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Chapter 756: Wu Jue Valley!


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“Hurry up!” The disciples were annoyed because Lin Feng was extremely slow. At that pace, they’d need a whole day to reach Wu Jue Valley.

“Can you untie me, then?” inquired Lin Feng, pointing to his legs.

The man’s expression sank. He shouted impatiently, “Just walk as quickly as you can!”

“Brother, don’t talk to him. Let’s just focus,” said a disciple behind him. The man nodded and stopped talking.

Mentioning Wu Jue Valley sufficed to make any strong cultivator in Jin Lun City’s expression change drastically. It was a horrible place where people who made mistakes were sent. Ninety-nine percent of the people who were sent there died there, too.

Wu Jue Valley was known for its five “atrocities”: despair, lack of light, lack of water, slow death, extinction. Those were also linked to the five sorts of punishments people in Wu Jue Valley had to go through.

Wu Jue Valley was divided into smaller valleys. First, people were sent to the Valley of Despair. In the Valley of Despair, people felt hopeless, desperate, and exhausted. Then they were sent to Waterless Valley; people were extremely agitated there, and kept shaking all the time.

Then, they were sent to the Lightless Valley. There, people’s bodies turned pitch-black from head to toe. Their bodies continued shaking, but their hearts also beat faster. In such circumstances, people usually started being terrified, and the more terrified they were, the closer they were to death.

In the end, they were sent to Lifeless Valley where they perished slowly, and then their corpses were sent to the last valley, the Valley of Destruction.


One day passed, and Lin Feng couldn’t feel his legs anymore. He just moved automatically. He ignored the pain and walked faster and faster.

It was soon night time. There were stars in the sky and a beautiful moon. Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the moon.

“What are you looking at? Go in!” shouted a disciple angrily. He pushed Lin Feng into the valley. Nobody told Lin Feng anything as he ended up in the Valley of Despair.

Even if Lin Feng couldn’t use pure Qi, he still managed to land on his feet. He was used to jumping all the time. When he landed, the chain-rope, which was actually made of metal, clinked loudly. Many of the prisoners were startled.

Even though it was already night outside, it was bright in the valley. Lin Feng was surprised because he didn’t feel desperate and hopeless in the Valley of Despair. On the contrary, he felt good. It felt like a new birth.

He took a deep breath and calmed down, then looked at the other prisoners. They were staring back at him too.

Some people were seated, some others were lying on the ground, some were seated on other people’s faces to scare everybody else away.

These people were wearing black prisoners’ clothes. They all had dirty long hair. Their faces were covered with sweat and dust.

Everybody had a beard. Those with dark beards looked even more aggressive and ferocious. All those who were seated on other people’s faces were tall and sturdy and had black beards.

Lin Feng realized that living in here wouldn’t be relaxing. Newcomers were like sheep, stronger and older prisoners were like wolves.

It smelled horrible in here too, like putrefaction. It was one of the most disgusting places Lin Feng had ever smelled so far.

Lin Feng didn’t get close to the hundreds of other prisoners. He just looked for a quiet place to sit down. Finally, Lin Feng found a big log. It was perfect to sit on. The landscape around wasn’t bad, either.

Lin Feng glanced at the crowd and then walked towards the log. The chain on his legs clinked with every step.

As Lin Feng got closer to the log, many people looked at him with sorrow and compassion.

Lin Feng didn’t understand why. He just continued walking towards the log and sat down on it.

The whole valley went completely silent. Lin Feng couldn’t even hear people breathe anymore. He looked around. Everyone looked astonished.

“Hehe, someone dared sit down on the King of the Valley’s chair? It’s been a very long time,” someone said mockingly. Everybody raised their heads to look at a man. He was in a corner, his eyes closed.

He was wearing a green robe made of actual tree leaves. His hair was long. He even had his hair wound around his neck twice. When the man spoke, everybody paled, including the prisoners who were seated on other prisoners’ faces.

Their hearts started pounding. Lin Feng could even hear everybody’s heartbeats. He really didn’t understand. Who had just spoken? Why were these people so scared?

Lin Feng’s curiosity was aroused. He glanced around and noticed the man in the corner.

The man looked like a beast. But after looking carefully, Lin Feng noticed that the man actually looked elegant, smart, and outstanding, but because his hair was wound around his neck, he looked a bit intimidating.

Lin Feng studied the man coolly. The man stared back at Lin Feng. An implicit battle was starting and Lin Feng wasn’t in a bad position at all, even though he didn’t have pure Qi. He even had the advantage, but their small vitality collision ended up in a draw.

The man definitely wasn’t an easy person to deal with. Those people were all scared of him. Even the toughest ones had stood up.

“You’re new here. Do you really want to be the king of the valley?” asked the man coldly. Their small vitality collision had ended up in a draw, which was incredible.

“My name is Lin Feng, what’s yours?” replied Lin Feng, smiling and nodding casually.

The man was surprised, but he smiled and said, “So you’re the one who killed Xie Ling and Jin Xuan Lun?”

“How did you hear about that? You’re imprisoned here,” said Lin Feng. He was surprised. The man was in the Valley of Despair, how had he heard the news?

“You’re famous now, Lin Feng. Everybody knows about you in Jin Lun City. You killed Jin Xuan Lun and over fifty medium-level Supreme Gods… The strong cultivators of Jin Lun City all feel humiliated. Hehe. I’ll tell you the truth; you’re going to suffer a lot, more than any of us.

“I’m talking about geniuses from Jin Lun City, but also from the Fa Lan Empire and other groups. Jin Lun City will not let you off.

“Therefore, you have to be very careful,” said the man. He didn’t know Lin Feng, but he had a good feeling. Lin Feng , on the other hand, was surprised; why did the man tell him so much?

“No need to be surprised. I’m telling you those things just so that you don’t die too miserably,” said the man, smiling neutrally. He unwound his hair from his neck, and it fell to the ground. A clean and white face appeared. When Lin Feng saw that face, he was completely astonished, even dumbstruck. He almost fell down.

“Chu Chun Qiu, it’s you?”

The atmosphere in the Valley of Despair turned completely silent and solemn.

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