xie Ling. He had met Xie Ling six months before. He despised Supreme God Xie’s disciple.

Lin Feng looked at him icily. When Lin Feng was that furious, he seemed extremely calm. Xie Ling liked slaughtering people? Well, Lin Feng liked slaughtering his enemies too…

“Brother Jing, no need for you to interfere this time. I want to kill all those people,” Lin Feng said, taking a deep breath. His eyes turned red and sharp energies emerged from him.

Jing Wu Hen’s expression shifted, but he didn’t stop Lin Feng. He knew that what had happened was a guilty nightmare for Lin Feng. Xiao Qing’s hometown had been completely destroyed by the strong cultivators of Jin Lun City.

How would Lin Feng explain that to her? How would he explain that the innocent people who used to call him “Benefactor” had all been slaughtered by Xie Ling and his men?

Lin Feng had no choice anymore. He had to destroy all those people, both to avenge them but also to purge his soul.

Xie Ling sensed a terrifying Qi weighing down on him. He had the impression someone was strangling him.

At the beginning, he had underestimated Lin Feng, as he had never seen him and didn’t know how strong he really was. Even if Lin Feng had killed Yan Zhen, Xie Ling still thought Lin Feng was weak because Yan Zhen wasn’t a strong high-level Supreme God.

However, now, he could sense Lin Feng’s energies and he regretted underestimating him, because he realized Lin Feng wasn’t any weaker than Jing Wu Hen.

Xie Ling looked grim and clenched his fists. He knew that regretting was now useless and that a battle would be inevitable.

“Who gave the order to slaughter the people from the slum?” asked Lin Feng with terrifying calm. Everybody was surprised. They didn’t have the impression he was angry, but they could sense a horrifying energy coming from him.

Xie Ling shivered and smiled icily, “I did, so what?”

“Who are you?” asked Lin Feng without visible emotion.

Xie Ling shrugged and smiled proudly, “I am Supreme God Xie’s chief disciple, Xie Ling!”

“Oh, I see. You’re dead now,” Lin Feng said, nodding casually. Then he disappeared. Everybody wondered where he had gone. Xie Ling’s face twisted. He could sense an explosive Qi…

Xie Ling was also astonished. He had mentioned Supreme God Xie and amazingly, Lin Feng wasn’t afraid? Xie Ling was really at a loss.

But he didn’t have time to think about those things. Lin Feng had just disappeared, and then he reappeared five meters away from Xie Ling and threw a punch.

Xie Ling was immediately smashed away.

Xie Ling crashed a few hundred meters away, coughing harshly. His arms were numb. Some blood appeared on the corner of his mouth. His meridians were injured.

“Fuck! I’ll crush you! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” shouted Xie Ling ferociously. He had never felt so humiliated. His face twisted as he flashed and threw himself at Lin Feng as quickly as he could, thrusting out his palm.

Lin Feng didn’t fear Xie Ling. He was beyond fury and ready to do all he could to crush him. He raised one finger and the space around him started corroding. When Xie Ling sensed that the space behind him was being eaten away, his expression faltered. It felt like he was being absorbed by a black hole!

Lin Feng then appeared in front of him and pushed his finger through Xie Ling’s shoulder. His finger pierced through Xie Ling’s flesh and bones. His attack was sanguinary and explosive.


Xie Ling was in agony. That finger had pierced through his bones! That guy he disdained was extremely strong, and had injured him once again!

Lin Feng didn’t think that was enough. Mothers had been raped. Babies had been crushed. Some old people had been dismembered… Lin Feng still felt too kind.

“You’re Supreme God Xie’s disciple?” Lin Feng said. His left hand was now on Xie Ling’s shoulder. Lin Feng looked at him without emotion.

Xie Ling’s face was completely pale. His left shoulder was crushed. He would never forget this feeling.

When he heard Lin Feng’s ice-cold tone of speech, he shouted defiantly, “You think you’re extremely strong and terrifying? My teacher will kill you and your entire family!”

