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Chapter 760: Lin Feng vs. Chen Guang Yu!


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“So, what is the purpose of your visit? You also want to teach me a good lesson?” asked Lin Feng impatiently. He didn’t care about Chen Guang Yu, and he wasn’t nervous at all.

Chen Guang Yu smiled indifferently. He didn’t pay attention to Lin Feng’s tone of speech, saying with a smile, “I thought you wouldn’t have the patience to wait here a whole night and an entire day. I thought you’d go crazy and fly into a rage, but you didn’t.”

“Well, you don’t know me. You think I’m an impulsive crazy man, right?” replied Lin Feng sarcastically.

“Indeed. I thought you had an explosive personality, and that you were extremely impulsive,” agreed Chen Guang Yu. His first impression of Lin Feng was completely different from what he had thought.

“I do tend to ignore the consequences of my acts, otherwise, I wouldn’t have killed all those pieces of trash from Jin Lun City, and Xie Ling and Jin Xuan Lun.”

“But you always do things for a reason, right? You killed Xie Ling and so many strong cultivators because they slaughtered the people of the slum, didn’t you?”

“Hehe, since you know, do I need to explain? Are you trying to infuriate me on purpose? Are you looking for a good reason to fight against me?” Lin Feng asked, smiling icily.

Chen Guang Yu frowned. Indeed, that was exactly what he was trying to do, but he had underestimated Lin Feng. Lin Feng wasn’t someone who just flew into a frenzy over futile things.

“You’re disappointed,” observed Lin Feng.

Chen Guang Yu frowned. He smoothed his blue robe and said, “Come, Lin Feng. Show me how strong you are.”

“You want to fight?” Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change, but his tone of speech was slightly colder.

“What do you think?” answered Chen Guang Yu icily. He had heard about Lin Feng’s adventures. He was famous in many places already, especially in San Country and Lang Xie City.

Now he was in Jin Lun City and Chen Guang Yu finally had the opportunity to see him; he naturally wanted to sound out Lin Feng’s strength.

“Alright. I’ll fight against you,” said Lin Feng nodding indifferently.

“Alright, I’ll ask Supreme God Xie to remove the seal and the chain,” Chen Guang Yu nodded.

“No need. I can fight against you like this,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head.

The man looked glum and shouted furiously, “You disdain me? Or you think you can defeat me so easily?”

Chen Guang Yu was furious, and felt humiliated. Surprisingly, Lin Feng didn’t mind having a disadvantage in a fight against him.

Lin Feng’s way of thinking was simpler; he just wanted to see if he could compete with his pure Qi sealed and his legs tied up. He didn’t even really think he could defeat Chen Guang Yu like that, so saying he disdained him was exaggerated.

Lin Feng didn’t scorn Chen Guang Yu, he just wanted to use pure physical strength to fight, but he didn’t feel like explaining those things to him.

“If you want to fight, let’s start,” said Lin Feng, jumping away The chain clinked, but Lin Feng was already used to it and didn’t even think about it anymore.

Chen Guang Yu was surprised. Lin Feng seemed so relaxed in spite of the chain. How come?

“Lin Feng, it seems that I am the one who underestimated you.” whispered Chen Guang Yu. He could feel that Lin Feng was stronger than he had expected. If he hadn’t had them for half a month, it would have been much more complicated though.

Chen Guang Yu walked out of the palace and onto the gigantic kwoon. There were pillars and towers everywhere, built to block the energies created by fighters.

Chen Guang Yu and Lin Feng landed on the main kwoon. Half of the strong cultivators of Jin Lun City were stupefied when they heard a battle was starting, and Chen Guang Yu was there! Lin Feng didn’t realize that for most people in Jin Lun City, Chen Guang Yu was like a holy man.

He was a genius who had ranked sixth at the Competition of the West, then he had joined a mysterious group in the Fa Lan Empire. It was said that it was an ancient sect, similar to some ancient clans.

Chen Guang Yu had an incredible reputation in Jin Lun City, everybody knew him there. He had the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer and he was about to break through to the high-level Supreme God layer. A bright future awaited him.

What about Lin Feng, though? People in Jin Lun City didn’t really understand how strong he really was, but they knew he was terrifying. He had made Jin Xuan Lun commit suicide, and he had also tortured and killed Xie Ling, forcing the strong cultivators of Jin Lun City to bring his dismembered body back to Jin Lun City. People were scared of him.


Two legendary cultivators were fighting so it naturally attracted many people. In half an hour, hundreds of people had gathered around the kwoon. They were all Supreme Gods.

“Hey, who do you think will win?” asked a man.

“Do you even need to ask? Chen Guang Yu, of course. He exchanged hundreds of attacks against Jing Wu Hen. He’s also killed high-level Supreme Gods before.”

“I don’t think so. Lin Feng can win. I think it’ll be a draw. Lin Feng is terrifyingly strong too.”

“I think so too. A draw is plausible.”

“Hehe, we’ll see when Brother Chen Guang Yu crushes Lin Feng. He’ll regain our dignity,” spoke up another man, smiling mockingly. He didn’t believe Lin Feng was that strong.


At that moment, Chen Guang Yu and Lin Feng were facing each other. The battle was about to start.

“I can defeat you without using Tao skills,” said Chen Guang Yu, smiling coldly and confidently. He threw himself at Lin Feng and raised his right foot.

Lin Feng was unperturbed. He moved swiftly and with agility despite the chain.

Lin Feng shouted, and pushed himself off from a pillar. He gathered speed and threw his feet. Thanks to thechain, they were much heavier, so he had more force.

Chen Guang Yu kicked Lin Feng’s feet away with his right foot. He was experienced, and didn’t move recklessly. His movements were agile and stable. He landed on the ground and took just three steps back.

Lin Feng remained extremely cautious, too. He was extremely strong but without his real strength, it’d be complicated to win.

Thinking about that, Chen Guang Yu focused, and his Qi became explosive. The ground under his feet started trembling.

Chen Guang Yu wanted to seize the opportunity. He jumped again and threw a punch at Lin Feng’s chest. Chen Guang Yu didn’t use pure Qi either, just pure physical strength. His punch was extremely heavy.

Lin Feng’s expression still didn’t change, he looked as sharp as a sword.

He blocked Chen Guang Yu’s punch. They were both using pure physical strength, making this an explosive battle. Chen Guang Yu wanted to win, but in a fair fight.

“You think you control the situation?” Lin Feng grinned. He was excited. His blood was boiling.


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