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Chapter 765: Reprisals Begin!


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After a short while, two men in black clothes appeared in the Valley of Despair. “Lin Feng, let’s go.” They grabbed Lin Feng and walked away.

“Who are you?” The disciples who had taken Lin Feng back to the Valley of Despair seemed angry. Chen Guang Yu had told them to bring Lin Feng back to the Valley of Despair; if anything happened, their mission would be a failure.

“We are disciples of Jin Lun City. Just leave things to us for now,” said the two men quickly. The disciples who had brought Lin Feng back weren’t Jin Lun City’s disciples, they were disciples who had come with Chen Guang Yu. If they didn’t respect Chen Guang Yu’s people, it came down to not giving Chen Guang Yu face.

Before coming, they had received the order that if they met Chen Guang Yu’s assistants on the way, they weren’t allowed to resort to force. They would have to resort to trickery to take Lin Feng away because Chen Guang Yu’s assistants would definitely report to him and then Supreme God Jin Lun’s plot would be unveiled.

Therefore, the two men were extremely respectful. They feared Chen Guang Yu’s assistants would notice something strange.

The assistants glanced at one another, then one of them asked skeptically, “Jin Lun City’s disciples? What do you want?”

“Oh, well, Lin Feng already passed the challenge of the Valley of Despair, so we have to bring him to Waterless Valley now. We’ll naturally let him go in three days,” said the two disciples hesitantly.

“You can leave. No need to worry about me,” Lin Feng said to Chen Guang Yu’s assistants. The two men nodded and left.

“Let’s go,” the disciples from Jin Lun City told Lin Feng. They watched Chen Guang Yu’s assistants disappear in the distance, and then looked at Lin Feng coldly.

“Let’s go, Lin Feng. We’re going to Waterless Valley,” said the leader of the group, smiling icily. He grabbed Lin Feng’s arm and pushed him, trying to hide how nervous he was. Lin Feng also understood there was something wrong, and smiled icily to himself.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything yet. He remained calm and followed the two disciples. Ten minutes later, they arrived in another valley. It was so dark Lin Feng couldn’t see his fingers when he stretched out his hands.

“Go inside!” ordered the man icily.

Lin Feng looked frowned. Then he smiled and asked, “This is Lightless Valley?”

“Yes, it’s Lightless Valley,” said the man nodding impatiently.

“You just said you were taking me to Waterless Valley, why are we in Lightless Valley? Is it a plot?” asked Lin Feng, smiling broadly, but grim inside.

Even an idiot would have understood what was going on. They hoped he’d die within three days to avoid future complications. It was the only way for Jin Lun City to regain their honor and dignity. Supreme God Jin Lun had probably plotted against him.

The two men’s expressions fell when Lin Feng’s guess turned out to be true. They were both panicking. They suddenly tried to push Lin Feng into Lightless Valley with their full strength. As long as Lin Feng ended up in Lightless Valley, his chances of survival would be almost nonexistent.

However, how could two low-level Supreme Gods push Lin Feng into the valley? Even if Lin Feng’s pure Qi was sealed and his legs were tied up, they still couldn’t measure up to him. Supreme God Jin Lun had made a big mistake sending these two disciples.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve killed people, so you forgot how strong I was?” wondered Lin Feng aloud, grinning playfully. Bam! Bam! Blood gushed. The two disciples looked at Lin Feng, eyes wide and gaping.

However, their heads were already cut off, and they fell down to the ground. Lin Feng took a deep breath and looked at the chain-rope binding his legs. He smiled mockingly.

“You helped me become stronger and more patient, thank you, but I don’t need you anymore,” whispered Lin Feng to himself. He slowly unsheathed the Sword of Remote Times.

A metallic chime rang out in Lightless Valley. The sword’s Qi filled the air; Lin Feng howled and cut the chain.

His legs weren’t tied anymore.

“People from Jin Lun City don’t know that my sword is the Sword of Remote Times? Supreme God Xie didn’t tell them? He didn’t even steal it from me! Hehe!”

Lin Feng looked down at Wu Jue Valley from the sky and smiled scornfully.

“Supreme God Jin Lun, you wanted to send me to Lightless Valley, and thought I would die in here without anybody knowing it. Unfortunately, you plotted against the wrong person!

“Old buddy, it’s time for you to show how imposing and awe-inspiring you are,” Lin Feng smiled, and opened his spirit world gate. There was an explosion, and a great demonic beast appeared: the primal chaos beast!

The primal chaos beast roared excitedly. He hadn’t been so excited in a long time. He remembered his glorious times with San Zun; it was time to resume what he had started back then!

“Buddy, I don’t want to see any Supreme God in a circle of a thousand li. You know what you have to do,” said Lin Feng, smiling ferociously, his eyes filled with killing intent. All the prisoners in Lightless Valley smelled a dangerous Qi.

The primal chaos beast understood. He raised his head and roared, then flashed away and disappeared from Lin Feng’s field of view.

In the distance, blood-red lights filled the air.

Lin Feng grinned icily. Jin Lun City was about to face a disaster again. It’d be worse than losing a few dozen Supreme Gods this time…

“Hehe, we’ve been imprisoned for half a month. It’s time for us to make Supreme God Jin Lun pay the price for having imprisoned us, huh? What do you think, Master Zu Ti?” Lin Feng asked the Sword of Remote Times.

The Sword of Remote Times buzzed approval. Lin Feng knew that the fun was going to start, because it was time for him to start a massacre!

There shouldn’t be many prisoners in Lightless Valley, thought Lin Feng, glancing around. Lin Feng didn’t like the smell of the Qi in Lightless Valley.

Lin Feng threw out the Sword of Remote Times. A blue trail thousands of meters long appeared behind it, ending in an explosion. The sword cut through the valley, and a gigantic rift appeared. The ground also started trembling.

Lightless Valley was cut in two, destroying the formation which trapped all the prisoners. The Sword of Remote Times was extremely powerful!

Many silhouettes suddenly appeared in the sky of Lightless Valley, the freed prisoners. Lin Feng looked at the hundreds of prisoners, who all had the strength of the Supreme God layer and were all sworn enemies of Jin Lun City.

All the enemies of Jin Lun City were now Lin Feng’s friends. He didn’t even need to tell them anything, they’d attack Jin Lun City voluntarily.

“Brothers, Jin Lun, that old scumbag, has been humiliating and torturing us for thousands of years. Blood calls for blood. A debt of blood must be paid in blood!” shouted a man in golden clothes furiously, clenching his fists. He shot towards the city, followed by many prisoners.

Lin Feng smiled broadly. Supreme God Jin Lun would see who a good plotter was…

Lin Feng flew towards the east. He had no pure Qi, but he had Master Zu Ti. With Zu Ti’s help, he was only a bit weaker than before.

After a short time, Lin Feng appeared in Waterless Valley. Without saying anything, he cut that valley apart too.  There was another explosion, and Waterless Valley was destroyed. A thousand people came out and flew away in every direction.

Lin Feng then went to the Valley of Despair. He hated that place, and he had to destroy it too.

“Xiao Tian, I’ll release you all. You’re free!” Lin Feng shouted furiously, cutting with his sword and destroying the Valley of Despair.

The Valley of Despair burst into a million pieces!

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