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Chapter 755: Sealed Strength, But Still Dignified!


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All the strongest geniuses of Jin Lun City rushed over when Lin Feng arrived. They wanted to teach the arrogant fool a good lesson. They wanted to show him people from Jin Lun City were proud and dignified.

Supreme God Xie didn’t kill Lin Feng. He had already cut Lin Feng’s wings, though. He couldn’t fly away from Jin Lun City. Too many strong cultivators were watching him.

Supreme God Xie first took Lin Feng to the main palace of Jin Lun City. Lin Feng had also killed Jin Xuan Lun, Supreme God Jin Lun’s older son. Supreme God Jin Lun hated Lin Feng.

All the strong cultivators of Jin Lun City kept stirring restlessly because they were afraid Lin Feng would find a way to escape.

There were many people in the main palace. All the medium-level Supreme Gods had gathered there. Supreme God Jin Lun was seated on his Golden Dragon Throne. He was wearing a golden robe and a golden crown. Even the table in front of him was made of gold.

People from Jin Lun City loved luxury, money, and gold. Few places were as rich as Jin Lun City.

Lin Feng’s feet were tied up. Supreme God Xie had sealed his meridians so Lin Feng couldn’t use pure Qi, and he couldn’t use Tao skills, either.

Supreme God Xie also sat down right opposite Supreme God Jin Lun. If anyone else had done that, Supreme God Jin Lun would have beheaded them. However, he didn’t dare act arrogantly or recklessly in front of Supreme God Xie.

“Lin Feng, kowtow in front of the leader of Jin Lun City!” shouted an elder of Jin Lun City angrily.

Lin Feng glanced at him and smiled scornfully, “Sorry. I am not used to kowtowing or kneeling down.” Lin Feng glanced at the crowd, keeping his disdainful smile.

Supreme God Jin Lun looked at the elder. The elder did his best to look as angry as he could to show Supreme God Jin Lun how devoted he was. Thinking about it, the man jumped, laughed eagerly. He threw a punch at Lin Feng’s chest.

Lin Feng couldn’t use pure Qi and his legs were tied up. What could he do? The man was a medium-level Supreme God, he could easily crush a piece of trash.

“How dare you speak like that in front of His Majesty! Die!” shouted the, man laughing loudly. His face was distorted with ferocious hate. He wanted Lin Feng to cry and beg for mercy, but Lin Feng didn’t so the man condensed even more energies in his fist.

From the man’s face, Lin Feng could see he was petty and vile. He grunted icily. He couldn’t use pure Qi, but it would be such a pity to be killed by such a piece of trash.

“Your teeth are not even sharp for you to be a dog. A dog without teeth is just a disgrace, for himself and his master. Piss off!” shouted Lin Feng, working his legs. He jumped, lifted his feet and hammered the man with them.

The man was blown away out of the window of the hall and crashed to the ground outside. When he crashed to the ground, he cried out in pain.

“You overestimated yourself, hehe,” said Lin Feng, standing up again. He patted his clothes to remove the dust. Everybody was staring at him as he smiled icily and said, “Don’t look at me like that. You can see that I’m tied up and yet you want to bully me to regain your honor? My legs are tied up and you think you can do whatever you wish? What is so honorable about defeating someone who’s tied up? Hehe, a bunch of idiots. If my pure Qi weren’t sealed, you wouldn’t look at me like that,” he sneered at them.

He was right, nobody would dare bully him like that if his pure Qi weren’t sealed. In normal conditions, Lin Feng could easily crush these young geniuses from Jin Lun City.

But at that moment, they weren’t afraid of him. They just considered him easy prey, so they didn’t hesitate to bully him. Lin Feng wanted to make those people understand that they weren’t going to regain their honor and dignity with such methods.

Lin Feng smiled scornfully. He considered all these so-called geniuses as trash.

When Supreme God Jin Lun saw Lin Feng’s scornful look, he was even angrier. He had thought they would all have a good time humiliating Lin Feng and bullying him, but in the end Lin Feng had humiliated them!

“Hmph! You have a glib tongue, huh?! But you’re just a piece of trash!” said Supreme God Jin Lun smiling wickedly, before slapping Lin Feng’s face. Lin Feng grunted in pain and was blown away before crashing to the ground.

“Haha! You’re just a random piece of trash!”

“Indeed! You think too highly of yourself.”

“Jin Lun City is a powerful place. We have many geniuses. We can crush you as we wish, you piece of trash. You’re lucky we didn’t participate in the war in San Country, otherwise, we would have killed you already!”

“Lin Feng? You may be strong, but right now your life is in our hands. What makes you think you can be so arrogant?”

After Supreme God Jin Lun scolded Lin Feng, all the young geniuses of Jin Lun City started insulting and making fun of him. They kept calling him a piece of trash, which reminded him of the Lin Clan long ago. They kept calling him a piece of trash, too.

Almost two hundred years had already passed since then. Time flies…

“Lin Feng, what makes you think you can be so arrogant?” demanded a disciple at that moment. He crouched down and pinched Lin Feng’s nose with brutal force, bursting into laughter.

“What makes me think I can act arrogantly? What if I killed you right now?” asked Lin Feng, smiling at the fool.

“Oh no, move back!” shouted Supreme God Jin Lun in alarm.

It was too late, though. Even though Lin Feng couldn’t use pure Qi, he still had his hands. He reached out with his hands, grabbed the disciple’s head, and squeezed with lethal force. The disciple’s head exploded and a mixture of flesh and blood splashed everywhere.

Everybody was horrified. Lin Feng then stood up and wiped the blood off his hands, glancing at the headless corpse on the ground.

“If anyone else wants to bully me, come closer. I’m waiting,” said Lin Feng, glancing around. All the elders and the young geniuses were intimidated. When Lin Feng glanced at them, they couldn’t help but take some steps backwards.

Lin Feng smiled even more mockingly. No matter where he was, he remained the same, and he didn’t intend to be a coward, even when facing his enemies.

Supreme God Jin Lun was furious. In the end, he hammered the table with his fist. The golden table exploded as he stood up and got ready to kill Lin Feng.

“Jin Lun, you forgot what I told you?” Supreme God Xie said suddenly. His eyes had been closed since the beginning. Supreme God Jin Lun stopped and ground his teeth. He wanted to crush Lin Feng…

“Someone bring Lin Feng to the Wu Jue Valley. Imprison him there for half a year the first time!” shouted Supreme God Jin Lun in obvious irritation.

Some disciples rushed into the hall, twenty of them for only one person. The elders sighed. Lin Feng was really strong, even without pure Qi. They all had to remain careful…

“Take him!” said Supreme God Jin Lun icily. The twenty disciples quickly grabbed Lin Feng and took him away. Everybody would be relieved once Lin Feng was imprisoned.

Lin Feng smiled calmly. He didn’t attack these disciples. He followed them voluntarily, but he struggled to walk because his legs were still tied up.

Even though he didn’t know what kind of place Wu Jue Valley was, considering the fact that Supreme God Jin Lun hated him deeply, it probably wasn’t a nice place. Lin Feng took a deep breath. He was always ready to suffer and face new challenges. However, he never forgot, and his enemies would have to pay a high price.

Lin Feng didn’t forgive people who tried to make him suffer, or those who wanted to torture him. Torturing him could lead to disastrous consequences…

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