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Chapter 753: I Don’t Care!


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“Jing Tian Ao, you also want to get involved?” Supreme God Xie asked glumly. He did not care about Yan Tie Sheng, but Jing Tian Ao was different. If Jing Tian Ao and he fought, he wouldn’t have the advantage.

Jing Tian Ao and Supreme God Xie both were at the top of the high-level Supreme God layer. They were among the strongest cultivators of the Country of Eternity.

“How could I not interfere? My son is part of all this,” said Jing Tian Ao, shaking his head. How could he ignore Supreme God Xie? Jing Wu Hen had killed many people from Jin Lun City, Supreme God Jin Lun probably wouldn’t let him off.

Therefore, his father had to get involved. He couldn’t just watch someone harass and bully his son. If he did and it spread around, he would lose face.

Supreme God Xie and Jing Tian Ao stared at each other. Energies emerged from their eyes and sparkled. They didn’t start fighting, however, controlling themselves because they knew that if they fought, they would both suffer losses.

“No problem. Jin Lun City will not threaten Jing Wu Hen. Don’t worry,” said Supreme God Xie after remaining silent for a few seconds. Everybody’s expression suddenly changed. Lin Feng forced a smile too, but because of the pain, his smile looked ferocious.

Supreme God Xie had taken a step backwards. He had made an important promise so that Jing Tian Ao would leave.

“Really?” asked Jing Tian Ao happily.

“Of course. I like taking people’s lives, but I also keep my promises,” said Supreme God Xie stiffly, and nodding repeatedly.

“Alright, I trust you,” said Jing Tian Ao, smiling in relief.

“Father, you-” Jing Wu Hen began, his expression falling. He didn’t understand why his father had accepted Supreme God Xie’s condition. What about Lin Feng?

“Wu Hen, shut up!” Jing Tian Ao shouted, angrily interrupting his son. Jing Tian Ao glanced at Supreme God Xie. Supreme God Xie was staring at Lin Feng. Jing Tian Ao glanced at Jing Wu Hen and said, “If you continue hanging out with Lin Feng, you will get in trouble.”

“I am not afraid, father,” said Jing Wu Hen. He didn’t understand why his father said that, but he didn’t intend to change his mind anyway.

“You’re not afraid, but Ze Country is. Your teacher, your uncles, and I are all afraid,” said Jing Tian Ao grimly.

Jing Wu Hen didn’t understand. Why did his father want to prevent him from hanging out with Lin Feng? Why were his teacher and the other members of Ze Country afraid? Was there something he didn’t know?”

“Brother Jing, listen to Master Jing, don’t take risks because of me,” said Lin Feng. He understood everything. He couldn’t blame Jing Tian Ao. He cared about his son. Lin Feng considered Jing Wu Hen a friend, and didn’t want him to get in trouble because of him.

As a friend, he didn’t want his friend to argue with his father, either. He didn’t want Jing Wu Hen to get injured, either. He understood perfectly how strong Supreme God Xie was. He had killed over fifty medium-level Supreme Gods and Xie Ling; all that had nothing to do with Jing Wu Hen.

Lin Feng didn’t want Jing Wu Hen to get involved. It wasn’t fair to him.

Jing Wu Hen knew what Lin Feng was thinking, but he still felt guilty and helpless.

“Lin Feng, it’s alright. Even if I have to cut ties with my father, I will do my best to save you!” shouted Jing Wu Hen furiously, while pushing Yan Tie Sheng away. Jing Wu Hen clenched his fists and looked at Jing Tian Ao, “Father, save Lin Feng!”

“Wu Hen, are you really ready to cut ties with your father because of Lin Feng?” asked Jing Tian Ao. Nobody knew what he was thinking at that moment.

Jing Wu Hen looked back at Jing Tian Ao and nodded. He didn’t want to betray Lin Feng.

Jing Tian Ao remained silent. Yan Tie Sheng looked nervous and shook his head. Why was the boy so stubborn? Didn’t he understand the implications of his actions?

Jing Tian Ao knew that his son was determined and that he wouldn’t change his mind. He couldn’t help, but sigh.

Jing Tian Ao threw his fan at Yan Tie Sheng, and walked towards his son.