As Xie Ling was talking, Lin Feng put his right hand on Xie Ling’s right shoulder and pressed down on it with brutal force, until Xie Ling’s bones and flesh were crushed. His white bones stuck out from his shoulders. It looked quite frightening.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHH! LIN FENG! YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!” screamed Xie Ling. The pain was so unbearable that he fell to his knees. Lin Feng continued crushing his bones though. Crackling sounds kept grinding audibly. The thirty invader’s hearts were pounding…

Especially Supreme God Jin Shan’s. He had a high position and lived in comfort. He had never seen such a terrifying scene. Xie Ling looked really miserable and pitiful.

“Supreme God Xie is your teacher, so you can do whatever you want without the slightest scruple?” Lin Feng said indifferently.

Xie Ling didn’t dare say anything this time. He had the impression he was facing a demon, and he should have never underestimated him. If he hadn’t killed all the people of the slum, maybe this Lin Feng would have agreed to talk…

Bam! Lin Feng kicked Xie Ling in the ribs. Bones cracked loudly again. Xie Ling screamed in agony again.

“Is it painful? Are you enjoying it?” Lin Feng said. Then he kicked Xie Ling in the ribs again. This time Xie Ling had no strength to scream anymore. He felt powerless. His eyes were rolling back and wet with tears. He could barely breathe.

Lin Feng continued torturing him expressionlessly. “You crushed babies and their mothers. No matter how much you suffer, it’ll never be enough,” Lin Feng said, smiling ferociously. Xie Ling really had the impression he was facing a demon.

More of Xie Ling’s bones cracked. His entire body went numb. The people he had brought were just astonished and blankly staring at them.

All the leaders of the different villages had arrived. They were dumbstruck, especially the Black Dragon King. When he saw this, he felt lucky he hadn’t offended Lin Feng; otherwise, he might have ended up like that too!

“You think you can do what you wish because Supreme God Xie is your teacher? You think you can slaughter an entire population?

“You think you are extremely strong and nobody can defeat you? You think you’re an ultimate leader in this world?

“Hehe, you can disdain me, I don’t give a shit. But you killed all the people of Xiao Qing’s village; I will never forgive you for that.

“I crushed your shoulders. Now, I’m going to crush your ribs one by one, until they turn into powder. But do you think I will stop after that?

“Wrong. Then, I will continue destroying each of your body parts bit by bit, one by one, slowly. Then, I will make those people bring your corpse to your teacher so that he can look at you. Why? You think I’m being reckless? Right?” Lin Feng said, smiling bloodlessly. He really looked terrifying.

“I want Supreme God Xie to see your dismembered body. I want to show him how he should educate his disciples.

“I want to show him who’s the cruelest,” Lin Feng finished with a voice like stone. He was furious, but no matter what he did or said, it wouldn’t change anything, so torturing Xie Ling slowly was the only thing which could help him feel a little bit better.

“Sword of Remote Times, help me cut his body into six pieces,” Lin Feng said, taking a deep breath.

The Sword of Remote Times shook. Zu Ti knew that Lin Feng couldn’t be any angrier. He wanted to cheer Lin Feng up, and the only way to do that was to crush this asshole, who had even slaughtered babies.

The Sword of Remote Times flashed. Blood gushed. Xie Ling’s eyes were wide open. He struggled to break free, but it was useless.

After that, his body was cut into six pieces: his head, two arms, two legs and abdomen.

The atmosphere was extremely heavy. People didn’t even dare breathe.

Lin Feng kicked Xie Ling’s abdomen. He didn’t regret what he had done at all.

Lin Feng looked at the thirty strong cultivators, including Supreme God Jin Shan. His Qi was even weaker than Yan Zhen. What a piece of trash!

“Now, it’s your turn,” Lin Feng said, smiling at the thirty strong cultivators.

Their hearts started racing. This guy was a demon, not a human!

“Don’t be afraid. Let’s use our full strength to fight against him!” blurted out Supreme God Jin Shan. He was a high-level Supreme God, after all. He was astonished by the way Lin Feng had killed Xie Ling, but he managed to come back to his senses.

Unfortunately, it was useless, because Lin Feng was going to kill him first!

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