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Chapter 763: Refusing to Participate in The Competition!

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“You know the result of our battle in the illusion, right?” Lin Feng said expressionlessly. He slowly reached out his hand. He grabbed a demonic beast piece and moved it. He put it to the left of Chen Guang Yu’s piece.

A potent strength rolled over the chessboard. It seemed like the chessboard was going to explode. Lin Feng also noticed that the strength released by his piece was much, much powerful than Chen Guang Yu’s piece. Suddenly, Chen Guang Yu’s piece became faint, then a clear bang rang out, and the whole piece exploded.

“It was just an illusion, after all. It doesn’t matter,” said Chen Guang Yu, unperturbed. He took another piece, a warrior piece this time, then put it in the middle with his left hand.

Suddenly, a very sharp Qi emerged. Lin Feng. Lin Feng again had the impression the chessboard was going to be cut into pieces. He himself didn’t feel safe.

Bam! The demonic beast piece Lin Feng had moved just before was attacked and destroyed by the warrior piece. That warrior piece was in the center of the chessboard now, and looked imposing and awe-inspiring.

Lin Feng moved faster and faster. He reached out with his left hand and moved a demonic beast piece. He put in on the left of the warrior piece. At the same time, he stretched out his right hand and put a warrior piece on the right. Terrifying energies emerged from warrior and demonic beast pieces. Another piece exploded.

“I can’t be reckless anymore,” said Chen Guang Yu nervously. They had made two moves, and he realized that Lin Feng was as smart as he was strong and aggressive.

Chen Guang Yu took a piece in his left hand. It was a demonic beast. He put in front of Lin Feng’s warrior piece. Then he quickly took two warrior pieces and put them on both sides of Lin Feng’s demonic beast pieces. Two of Lin Feng’s pieces exploded. The energy washed over the chessboard.

Lin Feng wasn’t worried, and stayed calm. Even though he had just lost two pieces, it didn’t matter, he could take new ones. He took a warrior piece aside and two demonic beast pieces on its right side.

Lin Feng’s strategy was excellent. He didn’t play randomly. He really tried to take all possibilities into consideration.

Warrior piece on the left, attacking from the right, demonic beast pieces on both sides to make your army sink into chaos, then I add the finishing touch with… this piece!, thought Lin Feng, smiling widely.

Chen Guang Yu looked more and more nervous. In the end he was dumbstruck. The piece he wanted to use had been used by Lin Feng first.

Lin Feng reached out and moved the warrior piece, putting it in the center of the chessboard. With another explosion, more dangerous strength emerged over the chessboard again.

From left to right, there were only Lin Feng’s pieces. In the center was his warrior piece which could destroy his opponent’s front line. Those four pieces had turned into an insurmountable wall. Chen Guang Yu’s pieces broke and disappeared from the chessboard. Only Lin Feng’s pieces remained.

Lin Feng looked at Chen Guang Yu calmly. The latter didn’t look angry, he just seemed disappointed. He had brought the Battle Chess game, he had asked Lin Feng to play with him, and now he had lost.

But at least he understood how strong and intelligent Lin Feng was. The mechanisms of that chessboard were enigmatic and unfathomable. If Chen Guang Yu had played against someone who was extremely strong at the game, he would also have suffered a crushing defeat.

But Lin Feng had won because he had managed to make links between actual cultivation and the game. To him, cultivation and that game were extremely similar.

“I underestimated you,” said Chen Guang Yu, shaking his head.

“Do you want to fight against me to see if I’m as aggressive as the rumors say?” Lin Feng smiled confidently.

Chen Guang Yu shook his head and smiled back. “No need. Even though we were in an illusion when we fought, we really did fight. Fighting again would have the same result, and I don’t want to humiliate myself. You’re stronger than me.”

“If you wanted to see me, it wasn’t just because you wanted to play chess though, right?” Lin Feng noted. It couldn’t be that simple.

As expected, Chen Guang Yu told Lin Feng his real motive. “I hope that you will participate in the Great Competition of the West with me. What do you say?” Chen Guang Yu asked somberly. Lin Feng could also see excitement in his eyes.

Lin Feng frowned. He didn’t understand what Chen Guang Yu was thinking. Did he think that because Lin Feng had become a prisoner of Jin Lun City, he was now a member of Jin Lun City?

Ridiculous! Lin Feng would never accept that!

“I can’t. I’m sorry,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head resolutely. He made ready to leave.

“Lin Feng, stop!” said Chen Guang Yu quickly, jumping in front of Lin Feng.

“What do you want now?” asked Lin Feng impatiently.

“Lin Feng, the Great Competition of the West is great for people who want to become stronger,” said Chen Guang Yu. He got ready to explain everything to Lin Feng in detail, but the latter interrupted him.

“I’m sorry. I don’t participate in competitions. I am not interested in fake fame. I am not interested at all,” said Lin Feng tiredly. He was sick of tournaments. He had participated in so many tournaments in his life, and had won so many of them. It was useful at the beginning, but now he didn’t need to become famous at a local scale anymore.

He had hoped that San Country’s Great Competition would be the last tournament he would participate in ever.

Chen Guang Yu understood how Lin Feng felt. Tournaments were useful for young and weak cultivators. That way, they could position themselves in a general ranking. It was also a good way of seeing who was weaker and stronger. But at a very high level, it was useless. To people who were already at the top, tournaments were useless.

Chen Guang Yu also understood that way of thinking, it was logical. But the Great Competition of the West was crucial because the ranking wasn’t the most important thing, the displays of strength by the different cultivators were.

“Lin Feng, strength is the most important thing at the Great Competition of the West, not the ranking. All the most incredible geniuses of the west participate in that tournament. There are many medium-level Supreme Gods and high-level Supreme Gods.

“It’s an opportunity to fight against people who are stronger and more talented. It’s also a way for other people to acknowledge your strength. It’s an opportunity to become famous everywhere in this world.

“It’s a pity that you find tournaments boring and tasteless.

“But don’t forget what a tournament is in the first place. It’s a great way of meeting new people, stronger cultivators. It’s a networking event.

“You know Jing Wu Hen quite well. He ranked third at the last tournament. Nobody cares about his ranking, yet everybody calls him Prince Wu Hen now; do you know why?

“Because everybody in the Country of Eternity acknowledges him now. Everybody understands he’s talented and strong. Everybody respects him as well as the two mysterious princes, Prince Demon and Prince Ghost.

“You’ve recently become famous in the west. You’ve become the talk of the day. But there’s another genius who’s become the talk of the town, the Great Prince of the Lun Bi Empire. He recently stepped into the limelight.

“We don’t know what his name is, but we know that he’s the third master’s great disciple. He’s already a high-level Supreme God. He’s extremely strong.

“Therefore, see it as an opportunity. We’re not here to talk about rankings. Nobody cares about rankings. The purpose is strength. The purpose is to show everyone how strong you really are. Come on, join in, okay?

“Or could it be that you are desperate, like in the illusion again? The stronger you become, the lonelier you feel. Don’t you want to meet people who are as strong as you? Or even stronger? Don’t you feel like meeting real geniuses?

“I’ll tell you one thing; Jing Wu Hen is not that strong. Have you heard of ancient clans and sects? Their descendants are what we can consider really strong cultivators!”

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