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Chapter 762: Battle Chess!

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“It seems like you also hallucinated, but you woke up, which means overcame despair,” said Xiao Tian pensively. He was now sure that Lin Feng had hallucinated.

“You all did?” asked Lin Feng, calming down. It had all seemed so real, but now he was seated back on the log, and it was real. It also meant that his battle against Chen Guang Yu not been real…

An illusion? Despair… Lin Feng had felt desperate. If his primal chaos beast and the Sword of Remote Times hadn’t called to him, he might have committed suicide!

“We did, but for the time being, not many people have managed to come back to their senses. I am one of the lucky ones, but you saw the old man two weeks ago who made himself explode? He failed to overcome the challenge of the illusion.”

“I see. I understand,” Lin Feng nodded. He still remembered what it felt like to be desperate. It wasn’t fun. He felt lonely and sad… But Lin Feng’s circumstances were different. He had felt desperate and lonely because not many people of the same generation were as strong as him, so he had just laid down and started waiting for death. Other people felt desperate because they were stuck in the Valley of Despair.

Luckily, he had woken up. He had no broken bones. He was fine. He had smoothly overcome the challenge of the Valley of Despair!

Four people appeared at the entrance of the Valley of Despair. They slowly descended into the valley.

When Lin Feng saw them, he was astonished; these people looked exactly like those who had taken him away from the valley in the illusion.

Lin Feng pinched himself; it hurt, he was relieved, he wasn’t in an illusion. However, he remained extremely wary.

The middle-aged man looked at Lin Feng and stated, “Lin Feng, come with us!”

“Is Chen Guang Yu looking for me?” asked Lin Feng. Because of the illusion, he had the impression he knew what was going to happen.

As expected, the four men nodded back. They seemed surprised. How did Lin Feng know? The four men were startled.

But the leader of the group just said coldly, “Indeed, Prince Chen is waiting for you. Come with us.”

“Lin Feng, Chen Guang Yu is extremely strong. Be careful,” said Xiao Tian to Lin Feng seriously. Lin Feng nodded. Chen Guang Yu wasn’t easy to defeat in the illusion, either.

“Let’s go,” said Lin Feng, glancing at the four people. The four men made some hand seals and the sky of the Valley of Despair turned blue. The bright white lights were filled with a blue strength.

Lin Feng sensed an incredible strength surround and then lift him. It wasn’t too fast, but it still sufficed to take him out of the valley. The four men were beneath Lin Feng and they followed him closely. They performed more hand seals and all of them disappeared.

Xiao Tian also saw that.

Xiao Tian sighed. Lin Feng was extremely strong, so everybody remembered him after hearing about him or meeting him once. Xiao Tian was convinced that nobody would ever kill Lin Feng, and that if he died, he would do so without attracting public attention. He would just disappear.

Lin Feng had humiliated Supreme God Jin Lun and Jin Lun City in general. Supreme God Jin Lun wouldn’t kill Lin Feng easily; he wanted someone to beat him who would let Jin Lun City regain face.

Xiao Tian didn’t understand something, though. Lin Feng had killed Xie Ling and dismembered him, then he had sent his dismembered body back to Jin Lun City… but Supreme God Xie didn’t seem like he wanted to kill Lin Feng? Why?

Was something going on that nobody knew about? Something not even Lin Feng knew?

Xiao Tian was lost in thought when suddenly, someone in the Valley of Despair made themselves explode again. Xiao Tian was even more confused.

He really wanted to leave the Valley of Despair, Wu Jue Valley, and Jin Lun City in general. He wanted to travel. He wanted to continue growing stronger. Being a prisoner wasn’t fun. It was worse than death, a humiliation.


Lin Feng left the valley with the four cultivators. When they arrived outside, they landed in a lush green forest. It was different from the illusion. In Lin Feng’s illusion, he had just seen an ocean of buildings when coming out. However, this time, there were only trees and grass.

Lin Feng took a deep breath, enjoying the fresh air. Half a month ago, when he had been brought to the valley, it was night time, so he hadn’t seen the landscape. It was really beautiful during daytime. It was sunny, the sky was blue, and there were small mountain paths.

It was hard to imagine that there was a place of horror like Wu Jue Valley was in that mountain range.

“Lin Feng, follow that path. Walk for a few dozen li. You’ll see a thatched cottage,” ordered the leader of the group, pointing at a winding trail.

“Aren’t you afraid I could escape?” Lin Feng teased him.

“No. Your legs are tied up. No matter where you go, we can easily watch you. If you try to escape, we’ll catch you instantly,” replied the man confidently. Even a prisoner who had the strength of the high-level Supreme God layer couldn’t escape from Jin Lun City easily.

Lin Feng didn’t say any more. He immediately started walking down the winding trail. The rope-chain kept clinking.

The four men watched Lin Feng disappear into the horizon. They couldn’t help but look at him with admiration and respect.

“He did make Jin Lun City and half of the strong cultivators of the city lose face, but I admire him. He’s a real cultivator,” said the leader of the group helplessly before walking away, followed by the three others.


Time passed slowly. Lin Feng struggled to walk. He had no pure Qi and his legs were tied up. However, he still arrived in less than ten minutes.

He arrived in front of a yellow thatched cottage. There were stone tables and benches outside. On the table was a chessboard. Lin Feng had never seen that kind of chessboard. The pieces were made of stones. They represented warriors and beasts.

At the door of the thatched cottage was a man in a blue robe. He looked extremely young. He also looked exactly like Chu Chun Qiu, but his Qi was different.

Chen Guang Yu smiled at Lin Feng as if they were old friends.

“Here we meet again, Lin Feng,” said Chen Guang Yu indifferently.

Lin Feng frowned, “You’re the one who set up the illusion?”

“No, no, no… Brother Lin Feng, not at all. How could I set up an illusion?” answered Chen Guang Yu, shaking his head hastily.

“So why do you say it’s the second time we meet?” asked Lin Feng skeptically.

“Because you were in an illusion and so was I. Hehe!” said Chen Guang Yu, smiling cheerfully. He gave Lin Feng a simple explanation. “You were in an illusion whose purpose was to make you see what it felt like to be desperate. The purpose of the illusion I was in was to make me see what it felt like to lose,” said Chen Guang Yu, still smiling broadly. He was completely different from Chu Chun Qiu.

But Lin Feng really had the impression he was facing Chu Chun Qiu, so he remained extremely wary.

“So our illusions intertwined, huh?” mused Lin Feng. He tried to forget about Chu Chun Qiu.

“Alright, Lin Feng, let’s sit down and talk,” said Chen Guang Yu. He slowly walked away from the door of the thatched cottage and sat down on a stone bench.

Lin Feng walked over to the table the chessboard was on and sat down opposite Chen Guang Yu.

“Do you know these pieces?” asked Chen Guang Yu mildly.

Lin Feng didn’t understand what the chessboard was, so he shook his head. He had played all sorts of chess games, but he had never seen something like that.

The pieces represented beasts and warriors. What kind of chess game was this?

“It’s called Battle Chess,” Chen Guang Yu said calmly. He suddenly reached out and grabbed a beast piece. He pushed it to the center with force, and there was a small explosion. Lin Feng heard the sound of a charging beast in his head.

“It’s a Battle Chess. Without fighting, two opponents can still display their strength, wisdom, and intelligence.

“Lin Feng, do you want to play against me? I’d like to see if your strength is really that explosive. I also want to see if you’re wise and smart,” proposed Chen Guang Yu, smiling in mild challenge.

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