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Chapter 759: Chen Guang Yu?


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“Lin Feng, nobody has ever dared kill anyone in the Valley of Despair. You’re the first one,” said Xiao Tian, after remaining silent for a very long time. His voice was filled with admiration and respect. He had wanted to teach those people a good lesson for a long time, but he had never dared because there were tacit rules in the valley.

Now Lin Feng had killed one cultivator and scared three others away. What a humiliation for Jin Lun City!

The people of Jin Lun City wouldn’t let Lin Feng off. Lin Feng had killed people, and he would definitely get in trouble because of it.

“Lin Feng, you killed people, it’s going to make things even more difficult for you,” Xiao Tian frowned and sighed.

Lin Feng smiled apathetically. He didn’t care about those things. It was his way of life. He approached each battle as if it could be the last. With time, he felt more and more relaxed.

Lightless Valley was in a good mood. Everybody admired him for what he had done. They wished they were as brave and strong as him. They wished they had been brave enough to teach those four people a good lesson. Even though they were prisoners too, Jin Lun City took care of the four a little bit better.

But Lin Feng had killed one of them instead, and hadn’t given Jin Lun City any face.

“Haha! The King of the Valley of Despair killed the King of Lightless Valley. I think that everybody will hear about that in Jin Lun City in less than an hour!” exclaimed Xiao Tian, smiling broadly. He tried not to worry about the difficulties Lin Feng would face in the future.

The other prisoners also looked at him in admiration. Even though they were stuck in Wu Jue Valley, everybody also knew that there were better valleys than others. The Valley of Despair was one of the worst valleys.

The four people had been kings in other valleys. Being a king increased their chances of going to a different valley afterwards.


Very quickly, another day passed. Xiao Tian was surprised because Lin Feng didn’t face any new difficulties. Jin Lun City didn’t send anyone again. On the contrary, the atmosphere was calm. However, everybody was convinced that it was the calm before the storm.

Lin Feng didn’t care. He just focused on becoming stronger. Even though his meridians had been sealed, he could still use physical strength. He also had a primal chaos body, so he was already naturally stronger in terms of physical strength, and he also progressed faster.

During those two weeks, apart from becoming stronger physically, Lin Feng also explored the Valley of Despair. The more he explored, the more relaxed he felt. He also got used to having his legs tied up and after some time, it felt as if the rope had become a part of his body.

Even though Lin Feng still couldn’t use pure Qi and special attacks, he was confident that he could even injure a medium-level Supreme God whose pure Qi wasn’t sealed.


Half a month later, the calm of the valley was finally interrupted, for Lin Feng at least.

On that day, early in the morning, three men in black clothes landed in the valley. It was never dark in the Valley of Despair, so people had to feel the Qi of the atmosphere to guess what time it was. Living in perpetual light was horrible for some people. After half a month, Lin Feng’s mood had also changed a little bit.

The three people stood in the middle of the valley and looked at Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, come with us,” said the leader of the group, an aggressive middle-aged man.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the three men. From their clothes, he could see that they weren’t prisoners. They were either disciples or elders of Jin Lun City. Lin Feng didn’t care about them. He was just curious to see what Jin Lun City intended to do this time.

Lin Feng didn’t get angry. He was used to these arrogant people.

He stood up and slowly started walking. The chain on his legs clinked lightly.

The leader of the group frowned and spat icily, “Can’t you walk silently? That sound is pissing me off.”

Lin Feng walked past the man and said icily, “I am giving you face; you better not cause trouble, or you’ll suffer a tragic and violent death,” said Lin Feng calmly and indifferently. The leader of the group was stupefied, but remained wary.

He had heard many things about Lin Feng. Lin Feng gave him face, so he didn’t dare continue. Everybody knew how terrifying Lin Feng could be.

The man grabbed Lin Feng and the four of them rose up and flew in the direction of Jin Lun City.

When Lin Feng saw the sun. It made him feel much better all of a sudden. No wonder people felt depressed and hopeless in the Valley of Despair. Artificial lights and the sun were two different things.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, he just followed theme. He could even follow them without being dragged. He was used to having his legs tied up.


In half an hour, they traveled over a distance of a few hundred li, arriving at an unknown palace. There were two buildings made of gold.

Lin Feng walked to the main gate. The three cultivators took him inside a dark room.

“Wait here. Someone is going to come,” said the leader of the group calmly, but he remained alert.

Lin Feng nodded. He didn’t care about them. He just sat down and waited.


Time passed slowly. Lin Feng was seated there alone. He wasn’t worried, though. He had spent half a month in the Valley of Despair, so he wasn’t afraid of staying in that room.

A day passed, and nobody came. Lin Feng didn’t try to escape. He just cultivated.

Someone knocked at the door and opened it slowly. Lin Feng raised his head and watched someone enter the room.

Lin Feng saw a man in blue clothes. He looked handsome and smart, like many men in the Country of Eternity. However, many of them were aggressive, too.

It was hard to imagine that such handsome men could be so aggressive. However, from his Qi, it was clear that this man was a real killer. Maybe he looked handsome just because he liked women?

In the world of cultivation, strength was the most important thing, and there was no link between strength and appearance. Good looking people weren’t necessarily stronger.

“Lin Feng, we’re finally meeting,” smiled the man as he entered the room.

Lin Feng didn’t know who this person was. He had never seen him before.

“Don’t be surprised. We don’t know each other. I’ve just heard a lot about you,” said the man casually. “I wonder if you’ve ever heard about me,” said the man in blue clothes, smiling broadly.

“Who are you?” asked Lin Feng.

“Me? Hehe. I am Chen Guang Yu. I am from the Fa Lan Empire. I came just to see you!” said the man, smiling resplendently.

“You’re Chen Guang Yu?” asked Lin Feng. He was surprised. He had heard that name before, but he had never seen him.

When Lin Feng had been taken to Jin Lun City, he had heard of Chen Guang Yu, but the man hadn’t shown up.

A disciple had said that Chen Guang Yu could destroy Lin Feng, but at that moment, it didn’t look like it….

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