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Chapter 752: Supreme God Xie!


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“Great Leader, don’t worry. The black dragons can take care of Borderland Village,” said the Black Dragon King loyally. Lin Feng was now their Great Leader, and the Black Dragon King was ready to do anything for him and the city. He wanted to show Lin Feng he was competent.

However, the Black Dragon King didn’t need to make such great efforts, because Lin Feng already thought highly of him and trusted him.

“We azure dragons will also do our best to protect the city,” declared the Azure Dragon King. He knew that being loyal and devoted was important.

The other leaders smiled wryly. Usually, the two Dragon Kings were extremely proud and arrogant, but now they were licking Lin Feng’s boots? Usually, humans licked other people’s boots, not beasts!

Lin Feng was satisfied, though. Everything was going smoothly.

“Master, an old man is here and wants to see you,” interrupted a disciple at that moment, rushing into the antechamber. That disciple knelt down and looked at Lin Feng respectfully. Since Lin Feng was their new leader, disciples had to be very respectful, even if their new leader wasn’t going to stay there for very long.

When Lin Feng heard that, he frowned. An old man wanted to see him? Lin Feng wondered who it was…

Lin Feng suddenly understood. He took a deep breath. Since the old man was here, Lin Feng couldn’t hide. He had to face him.

“Wait here. I’ll go and see him,” he ordered, standing up, and walking resolutely away. Xiao Qing wanted to follow him, but Lin Feng told her to stay inside because he wasn’t sure he would be able to come back alive.

As a man, Lin Feng had to take responsibility for his behavior.

The disciple led the way. They soon arrived outside. Lin Feng saw a short and crooked, balding white-haired old man in grey clothes. He had his hands clasped behind his back.

Lin Feng studied the old man carefully. He didn’t detect any threads of Qi, as if the old man were an ordinary person. Lin Feng understood that the old man was extremely strong. To him, the man was just unfathomable.

It was the first time Lin Feng had seen someone like this. Even when he had met Supreme Gods Lang Xie and Zi Dian, he could detect threads of Qi emerging from their bodies.

“I was expecting you, Master,” said Lin Feng, waving at the disciple to leave. Lin Feng smiled calmly and serenely.

The crooked old man still had his hands clasped in his back. He slowly floated towards Lin Feng and landed in front of him. He silently looked over Lin Feng from head to toe with his golden eyes.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, he just let the old man inspect him. Even if he was in danger, Lin Feng remained fearless.

“There’s nothing particularly incredible about you. You don’t seem strong at all. How come you’re so ferocious and cruel?” asked the old man, sighing after a long time.

“Why do you think I am cruel and ferocious, Master?” asked Lin Feng, smiling placidly.

“Isn’t dismembering someone cruel?” asked the old man coldly.

Lin Feng smiled wryly and asked, “What is crueler, Master, slaughtering an entire population, or killing one person?”

“Hehe, killing thousands of worthless people is worse than killing a valuable person!”

“Oh? As I see it, I am not cruel, Master, you are!” he replied, a little amused.

The old man’s smiled thinly and nodded. Lin Feng was audacious, but correct; he was cruel. He was Supreme God Xie, after all. {Translator’s Note: Xie means cruel and evil}

If he weren’t cruel, why would people fear him so much? Everybody in the world was afraid of him, including most high-level Supreme Gods.

Everybody, including all the prodigies of the Country of Eternity, respected him and gave him face. However, Lin Feng dared not give him face. He had even killed his chief disciple!

Supreme God Xie’s curiosity had been aroused, which is why he had traveled over such a long distance to come and see Lin Feng. Who was this young man boy who didn’t fear him?

His first impression of Lin Feng was that he was an arrogant and extremely strong young man.

“Lin Feng, how would you like to die?” asked Supreme God Xie, smiling cruelly. His breath smelled like blood. His expression was ferocious.

Supreme God Xie flashed behind Lin Feng. He then grabbed Lin Feng by the neck with his left hand and lifted him up.

Lin Feng’s blood suddenly started boiling. White lights flashed in front of his eyes. He had the impression he was going to die.

The strength difference between him and the old man was extraordinarily large. Lin Feng could compete with Yan Zhen, Jiang Yi Tian, and such high-level Supreme Gods, but not against Supreme God Xie. Lin Feng realized how gigantic the strength difference could be between different high-level Supreme Gods.

Lin Feng started thinking that the high-level Supreme God layer was just a general way to call certain types of cultivator, because the differences between them could be so incredible. At that moment, Lin Feng looked like a puppet controlled by a strong cultivator.

Jing Wu Hen and Yan Tie Sheng suddenly sensed a powerful Qi, so they rushed over. When they arrived, Supreme God Xie threw a punch at them. Yan Tie Sheng shouted furiously and thrust out his palm. The two incredibly strong cultivators’ hands collided.

At that moment, the atmosphere became extremely heavy.

Everybody came out. They all looked terrified, including Xiao Qing, the Black Dragon King, and the others.

Lin Feng was being strangled by Supreme God Xie. He was deathly pale and motionless.

“Yan Tie Sheng, does Ze Country want to get involved in this?” asked Supreme God Xie grimly. He managed to push Yan Tie Sheng back with his energy. Everybody was dumbstruck.

Yan Tie Sheng was extremely famous. Everybody knew him, but against Supreme God Xie, he didn’t seem so strong…

Yan Tie Sheng took his hand back. Nobody noticed that he had a wound on his hand, not even Supreme God Xie. He couldn’t show it to anyone, otherwise Lin Feng’s safety would be compromised.

“Hmph! Evil old man, you’re quite vile. You dare bully young people. Don’t you feel ashamed?” asked Yan Tie Sheng, staring at Supreme God Xie.

Supreme God Xie smiled. He didn’t care about what Yan Tie Sheng said. He was Supreme God Xie, he could do whatever he wanted. He didn’t care about other people at all. He didn’t care about the relations between young and older people, either.

“Yan Tie Sheng, I suggest you leave now. Otherwise, I won’t give you face. Actually, I won’t give Jing Tian Ao face if you continue, either,” said Supreme God Xie darkly. He was angry: Lin Feng had killed his chief disciple, after all. He was in an explosive mood, but he tried to control himself because of Jing Tian Ao.

“Hehe, if the leader of our country were here, you wouldn’t act arrogantly like now,” said Yan Tie Sheng angrily.

“Haha! Why not? Jing Tian Ao, would you dare come here? Hahaha!” shouted Supreme God Xie, looking up at the sky.

“What do you want, evil old grouch?” shouted a powerful voice suddenly. The air began to hum. The sky turned dark and the atmosphere went still.

Everybody looked at the sky, where golden lights glittered. The golden lights slowly turned into a human silhouette.

The middle-aged man who appeared and Jing Wu Hen looked very similar. Their Qi was similar too, but Jing Wu Hen’s Qi was far from being as powerful.

The man was wearing a bright and beautiful robe, and holding an iron fan. Once in a while, he tidied his hair with the fan.

“Jing Tian Ao?” said Supreme God Xie icily. What was this old man doing here? “Jing Tian Ao, Ze Country is far from San Country. How did you come here?” he shouted angrily.

Jing Tian Ao smiled in reply. He opened his fan with a clear chime. Lin Feng looked at the fan; it seemed like there was a world inside that fan.

A grain of sand, a whole world. A Sutra, a Bodhi!

Jing Tian Ao? 

Even though Supreme God Xie was still holding Lin Feng firmly and it was difficult to breathe, he was lost in thought.

Jing Tian Ao was Jing Wu Hen’s father? 

Ze Country’s leader, Jing Tian Ao!


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