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Chapter 758: You’re Messing with The Wrong Person!


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Lin Feng watched the four men descend from the sky. He was surprised. Their whole bodies were wrapped up in extremely heavy shackles; most people would have been unable to move, but not those four men.

Lin Feng watched them solemnly. They didn’t look friendly, but instead ice-cold.

Lin Feng didn’t stand up, but all the other prisoners, including Xiao Tian, stood up and moved away to give them space.

Lin Feng was seated on the log. The four men looked at Lin Feng and ignored the others.

“As expected, someone is seated on the King of the Valley’s throne,” said the man at the front. He was wearing a purple robe. The four men glanced at one another.

“A new one?” said a tall and sturdy man standing next to the one in purple clothes, smiling mockingly.

“Yes, new and ignorant,” said the man in purple clothes, nodding and smiling. He looked at Lin Feng ferociously.

“You’re new?” asked the man in purple clothes coldly. He sounded extremely conceited. Lin Feng had to reply or the consequences would be terrible.

Lin Feng frowned and looked over those four arrogant people. He smiled. They were all prisoners, so why did those people need to act arrogantly in front of him?

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He didn’t feel like giving these people face. Besides, they were definitely backed up by his enemies; who else would have sent them to Wu Jue Valley otherwise?

Or maybe these four people were from the other valleys; they had probably gone through the Valley of Destruction, Waterless Valley, Lightless Valley, and the Valley of Destruction.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng smiled. No wonder those four people were extremely arrogant. They had already gone through several valleys; they were definitely extremely strong!

But those people had chosen the wrong person to bully. Lin Feng was fully ready to resort to violence.

He didn’t say anything, and as expected, the four people grew annoyed. The one in purple, the tall and sturdy man, and the two men in black clothes were all angry. The atmosphere became tense.

“I asked you something! Are you deaf?!” shouted the man in purple clothes furiously. He wanted to crush Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t intend to belittle himself. “I heard you,” said Lin Feng, raising his head and looking at the purple-clothed man.

The purple-clothed man looked at him icily and howled, “Since you heard me, why didn’t you answer!?”

“You’re a nobody. Why would I need to reply?” responded Lin Feng, pretending to be confused.

When the crowd in the valley heard that, they all had cold sweats. Lin Feng dared disrespect those people? That was reckless! Many people looked at him sympathetically. Some people even lowered their heads. They didn’t want to see Lin Feng get crushed.

Xiao Tian smiled icily. He despised those four people, and now Lin Feng was infuriating them. Xiao Tian rejoiced.

The man in purple clothes looked even more ferocious.

“The new guy is pretty arrogant, huh?” spat the man in purple clothes hotly. His Qi became colder and colder. Everybody knew he was going to burst into a frenzy.

“Have you never been new in here?” asked Lin Feng indifferently, which infuriated the man even more.

Lin Feng reminded him that he was a prisoner on purpose. He wanted to remind these four people that they were prisoners too, no matter how strong they were.

“Hehe. So I need to teach the new guy a good lesson, huh? Otherwise, if new people arrive, they will think they can act arrogantly like you. We need to teach new people that they have to respect those who’ve been in here longer than them.” The man’s eyes were filled with killing intent. His face was distorted with fury.

“Teach me a good lesson? You’re think you’re qualified to talk like that?” replied Lin Feng coolly. The man was very confident, which infuriated Lin Feng. He wasn’t angry at the beginning, but now he was starting to be.

“You want to try?” asked the man, smiling coldly. He rolled up his sleeves and threw himself at Lin Feng like a bullet. In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Lin Feng. His shackles didn’t slow him down at all.

Apart from that, he doesn’t have much to be proud of, thought Lin Feng.

“I’ll teach you a good lesson then,” said Lin Feng calmly. He raised his left hand and reached out quickly. He grabbed the man’s arm and squeezed it hard, then pushed the man’s fist back. Lin Feng then punched the man in the chest with his other hand.

“Argh! You…” the man paled and coughed blood as he was smashed away and crashed into a wall in the valley with an explosive crunch.

The atmosphere became extremely tense. The crowd was shocked. Lin Feng had defeated the man in purple clothes in just two attacks?

Before coming back, he had just arrived in Lifeless Valley. He usually had the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer, but his Qi had been sealed, so his physical strength had increased, and yet it wasn’t enough to defeat Lin Feng.

Everybody was astonished. Lin Feng’s fighting abilities were incredible!

The man in purple clothes had been put down. The tall and sturdy fellow behind him looked grim.

He shouted out and threw himself at Lin Feng, trying to crush him

Unfortunately for the tall and sturdy man, Lin Feng smiled coldly and threw another punch. He punched the man in the head, and the man’s skull crackled. He screamed and put his hands on his head, then collapsed. His life would become worse than death.

The remaining two men in black clothes were terrified and astonished. Lin Feng’s power was explosive. They couldn’t do anything more.

“It’s time for you two to piss off as well,” Lin Feng said to the remaining two ones coldly. There were two explosions, and the two cultivators were blown away, their shackles clanging loudly.

Both men coughed blood. Lin Feng had defeated them in one punch.

All the prisoners were astonished. Lin Feng seemed so relaxed and yet his attacks were so brutal. Everybody used to be extremely scared of Xiao Tian, but now they realized Lin Feng was even more terrifying.

He had defeated the tall and sturdy man in one punch and his skull had cracked. Actually, at that moment, he had his hand on his head as his Qi disappeared. He died.

Lin Feng had defeated four people from Lifeless Valley and Waterless Valley.

“Morons. You pissed off the wrong person,” Lin Feng grinned savagely. The remaining three people looked terrified.

“What? You lost! Piss off now! Or do you want me to punch you away?” said Lin Feng, going back to the log.

The atmosphere was chilling. The man in purple clothes and the two men in black clothes looked at Lin Feng impotently, as they didn’t want to die like their taller colleague.

“Lin Feng, we’ll take good care of you in Lightless Valley,” the man in black clothes threatened.

“What? You want me to teach you another lesson?” Lin Feng frowned and clenching his fists. The men in black clothes immediately flew away in terror. The one in purple clothes followed them hastily.

Finally, the three people disappeared from the Valley of Despair. Only the tall and sturdy man’s body remained behind.

“Take your friend’s corpse, there’s no space for a corpse here!” shouted Lin Feng loudly. He lifted the corpse and hurled it out of the valley.

The atmosphere became completely silent in the Valley of Despair. One could only hear people breathing.

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