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Chapter 754: Condition!


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Lin Feng took a deep breath. Xiao Qing was saved.

Lin Feng had the impression his heart was going to explode. If Xiao Qing had died, Lin Feng would have gone crazy.

Luckily, someone had shown up to save Xiao Qing… someone with a woman’s voice.

Lin Feng coughed blood. His face was extremely pale. Behind him, Supreme God Xie thrust out his palm. Lin Feng was blown a hundred zhang away. Supreme God Xie disappeared and reappeared behind Lin Feng.

Supreme God Xie didn’t stay up in the air, he decided to go back to the ground. He had to see this old friend.

Supreme God Xie landed on the ground. He glanced at all those people he considered pieces of trash, such as the Black Dragon King and the others. However, that old woman was different.

The old woman’s hair wasn’t white, but she had wrinkles and was crooked, like Supreme God Xie.

“Supreme God Ma Gu, you’ve been hiding for tens of thousands of years, and now you show up?” mocked Supreme God Xie, but his eyes were sharp. It was rare to see such an expression on Supreme God Xie’s fac,e which meant Ma Gu was extremely strong.

Supreme God Ma Gu glanced at Supreme God Xie and then at Xiao Qing, who had fallen unconscious. Supreme God Ma Gu ground her teeth when she looked at Xiao Qing’s disfigured face.

Removing scars and healing a face wasn’t really possible.

Supreme God Ma Gu’s heart twitched. Life had always been unfair for Xiao Qing. On top of that, she was now disfigured and there was a special kind of poison she had touched in the valley where she had fallen which made it even harder to heal her scars.

She had done that for Lin Feng, the heroic man she considered her brother. She didn’t want to get married, ever, and she had decided not to show her beautiful face to any man ever.

Lin Feng didn’t know that. Supreme God Ma Gu did and hated Lin Feng for that. Even if Supreme God Xie didn’t kill him, she would never forgive him.

“Evil old grouch, act as I had never shown up,” said Supreme God Ma Gu, glancing at Supreme God Xie indifferently. She left with Xiao Qing in her arms.

Supreme God Xie wanted to chase her, but he knew she was extremely strong. Supreme God Ma Gu was probably one of the strongest people in the Country of Eternity.

Lin Feng watched Supreme God Ma Gu leave with Xiao Qing in her arms. He was satisfied. Yan Tie Sheng could protect San City, Xiao Qing was with Supreme God Ma Gu so she was safe, and Jing Tian Ao had rescued Jing Wu Hen.

Apart from him, everybody else was safe and sound! That was enough.

Supreme God Xie smiled mockingly. He scoffed and said, “All the people you care about have been rescued. What about you?

“Hehehehe, Jing Wu Hen has a father. That ugly little girl has Supreme God Ma Gu. I am not sure I could defeat Jing Tian Ao and Supreme God Ma Gu, so I let them go. But I will release my anger on you, little boy! Hahahaha!”

“You killed Xie Ling, huh? Good, good! Hehe! You killed him, so I won’t kill you too quickly. First, we’ll go to Lang Xie City. I’ll absorb that little boy’s life. Then we’ll go to Jin Lun City. I’ll show you what torture is!” said Supreme God Xie, laughing ferociously. Lin Feng had killed his chief disciple, what a humiliation! Lin Feng now had to pay the price!

When Lin Feng heard Supreme God Xie talk about going to Lang Xie City to absorb Tian Fan’s life, his expression changed drastically.

“No! You can’t absorb Tian Fan’s life!” shouted Lin Feng quickly. Supreme God Xie was startled.

The old man stared at Lin Feng and asked, “Why can’t I absorb his life?”

“Master, you’re a cultivator of the top of the Supreme God layer, be wise. I beg you, he’s already lost his manhood, that’s already worse than being dead,” Lin Feng implored him.

“Hehe, you care more about people than about yourself. Unfortunately for you, I am not a sensitive person. I have absolutely no compassion. On top of that, don’t you know that Tian Fan asked me to help him break through to the medium-level Supreme God layer as quickly as possible to kill you?” chortled Supreme God Xie. He was surprised that Lin Feng was begging him to save the life of someone who wanted to kill him. If Lin Feng hadn’t killed Xie Ling, Supreme God Xie would have been interested in recruiting him as a disciple.

“I know,” Lin Feng nodded.

Supreme God Xie was even more astonished. “Why do you want me to spare his life if you know?”

“I owe his father, so I don’t want him to die,” Lin Feng said honestly. Even though Tian Di and Lin Feng used to be enemies, Tian Di had done his best to warn Lin Feng about Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor.

Lin Feng would never forget that. Now Tian Fan was in a difficult position, and Lin Feng didn’t want him to die. It wasn’t necessary.

Supreme God Xie seemed amused. “Little boy, you want me to spare his life? Okay, I can do that.”

“At what price?” Lin Feng knew that Supreme God Xie wouldn’t agree to do something out of pure generosity without asking for something in exchange. But it didn’t matter anymore. Nothing mattered anymore.

“Smart little boy. If you hadn’t killed Xie Ling, I would have really recruited you as a disciple,” said Supreme God Xie, smiling and stroking his beard.

“I won’t absorb his life. I will absorb yours instead! Two hundred thousand years of your life, so not that much, what do you think?” asked Supreme God Xie smiling sinisterly.

Lin Feng’s heart twitched. Two hundred thousand years? And Supreme God Xie said “not much”?

Most Supreme Gods had a life expectancy of a hundred and fifty thousand years. Ordinary high-level Supreme Gods had a life expectancy of two hundred thousand years. Lin Feng had the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer, but he could already kill high-level Supreme Gods so he probably had a life expectancy of two hundred thousand years. {Translator’s Note: the author sometimes says some people are hundreds of thousands of years old so maybe it’s just an expression, or maybe he forgot about that}

So if Supreme God Xie absorbed two hundred thousand years of Lin Feng’s life expectancy, Lin Feng would grow old very quickly and then he would die.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but wonder if it was worth doing that for Tian Fan. Was sacrificing himself for an enemy worth it? Maybe he would die and then, what would happen to his wives and relatives?

He would never be able to reach the clouds as he had promised himself.

How could he give up after having done so much already?

Lin Feng wasn’t happy, but if he refused, Tian Fan would die…

He was in a difficult position.

“Hehe, it seems like you’re not as determined as I thought. Anyway, I was joking. I can’t absorb two hundred thousand years of your life that easily, I wouldn’t even be able to do it in six months. Don’t worry.

“Tian Fan still has a life expectancy of ten thousand years. I need another ten thousand years, will you give them to me?” asked Supreme God Xie, smiling evilly.

Lin Feng was relieved. “Alright. I accept. If you don’t kill Tian Fan, I agree to give you ten thousand years,” Lin Feng nodded.

Ten thousand years wasn’t a lot, but it wasn’t little, either. In any case, his life expectancy would increase after becoming a high-level Supreme God.

Of course, Lin Feng had to survive to reach such a level. His life was in Supreme God Xie’s hands anyway.

“Let’s go to Jin Lun City. Let’s show the geniuses of Jin Lun City who the legendary Lin Feng is!” said Supreme God Xie, smiling expectantly. He threw Lin Feng away. A rope appeared around Lin Feng’s legs and tied them up. Supreme God Xie grabbed the rope and dragged Lin Feng away. Even if Lin Feng released all his pure Qi, he couldn’t break free.

Supreme God Xie took Lin Feng to Jin Lun City that way. He didn’t know that taking Lin Feng there was probably the biggest mistake he would ever make in his life…

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