Father and son faced each other. Jin Wu Hen looked determined and resolute. His expression meant that no matter what his father did, he wouldn’t change his mind. He had to save Lin Feng!

“Wu Hen, are you sure?” asked Jing Tian Ao indifferently. Facing his father, he was slightly shorter than the older man.

“I’m sure,” said Jing Wu Hen resolutely.

“Alright, I’ll give you something,” Jing Tian Ao said to his son. He started taking out something. Jing Wu Hen was extremely happy, sure his father was going to save Lin Feng.

A terrifying strength spread through the air. Jing Tian Ao didn’t take out an item, he released power, and it pierced through Jing Wu Hen’s chest. Jing Wu Hen looked dumbstruck, unable to believe his eyes. Then he collapsed and fell unconscious.

“Sorry, Wu Hen,” sighed Jing Tian Ao. He took his son in his arms. He knew how his son would react after waking up, but he had no choice. He couldn’t let Ze Country sink into chaos because of Lin Feng.

Jing Tian Ao put his son into his own world. Then he turned around and looked at Lin Feng, and smiled guiltily. “Lin Feng, don’t think I’m heartless. There are things I cannot change.”

“Master, don’t worry. I hope you can protect Brother Jing. I know what I did. A man has to bear the consequences for his actions. I don’t want anyone to get in trouble because of me. Don’t worry,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head. He was neither angry nor disappointed. What was happening was normal, after all.

Jing Tian Ao had no reason to help him.

It was the law of the jungle. If you offended someone, then people who weren’t involved had no reason to help. When one made a mistake, one had to bear the consequences for one’s actions.

“Alright, as long as you don’t hate me, it’s fine. Don’t worry, even though I can’t protect you, Ze Country will protect San City. If Jin Lun City tries anything against San City, I will behead them,” said Jing Tian Ao. He felt a bit guilty, and he didn’t want to be extreme in his actions.

Lin Feng was happy to hear that. He was worried about the future of San City if he died, but now Jing Tian Ao had promised him San City would be safe in the future, even if he died.

“Thank you very much, Master,” said Lin Feng smiling. But Supreme God Xie squeezed his neck with full force. His face paled even more. He was suffocating.

“Evil old grouch, I made a promise so I hope you won’t bully my son ever again,” Jing Tian Ao said to Supreme God Xie icily. He was warning Supreme God Xie that if he didn’t keep his promise, a battle would be inevitable.

“Hehe, of course. Don’t worry. I will keep my promise,” said Supreme God Xie smiling widely. He was happy because Jing Tian Ao didn’t intend to save Lin Feng.

“Alright, see you then!” replied Jing Tian Ao. He slowly disappeared. Yan Tie Sheng stayed there to protect San City.

“Alright, they’re all gone. Come with me now,” said Supreme God Xie smiling coldly and looking at Lin Feng. He was about to leave San City with Lin Feng.

“Brother, release my brother! You bastard!” shouted Xiao Qing. The Black Dragon King was holding her back, but she pushed him away and flew up. She couldn’t let Supreme God Xie take her brother away.

“Hum, nice body, little girl. Unfortunately, your face looks horrible, so fuck off!” said Supreme God Xie cruelly. At the beginning, he had cast greedy eyes on her, but when he saw her disfigured face under her veil, he was disgusted.

Supreme God Xie slapped Xiao Qing. Xiao Qing screamed and was blown away. Everybody’s faces fell.

“No, you bastard! I’ll crush you!” shouted Lin Feng, his face reddening. His muscles all twitched. He shouted desperately and pushed Supreme God Xie away. He hurtled down because Xiao Qing was falling down from the sky.

“Brother! Don’t worry about me! Hurry up and escape!” Xiao Qing’s veil flew away. Her scarred face appeared. Her eyes were wet.

“Xiao Qing, take my hand!” shouted Lin Feng, flying towards Xiao Qing at bullet speed. He stretched out his hand, but Xiao Qing pushed his hand away.

“NO! NO! XIAO QING!” shouted Lin Feng. His hair and black robe fluttered in the wind. Xiao Qing was falling towards the ground. If she fell from a thousand meters like that, she would die.

“Silly girl! Why!?” a gentle voice sighed. Lin Feng snapped back to his senses. He saw someone appear at extreme speed. They managed to catch Xiao Qing.


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