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Chapter 767: Who Told You I was a Medium-Level Supreme God?


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Lin Feng looked worried. He had rarely ever felt as nervous in his life.

He sat down and learned the content of the skill as quickly as he could. He closed his eyes, his azure godly aura grew brighter, but it didn’t contain any pure Qi.

Time passed. Lin Feng heard a horrible scream from a hundred li away. Some people were fighting there. He had to study the Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill as quickly as he could to regain his true strength.

Zu Ti’s heart kept racing. He sensed some dangerous Qi getting closer and closer.

I hope he succeeds I hope Jin Lun won’t arrive so quickly…, thought Zu Ti.

Half an hour later, Lin Feng’s face was soaked in sweat, but his godly aura was growing ever more dazzling. Some threads of pure Qi also started appearing.

When Zu Ti saw that, he had hope again. Lin Feng was about to succeed! What a genius!

He had to hurry, though! He had no time anymore!

Zu Ti’s legs shook, he was extremely nervous.

Suddenly, Zu Ti’s face paled. He gazed into the distance incredulously. He saw many, many people in the sky rushing over. They looked fierce and overbearing, and their eyes were filled with killing intent.

“Lin Feng, I made a mistake today, but you’re not going to leave alive this time!” shouted Supreme God Jin Lun furiously. He released an explosive blast, which shot towards Lin Feng!

Lin Feng frowned. His heart pounded. Death was approaching dangerously close…

His life was hanging by a single thread. Everybody gulped down.

Boom boom!…

Two explosions made the whole mountain range tremble. Many people’s legs shook with them. If they didn’t know Lin Feng had caused trouble, they would have thought it was an earthquake.

Lin Feng opened his eyes. Another eye had appeared on his forehead, filled with rainbow colors. His pupils grew bigger and bigger, making him look like a demon. The lights in his central eye illuminated the space around him, and then rolled out and swept everything away.

All the elders who had come with Supreme God Jin Lun were blown away by the power of the Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill. The medium-level Supreme Gods were completely scattered.

But Lin Feng wasn’t happy. His eyes were filled with the will to kill. He was ready to crush Supreme God Jin Lun to paste!

Supreme God Jin Lun’s attack had struck the primal chaos beast, who hadn’t roared because he didn’t want to disturb Lin Feng while he was studying the Tao Skill.

Lin Feng took the bleeding primal chaos beast in his arms. The primal chaos beast had lost two claws because of the attacks and he was bleeding massively.

Lin Feng’s three eyes turned blood-red.

Energies like demons appeared. His hair and robe fluttered in the wind.

A demon landed in Wu Jue Valley and looked at Supreme God Jin Lun.

The latter had the impression he was carrying the whole world on his shoulders, he could smell death Qi.

“Buddy, you need a rest,” Lin Feng told the primal chaos beast, putting him back into his spirit world. The primal chaos beast was injured and would need a long time to recover. According to legends, each of the eight claws of a primal chaos beast contained one of his lives, so if he lost one, then he was severely injured.

Supreme God Jin Lun had seen many things in his life, and he knew what a primal chaos beast was. By breaking two of the primal chaos beast’s claws, he knew that the beast wouldn’t be able to continue helping Lin Feng.

However, Supreme God Jin Lun didn’t know what was awaiting him after that. He had injured the primal chaos beast severely, and Lin Feng was furious because of it. Either Lin Feng or Supreme God Jin Lun had to die!

“You asshole. Today, one of us is going to die,” said Lin Feng taking a deep breath and staring at Supreme God Jin Lun ferociously. His primal chaos strength was ready to explode. Qi hummed everywhere around him.

Supreme God Jin Lun looked at him ferociously. His eyes were filled with killing intent as well. He had never wanted to kill someone so badly. He had to kill Lin Feng, for his honor and dignity!

“Little bastard! I will crush all your bones, without exception! I will make you suffer! I will make you want to die!” howled Supreme God Jin Lun madly, shaking his crackling fists.

“Same here!” said Lin Feng, grinning savagely. Both of them moved at the same time.

Lin Feng flashed away as the ground under him broke. He raised his fists and threw violent punches. Two cyan lights dashed to the skies and shot towards Supreme God Jin Lun.

Supreme God Jin Lun threw a kick, his Qi rumbling. The atmosphere was so heavy many people suffocated. There was no air to breathe around Lin Feng and Supreme God Jin Lun because their Qi had replaced it.

Lin Feng’s fists looked like mountains. He was extremely determined and resolute, ready to fight to his last gasp.

Supreme God Jin Lun’s foot looked like a mountain as well, extremely heavy. He intended to crush Lin Feng.

Their energies collided and intertwined. Suddenly, the energies were in complete disorder. The two cultivators disappeared in the display, but continued fighting inside.

Lin Feng threw another punch at Supreme God Jin Lun’s face. At that moment, Lin Feng didn’t care about the fact that Supreme God Jin Lun was a high-level Supreme God. He just wanted to kill him at all costs!

Supreme God Jin Lun felt the same. He palm-slapped Lin Feng’s chest. Lin Feng grunted with pain, but at that moment, his fist reached Supreme God Jin Lun’s face. Supreme God Jin Lun had tried his best to dodge, but in vain. He was severely injured.

Lin Feng broke his nose, humiliating Supreme God Jin Lun. He roared in a frenzy, even more furious. Lin Feng didn’t care, though.

I am not a pushover. I am not a weakling. You captured me and imprisoned me in the Valley of Despair, then you plotted against me? A debt of blood must be paid back in blood! 

Lin Feng was strong enough to compete with Supreme God Jin Lun. He didn’t need to fear him!

“You’re furious, huh? Old bastard. So what?” said Lin Feng, smiling icily as he moved. His chest hurt. It felt as if his ribs were broken, but he didn’t care, he ignored the pain. He focused on Supreme God Jin Lun. He had to destroy this famous leader of the Country of Eternity.

Supreme God Jin Lun’s eyes were bloodshot with fury. The elders behind him didn’t dare get any closer. They were afraid Supreme God Jin Lun would accidently kill them.

“Old bastard, I’ll show you how strong the real Lin Feng is! You wanted me to acknowledge allegiance to you and Jin Lun City? Hehe. Dream on! Your son, Jin Xuan Lun, underestimated me and I killed him. Today you’re going to end up the same way your kid did, asshole!” promised Lin Feng, grinning scornfully.

Supreme God Jin Lun’s face was distorted with hatred and fury, and had turned purplish-red.

“Are you done talking shit, little scumbag? I’ll show you the difference between medium-level Supreme Gods and high-level Supreme Gods!” shouted Supreme God Jin Lun furiously, yet smiling confidently. He didn’t think that a tiny little medium-level Supreme God like Lin Feng could do anything to him.

“Medium-level Supreme God? Who told you I was a medium-level Supreme God?” Lin Feng smirked. A terrifying demon blood Qi surged around him for thousands of li.

“You, you…?” Supreme God Jin Lun’s smile suddenly stiffened. He was dumbstruck and his legs started shaking. “How’s that possible?”

A high-level Supreme God?

Lin Feng was a high-level Supreme God? What a joke!

“Impossible!” shouted Supreme God Jin Lun in disbelief, but Lin Feng’s smile became even more resplendent.

“How is this possible? Do you think you have everything under control at all times? Who do you think you are?” Lin Feng sneered.

The air became extremely tense!

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