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Chapter 761: Everything Was an Illusion?


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Lin Feng smiled icily. He held Chen Guang Yu’s arm and squeezed with even more force. Chen Guang Yu’s expression changed again. A terrifying strength spread throughout his meridians. Chen Guang Yu groaned icily and threw a kick.

Lin Feng was pushed back, but then flashed and kicked Chen Guang Yu while doing a backflip. He was agile, even though his legs were tied up. Chen Guang Yu was blown away.

“Oh my… Is it really happening?” said the man who had just criticized Lin Feng. He was astonished, his mouth hanging open. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Was Lin Feng that strong? He had just kicked Chen Guang Yu away as if he were a mere ball.

Everybody was amazed. They all stared at the fighters, trying not to miss a single part of this duel. On top of that, they weren’t using pure Qi at all, just pure physical strength. It was just astonishing. The battle was fierce and explosive, even though they weren’t using pure Qi at all.

Chen Guang Yu was blown away, but he didn’t hit the ground, he did all he could to stand back up in the air and then quickly threw a punch again. Qi appeared, there was an explosion, and everybody saw a tornado which had the shape of a blue dragon.

Lin Feng was startled, but he had no time to think, his opponent was too fast. Lin Feng understood that at this moment, Chen Guang Yu was using his full strength. Before, because Lin Feng’s pure Qi was sealed, Chen Guang Yu had gone easy on him, but now he understood that even though Lin Feng couldn’t use pure Qi, he wasn’t any easier to defeat, so he decided to use his full strength.

Lin Feng roared defiantly. He raised his hands and punched Chen Guang Yu’s fists. An explosion went off, and everybody sensed the ground shake under their feet. Their godly auras rumbled. Lin Feng was still standing on the ground, but now his feet were in the ground and a crater had appeared under him.

Chen Guang Yu was forced away by Lin Feng again. When he landed on the ground, he continued sliding backwards. When he finally stopped, his face was extremely pale. He looked at Lin Feng incredulously. He never thought that Lin Feng could be so strong even after his pure Qi was sealed. If he had underestimated Lin Feng a little bit more and been careless, he would have suffered a crushing defeat after the first attack.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. If Chen Guang Yu hadn’t used pure Qi at the last minute, he would have been crushed. Chen Guang Yu didn’t want to submit, so he had used pure Qi to protect himself. However, if he gave Lin Feng the opportunity to have his pure Qi unsealed, then Lin Feng was convinced he would be able to defeat Chen Guang Yu within a hundred attacks, regardless if Chen Guang Yu used pure Qi, physical strength, Tao skills or weapons. The result would remain the same.

In any case, the whole crowd was completely dumbstruck. Without using pure Qi, this duel was already incredible and splendid. Neither of them were merciful. However, if Chen Guang Yu hadn’t used pure Qi at the last minute, he would have been crushed.

The strong cultivators of Jin Lun City were stunned, and couldn’t accept the truth. Surprisingly, Lin Feng’s pure Qi was sealed, and yet he could defeat an incredible genius. What a joke!

Chen Guang Yu’s face was extremely pale. In appearance, he hadn’t really lost the battle since Lin Feng was in a crater, but he knew that if Lin Feng’s pure Qi hadn’t been sealed, the result of the battle would have been completely different. Chen Guang Yu would have ended up in a crater, not Lin Feng. He had to accept the fact that Lin Feng was the winner of the fight.

Chen Guang Yu’s cheeks burned. Lin Feng had punched him in the face, and his whole face hurt. He was definitely not strong enough to defeat Lin Feng.

Chen Guang Yu took a deep breath. Even though he didn’t want to accept the truth, everybody had seen the battle, so he couldn’t lie to anyone.

“You won,” said Chen Guang Yu, smiling wryly. Then, he walked away from the kwoon and disappeared into the horizon.

Lin Feng could see that Chen Guang Yu felt dispirited, and he could understand. He knew what it was like to feel like a loser. He hoped that after that battle, Chen Guang Yu would feel inspired and would continue studying hard.

He hoped that Chen Guang Yu also understood what kind of person he was now. Lin Feng forced a smile. He felt confused. It seemed like he never met young geniuses who could defeat him, so Lin Feng sometimes wondered where to look for suitable opponents.

Back in the days, when he wasn’t the strongest, there were many people who were much stronger than him. It was easy for him to find suitable opponents. He just had to find people who were a bit stronger, and they forced him to keep pushing himself, step by step. He also had to choose his opponents with the greatest care. Nowadays, Lin Feng didn’t have the impression he needed to be that cautious anymore.

