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Chapter 757: King of the Valley


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“Chu Chun Qiu?” The man was surprised, and didn’t understand why Lin Feng called him Chu Chun Qiu.

“No. You’re not Chu Chun Qiu. You really look like him though. Sorry,” said Lin Feng apologetically. Chu Chun Qiu and this man looked extremely similar.

Lin Feng quickly excluded that hypothesis though, because his Qi didn’t look like Chu Chun Qiu’s Qi. Chu Chun Qiu’s Qi was evil, whereas this man’s Qi was swift and fierce.

Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu used to be enemies. He was probably dead. But it had been a long time, so Lin Feng didn’t remember Chu Chun Qiu’s face that well. The probability of him recognizing Chu Chun Qiu was only seventy percent.

“You really cared about that guy called Chu Chun Qiu?” asked the man. He didn’t look as cold as in the beginning. Maybe it was because he knew the person he was facing was Lin Feng…

“We’re enemies,” replied Lin Feng, shaking his head, “But I don’t know if he’s still alive.”

“I see,” the man nodded. He glanced at the lights in the valley. They were bright, but they made most people feel hopeless and desperate.

“Do you feel hopeless and devastated?” asked the man, pointing to the bright lights.

“That’s what I think is strange. Why do I not feel hopeless and desperate at all?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t understand.

“Hehe, so you think so, too,” said the man, smiling and shaking his head. He turned around and pointing to a tall and sturdy man, one of the people who was seated on someone’s head just before. He looked extremely strong.

“Do you feel hopeless and desperate?” asked the man.

The tall and sturdy man nodded respectfully, “I do feel desperate.”

“Lin Feng, they all feel desperate and hopeless, do you know why?” asked the man, smiling grimly.

Lin Feng still didn’t understand, so he hoped the man would explain what was going on.

“Actually, it’s very simple. When a place is brightly lit, you hope, but what if you don’t use that light for a hundred years? What if no connection is established between you and the hope for a thousand years?

“What happens is things turn into their opposite when they reach the extreme. When you arrive here and see those lights, you hope, but, hehe, you don’t know what happens when you stay in here for too long. After a long time, the lights start making you feel hopeless and desperate. As time passes, you realize that you don’t know when you’re going to leave. No matter what you do, you can’t escape.

“You realize you will never be free. Isn’t that what hopelessness is?” said the man grimly. Lin Feng listened carefully.

He suddenly understood. In the Valley of Despair, at the beginning, people’s hearts were full of hope, but with time, they realized hope was useless because they would never be able to leave.

This was an extremely evil way of torturing people mentally.

“You understand why the place is so brightly lit now,” said the man, forcing another smile. He had no hope anymore. Some people who had been here for a shorter amount of time than him already felt powerless.

“I understand,” Lin Feng frowned. What a cruel way of torturing people!

“Hahaha! I want to die! Hahaha! Supreme God Jin Lun, you win! Hahahaha!” shouted someone suddenly as Lin Feng was lost in thought. The crowd turned around and looked at an old man who was laughing madly. He clenched his fists, and his whole body exploded.

When someone who didn’t have pure Qi exploded, no energy surged out, but the shock of the explosion sufficed to push away people who were extremely weak. However, that level of force had no effect on Lin Feng and the man.

It wasn’t the first time the man saw something like that in the Valley of Despair. He had seen many people commit suicide in the Valley of Despair.

“Some people who were really hopeful survived for hundreds, or even thousands of years in here, to the extent that they broke through to the high-level Supreme God layer. However, after a long time, they still started losing hope, and then they committed suicide.

“They didn’t even have the opportunity to go to the Waterless Valley. Their souls dispersed in here. Their thousands of years of practice was useless,” said the man sadly after the old man exploded. He had seen so many people commit suicide…

Every time, it made them feel even less hopeful, because it made everybody wonder if they would be the next one to commit suicide.

“How long have you been in here?” asked Lin Feng. The man seemed determined.

“Me? Hehe, I, Xiao Tian, have been in here for ten years, soon eleven. You don’t know yet, but I am the second person who’s managed to go through all of the Wu Jue Valley. So for me, it’s just a cycle,” said the man, smiling proudly. He was the second person who had gone through all the challenges of Wu Jue Valley, and now he was back in the first valley. He had just been a little bit too slow, otherwise, he would have been the first!

“I see,” Lin Feng nodded. Lin Feng hadn’t known there were people who could go through all the challenges of Wu Jue Valley, and then start from the beginning again. Xiao Tian was one of them. The first one had seemingly left already, though?

“Who was the first one?” asked Lin Feng. He was very curious. And where was that person?

Many people were surprised, including Xiao Tian. Then they smiled. Lin Feng was confused. Why were they smiling? Were they making fun of him?

“Hehe, you killed him! Hehe, why ask me?” answered Xiao Tian, smiling grimly.

Lin Feng’s eyes went wide. He had killed many people, but among those he had killed, the only one who could have gone through all the challenges of Wu Jue Valley was Xie Ling. Jin Xuan Lun’s princes couldn’t possibly have been imprisoned in here.

“So Xie Ling was the first one?” Lin Feng asked, incredulous. So the first person who had achieved something that great was now dead…

“He became stronger after that. Supreme God Xie was amazed, and decided to recruit him as a chief disciple. I finished the first cycle a little bit too late, but I hope that after the next cycle, I’ll manage to get out.”

“Lin Feng, I hope that we won’t become competitors then,” said Xiao Tian, smiling ironically. Lin Feng didn’t find that funny, though. He knew he would have to remain extremely vigilant. He was confident that he wouldn’t get stuck in here, and that his only competitor would be Xiao Tian.

Lin Feng wouldn’t give up an opportunity just to let Xiao Tian leave. Every man for himself. Besides, Xiao Tian and Lin Feng weren’t friends. They had just exchanged a few sentences.

Therefore, Lin Feng didn’t say anything, but Xiao Tian understood what it meant. He was a bit worried. Maybe he would have to go through a third cycle…

“Let’s forget about that for the time being. I’ll tell you about the King of the Valley,” said Xiao Tian, changing the topic. He didn’t want to talk about sore points too much. At the beginning, he didn’t know who Lin Feng was, so he was angry when Lin Feng sat down on the King of the Valley’s throne, because even he had never dared do that.

Now everybody knew who Lin Feng was, including Xiao Tian, so he wasn’t angry anymore. Lin Feng had killed over fifty medium-level Supreme Gods and Xie Ling, he was definitely qualified to be the King of the Valley!

“King of the Valley? What is the King of the Valley?” asked Lin Feng. Why was Xiao Tian so angry at the beginning?

“You sat down on the log, so you’re the King of the Valley,” said Xiao Tian. Even though he didn’t feel like admitting Lin Feng was the new King of the Valley, Lin Feng was extremely strong, and a perfect candidate for that position.

“Xiao Tian, can you tell me more about the King of the Valley?” asked Lin Feng. He had an idea, but he needed to understand what it meant properly.

“Hehe, no need. Someone else will explain everything to you,” said Xiao Tian. Initially, he wanted to explain everything to Lin Feng himself, but he had just noticed a few dark silhouettes. When he saw them, he smiled broadly.

Lin Feng would get the best explanation!


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