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Chapter 766: Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill!


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In the palace of Jin Lun City…

“Lin Feng, you bastard! You’re really extremely ruthless!” Supreme God Jin Lun shouted furiously after the disciples reported to him. He instantly flew into a flaming rage. He never thought Lin Feng would manage to counterattack. Not only had Lin Feng not died but on top of that he had counterattacked!

Lin Feng had destroyed Wu Jue Valley and released all the prisoners. About three thousand prisoners had been released; the weakest ones had the strength of the top of the Godly Emperor layer. Many of them were medium-level Supreme Gods! As one could well imagine, the situation was perilous for Jin Lun City.

Supreme God Jin Lun punched the table in front of him, which exploded into a thousand pieces. His eyes were filled with murder.

“Leader, Lin Feng and a strange beast are slaughtering people. They’ve already killed hundreds of strong cultivators and guards!”

“Leader, Lin Feng destroyed the Valley of Destruction! Nobody can stop him anymore! He’s killed a thousand strong cultivators so far, including eight hundred Godly Emperors and two low-level Supreme Gods!”

“Leader, Lin Feng and the prisoners he freed are slaughtering people in Jin Lun City. Ten thousand people have been killed so far! Their bodies just evaporated. They don’t look like they are going to stop!”…

Supreme God Jin Lun was seated on his Dragon Throne. Disciples of Jin Lun City were reporting to him one after another. After hearing all those things, his eyes became empty. He didn’t know what to do.

Lin Feng was slaughtering all the geniuses of Jin Lun City. It was a catastrophe!

Jin Lun City was on the verge of collapse. Supreme God Jin Lun took a deep breath. He was suddenly afraid of the future. If Lin Feng continued killing people, Jin Lun City would really be doomed!

He couldn’t let such a thing happen. He had to take advantage of the opportunity to kill Lin Feng and get rid of this extremely dangerous cultivator. If he killed Lin Feng now, what could Chen Guang Yu say anyway?

“Hmph! Since you took the initiative to start an attack, don’t blame me for being cruel!” said Supreme God Jin Lun, smiling desperately. He ground his teeth, his eyes red.

Supreme God Jin Lun took a few elders and they flew up, heading in Lin Feng’s direction as quickly as they could.

Chen Guang Yu also heard that Lin Feng was slaughtering people in Jin Lun City. When he heard that, he was astonished and angry; how was that possible? He had just sent Lin Feng back to Wu Jue Valley! Just a short while later, Lin Feng was already slaughtering people?

What had happened in San Country didn’t really matter, but in Jin Lun City? How aggressive! It was the first time Chen Guang Yu had heard of someone so aggressive and crazy.

“Oh no… Lin Feng! You’re an idiot! You’re ruining my clan’s plan!” Chen Guang Yu was furious, but he also felt helpless. He had actually thought that Lin Feng would try and take revenge. He should have taken Lin Feng away immediately; he shouldn’t have decided to wait for three days!

But at the same time, he also realized something. Lin Feng wouldn’t have done this if he had a choice. Something unexpected had probably happened, and Lin Feng probably had no choice. His life had probably been threatened!

Thinking about that, Chen Guang Yu immediately thought of Supreme God Jin Lun, and went grim. Shortly after he had talked to Supreme God Jin Lun, Lin Feng had gone crazy…

“Supreme God Jin Lun! You brought about your own destruction!” shouted Chen Guang Yu angrily. He flew in the direction of Wu Jue Valley like a bullet.


At that moment, Wu Jue Valley was completely destroyed. There were blood and body parts everywhere inside and around the valley. It looked abandoned. The wind even sent some arms and legs rolling across the ground. It was a terrifying thing to see.

Lin Feng stood in the center of the area with a sword in his hand. The primal chaos beast was next to him, roaring. He had a bloodthirsty look in his eyes.

Everybody would soon learn about this in the Country of Eternity. What a humiliation! Everybody would learn that Lin Feng had slaughtered people in Jin Lun City with only a beast and some prisoners. They had already slain tens of thousands of people!

“Buddy, that’s what happens to people who try to humiliate me. Jin Lun City wanted to humiliate and torture me, hehe, they didn’t know I wasn’t the kind of guy who resigned easily.

“Ever since they captured me in San City, I knew I was going to destroy Jin Lun City if I survived. Now, Supreme God Jin Lun must be the one who feels desperate, hopeless, and scared! Maybe he’ll kill me in anger, but I don’t care. At least, I didn’t remain passive. Hehe, he despised me, huh?” said Lin Feng, smiling broadly. At that moment, he looked extremely aggressive, violent, and confident.

“It’s time to break the Seal.” Lin Feng took a deep breath. He took out a shiny white skeleton from his space ring. It was one of the skeletons he had taken from the Ocean of Flames.

He had already studied everything Song III had to offer. He had studied the Third Master Tao Skill and obtained knowledge from him. He had also obtained Song V’s transmissions, the Primal Chaos Thunderbolt Battle Boots and the Thunderbolt Tao skill.

Now, it was time to use the others, so Lin Feng got ready to learn another one at that moment.

“Buddy, help me with this skeleton.” Lin Feng put the skeleton on the ground. It was Song IV’s skeleton. He needed a new Tao skill to break the Seal.

The primal chaos beast understood. He roared and stepped on the skeleton.

The atmosphere became heavy. Lin Feng knew that he didn’t have much time. He had to get that Tao skill and break the seal in less than an hour, or his life would be in serious danger.

The primal chaos beast roared and started refining the skeleton. He was just a beast, he wasn’t used to refining skeletons.

“I’ll help!” Zu Ti appeared in front of Lin Feng and quickly started without wasting time. With the help of a human being, the primal chaos beast would work much more efficiently.

Zu Ti and the primal chaos beast used their full strength to refine Song IV’s skeleton. Half an hour later, Song IV’s skeleton was surrounded by a pale blue aura. The lights grew brighter and brighter. Finally, gigantic words appeared on the skeleton.

Lin Feng hastily took out the book Supreme God Zi Dian had given to him. Since the words were written in an ancient language, Lin Feng needed to translate them. Very quickly, he managed to translate the text and then he stored the skeleton away.

“Jia Yan’s Eyes?” Lin Feng wondered.

Zu Ti was extremely happy and excited when he heard that. He smiled at Lin Feng and said confidently, “Haha! You’re extremely lucky. Even if you didn’t try, you would still regain your true strength. Haha!”

“Why?” asked Lin Feng. What were Jia Yan’s Eyes?

“In short, the Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill is one of the most powerful Tao skills of the ancient times. It has another name, Jia Yan’s Tao Skill. Its purpose is to break restrictions!

“Hurry up, Lin Feng, study the Tao skill as quickly as you can! Quickly!” He suddenly looked extremely nervous.

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