Even after having killed Supreme God Xie, he wasn’t scared. Supreme God Xie was stronger than him, of course, but he was also much older. Now, Lin Feng couldn’t wait to fight against as many young geniuses as possible, then he would see if he was the strongest or not! After that, he would try to become the strongest cultivator in that whole world. Perhaps only then would his mood change, and maybe he would finally feel completely relaxed.

Lin Feng felt a little bit sad and confused, having mixed feelings. He wished he could meet someone as strong as him and of the same generation. He felt lonely.

Lin Feng missed the good times in the Continent of the Nine Clouds… Chu Chun Qiu, Ji Chang, the Demon King, all his enemies. Those people had made him who he was now. He had become strong thanks to them.

In the Continent of the Gods, he had met someone who was extremely strong: Di Shu. He had even managed to kill him. If Ancestor Kong hadn’t been there, Lin Feng would have not have come back to life.

Lin Feng sighed and glanced around, then asked, “Who is bringing me back to the Valley of Despair?”

Nobody dared reply. Many people walked away and hid behind some buildings. Some people were even panicking. They were afraid Lin Feng would attack them.

“Who is bringing me back to the Valley of Despair?” Lin Feng asked impatiently again. Since nobody replied, he started walking away.

Lin Feng walked down the main road. Some people glanced at him, but they didn’t dare get close. Lin Feng really felt like a pariah. People just looked at him strangely.

Lin Feng walked from early in the morning until noon. He didn’t know how far he had walked, but he was still in Jin Lun City. The buildings were still luxurious.

The chain on Lin Feng’s legs kept clanging. People from Jin Lun City looked at Lin Feng as if he were a monster. Some of them also looked at him scornfully.

Lin Feng felt empty. He just walked like a robot.

He was exhausted, and wanted to sleep. He didn’t know why he felt so exhausted. It was strange because it was a sunny day, it was warm, there were few clouds, and there was also a cool breeze, but Lin Feng felt more and more tired.

At some point, Lin Feng sat down on the ground and looked around. It was the first time he had felt like that. He suddenly felt dispirited; his legs were tied up, his pure Qi was sealed, he felt miserable.

I’m so sleeping… I’m sick of suffering… I’m tired… Meng Qing, You You, Huo Wu, my wives… your husband is tired…

Zhe Tian, Qiong Sheng, Little Heng, Little Nian, daddy is tired… He needs to rest…

Emperor Yu, teacher, Teacher Xue Ran, Teacher Zi Dian, your disciple is exhausted… He doesn’t want to continue anymore…

Lin Feng laid down and looked at the blue sky. He felt more and more dispirited. He slowly closed his eyes. He wished he could just close his eyes and die…

Suddenly, a terrifying, powerful sound emerged from his spirit world. It was his primal chaos beast. He was angry!

The Sword of Remote Times also started buzzing violently, but Zu Ti didn’t say anything. The sword shook violently to wake Lin Feng up.

Death Qi appeared in Lin Feng’s eyes. They became empty.

“Piss off! Don’t lie down on the road!” shouted someone loudly. Lin Feng’s chest and head hurt. Someone kicked him hard, and he was hurled away. A violent pain invaded his whole body. Lin Feng opened his eyes and glanced around.

He felt hopeless and desperate. Why?

Lin Feng felt worn-out, tired, and sleepy, but at the same time, he felt even more aware.

Despair? DESPAIR?, Lin Feng whispered a few times.

He suddenly came back to his senses. His whole body was soaked in cold sweat. He raised his head, everything had changed around him. He wasn’t on the road.

He was…

“Lin Feng, what’s wrong?”

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Xiao Tian. Xiao Tian looked back at him strangely. He didn’t understand what was going on.

Lin Feng touched his face. It still hurt.

“What am I doing here?” asked Lin Feng incredulously.

Xiao Tian was surprised, then he gazed into the distance and smiled, “You were brought here half a month ago, what else could you be doing here?”

“Me? I was here the whole time? I wasn’t taken away by some people?” Lin Feng was confused, but he suddenly started understanding.

Xiao Tian realized there was something wrong. “Did you hallucinate?” he asked after a long time.

Lin Feng’s expression suddenly changed. Indeed, what had happened did seem like a hallucination.

Was it all illusory?

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