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Chapter 750: Memorial!


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“We’ll kill you first, high-level Supreme God,” Lin Feng stated, still holding the Sword of Remote Times. His Qi was incredible. Supreme God Jin Shan’s expression fell. He was a high-level Supreme God, but he still felt threatened by Lin Feng…

Supreme God Jin Shan flashed into the air. A golden talisman appeared in his hand, and he broke it. His whole body turned into smoke and he disappeared.

Lin Feng was surprised. The thirty strong cultivators were aghast. Supreme God Jin Shan had decided to escape? He had abandoned them?

“Hehe, that high-level Supreme God is a good boy,” Lin Feng smiled. If he wanted to, he could chase Supreme God Jin Shan, but he didn’t feel like it because he didn’t want the thirty medium-level Supreme Gods to escape.

These people had slaughtered the people of the slum: thousands of people, babies and their mothers, old and sick people…

“Leaders, kill everybody,” Lin Feng said. His eyes were crimson. He rose into the air, wielding the Sword of Remote Times, a terrifyingly piercing cold Qi emerging from it.

The Black Dragon King and the others started attacking without any hesitation. Even though there were over thirty people who had the strength of medium-level Supreme Gods, they didn’t care, because they were fighting for the honor and dignity of San Country, and to avenge the people of the slum who had been slaughtered!

Even the strong cultivators from Jin Lun City who had surrendered and joined Lin Feng’s side started attacking. If they didn’t, Lin Feng would doubt them, and then he would kill them!

It started getting dark, but even in the darkness, there was a faint red aura created by all the blood Qi. It smelled like blood everywhere in the village.

Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen were also fighting. Lin Feng started beheading enemies with the Sword of Remote Times. Blood gushed all around him, these bastards’ blood splashed his face.

The atmosphere grew warmer because of the warm blood. Arched trails of blood appeared everywhere in the sky.

Lin Feng was wielding the Sword of Remote Times and controlling it properly. Jing Wu Hen was using his spear, not wasting waste time either. He was also covered in blood.


Very quickly, they beheaded the thirty invaders from Jin Lun City.

“Bring those thirty heads back to Jin Lun City,” Lin Feng said to the three strong cultivators who had surrendered.

The three people’s expression fell. Bringing those thirty heads back to Jin Lun City? If Supreme God Jin Lun learned that those thirty people had been beheaded, he would feel humiliated. That would be a nightmare.

What did Lin Feng want to do? Wasn’t Lin Feng worried about his own safety? Why did he want to provoke such a strong cultivator?

The three people didn’t understand, but they couldn’t say anything. They had no choice but to agree…

“Bring his body too,” Lin Feng ordered, pointing to Xie Ling’s body. The eyes on his head were still wide open. He hadn’t died content.

The disciple Supreme God Xie liked the most had been killed by Lin Feng in the blink of an eye…

Lin Feng was really crazy. The three people were convinced Lin Feng was acting recklessly. Even Jing Wu Hen felt some pressure. He had told Lin Feng not to get involved in Tian Fan’s affairs because of Supreme God Xie, but now…

Lin Feng had killed Supreme God Xie’s favorite disciple! Supreme God Xie would definitely go crazy. If nothing unexpected happened, Supreme God Xie would look for Lin Feng to avenge his disciple. Lin Feng had put himself in a very dangerous situation. Lin Feng didn’t care at all, though. He wanted to infuriate Supreme God Xie. Jing Wu Hen didn’t understand why…

Lin Feng was humiliating Supreme God Xie by doing this!

That wasn’t what Lin Feng was thinking, though. He just wanted the trio to bring the corpses back to Jin Lun City. The three of them left quickly with all the corpses.


Lin Feng didn’t say anything, standing there holding the sword of Remote Times. He dug a gigantic hole and put some dead children, women, and seniors in the hole, then buried them.

Some leaders wanted to help, but Lin Feng looked at them aggressively so they withdrew, scared. They didn’t want to anger Lin Feng at all.

It took Lin Feng half an hour to bury everybody. He cleaned the whole city. He also wiped the blood off the roads and buildings. Then, he took a gigantic stone and wrote “MEMORIAL” in the blood of the enemies on it.

Lin Feng made a gravestone for those people, using the blood of Jin Lun City’s strong cultivators to avenge the people of the village.

“I am not a good guy. You died because of me.

“You used to call me benefactor, but I didn’t deserve it. Because of me, you all died. I don’t even know how I am supposed to face Xiao Qing now,” Lin Feng whispered, smiling bitterly. He felt extremely guilty.

The people of the slum were all dead. How would Xiao Qing react when she learned this? She had lived with these people for a hundred years. Wouldn’t she get sick from the trauma?

Lin Feng felt like he didn’t deserve these people’s trust.

“I will do my best to become stronger and destroy Jin Lun City!” Lin Feng shouted furiously and punched the ground. A crater appeared. Everybody was scared, even Jing Wu Hen. He couldn’t imagine how Lin Feng felt, and he didn’t dare imagine what Lin Feng intended to do.

But as long as Lin Feng didn’t die, then Jin Lun City would never really be safe. Lin Feng was crazy. He would definitely destroy Jin Lun City someday!

Jin Lun City smiled grimly. Maybe he didn’t need to worry about Lin Feng now, but about Jin Lun City!

Lin Feng was cruel and crazy. If Lin Feng hated someone, then he became extremely cruel.


Time passed quickly, but the atmosphere was still oppressive in San Country. The atmosphere was calm in Jin Lun City, but some few people knew there was something wrong.

When the three men arrived in Jin Lun City with the corpses, the leader learned about it in ten minutes. Half an hour later, he came and saw the medium-level Supreme Gods and Xie Ling.

Supreme God Jin Lun nearly collapsed. It felt like an explosion had gone off in his head. All the corpses had been beheaded, and their eyes were still open because they hadn’t died content.

When he saw Xie Ling’s corpse was cut into several pieces, he fell back on his throne. Xie Ling didn’t look proud, daring, and energetic like he had while alive.

What could he tell Supreme God Xie now? Supreme God Jin Lun was scared because he had sent these people to San Country. He suddenly looked thousands of years older. Lin Feng had killed fifty people in total. It was a huge loss for Jin Lun City!

Xie Ling’s death had been tragic, and now Jin Lun City was now in danger. What would Supreme God Xie do after learning about his chief disciple’s death?

“Leader, Supreme God Xie is here!” said someone at that moment. What Supreme God Jin Lun feared the most was happening. Supreme God Xie was already here!

His heart started pounding violently…

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