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Chapter 768: Lin Feng’s Incredible Power!


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“Hehe. Alright, you broke through to the high-level Supreme God layer, so what? You think that you can compete with me because you’re a high-level Supreme God too now? You think you can kill me? Don’t think it’s possible! Lin Feng, don’t think too highly of yourself!

“You are merely a level one high-level Supreme God. Above you, there are level two high-level Supreme Gods, level three high-level Supreme Gods, and level four high-level Supreme Gods, also called highest Supreme Gods.”

“I am a level three high-level Supreme God, and you’re just a level one high-level Supreme God!” spat Supreme God Jin Lun scornfully. He didn’t understand why Lin Feng felt so confident. Did he think he was one of the strongest and most talented cultivators in the world because he had killed Yan Zhen?

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change. His eyes were still bloodshot, his Qi was swift and fierce. He stared at Supreme God Jin Lun. No matter what Supreme God Jin Lun said, Lin Feng didn’t care.

“Blood Skill of the Great Tao!” shouted Lin Feng in a deep voice. He reached out and two blood-red beams of light emerged from his palms. The area turned red for dozens of li around. Many people ran away. Within the blood-red light beams, it looked like Lin Feng’s hands were bleeding.

Lin Feng then flashed at bullet speed. His palms were half a meter away from Supreme God Jin Lun’s chest. Supreme God Jin Lun couldn’t believe how strong Lin Feng was. After he had broken through to the high-level Supreme God layer, he had become much, much stronger!

“Jin Lun Tao skill!” shouted Supreme God Jin Lun. He had to focus and be careful. Therefore, he relied on his Jin Lun Tao skill, but even that way, he was much slower than Lin Feng. When Supreme God Jin Lun started his attack, Lin Feng’s palms were already on his chest.

Blood splashed, and Supreme God Jin Lun’s face paled. An atrocious pain had invaded his body as he was blown away. At the same time, his Jin Lun Tao skill also reached Lin Feng and struck him away.

But Lin Feng wasn’t injured. He managed to get back on his feet and he immediately flew back towards Supreme God Jin Lun, chasing him. Some battle boots appeared on Lin Feng’s feet: the Primal Chaos Thunderbolt Battle Boots!

“Primal Chaos Thunderbolt Kick!” shouted Lin Feng loudly. He looked like a demon with bloodshot eyes, his black robe fluttering in the wind. He threw two kicks at Supreme God Jin Lun’s chest.

Supreme God Jin Lun coughed blood again. He was driven in the direction of Wu Jue Valley.

Boom, boom! There were two explosions in Wu Jue Valley. The valley shook violently as boulders exploded into pieces. All the elders of Jin Lun City were terrified, especially when they heard Supreme God Jin Lun scream.

“How is this possible?” Chen Guang Yu was rushing over, and when he saw that, he was astonished. Lin Feng had defeated Supreme God Jin Lun? Supreme God Jin Lun was an ancestor! He was one of the Seven State Leaders. Amazingly, he had lost?

“Oh Heavens, am I dreaming?” Xiao Tian rushed over. When he arrived, he only saw a cloud of dust in the valley, and Lin Feng standing there in the air. He looked furious and his Qi was terrifying.

Since when is Lin Feng so strong?, thought Xiao Tian. He was astonished. Half a month ago, he had even provoked Lin Feng, but Lin Feng had become the King of the Valley and defeated him in one punch.

“The world is going to change thoroughly!” whispered Chen Guang Yu. He was dumbstruck. He initially wanted to invite Lin Feng to participate in the Great Competition of the West, and travel around with him, but now it didn’t really seem possible anymore. Lin Feng could now compete with the strongest young geniuses of the various ancient clans and sects.

Thinking about that, Chen Guang Yu felt lucky that he had made an agreement with Lin Feng beforehand, so it wasn’t too late to negotiate with him again.

Chen Guang Yu was much more vigilant when Lin Feng moved again. He landed on the ground and then flashed into the valley.

Even though Lin Feng had destroyed Wu Jue Valley, he had just destroyed the seals and formations, the valleys still existed. Supreme God Jin Lun was laying inside one, extremely pale. His Qi was also unstable.

Lin Feng landed at the bottom of the valley. Supreme God Jin Lun clenched his fists, his muscles twitching. His face was completely distorted and his eyes bloodshot.

“ARGH! I WILL CRUSH YOU! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!” shouted Supreme God Jin Lun furiously. He was losing his mind. He threw himself at Lin Feng, his Qi terrifying again.

Lin Feng remained wary. Supreme God Jin Lun had underestimated him a moment before, so he had acted recklessly; but now, he was angry and determined to crush Lin Feng.

Supreme God Jin Lun flashed in and threw a punch, not wasting time. After that punch, the area would turn into a landscape of devastation and destruction. Lin Feng released his primal chaos body. However, Supreme God Jin Lun was a bit faster than Lin Feng.

Boom boom!…

Lin Feng coughed blood. He had the impression his meridians were destroyed. If he hadn’t released his primal chaos body in time, he wouldn’t have just been injured, he would have died!

Lin Feng had resisted that punch, but a second one would be extremely dangerous!

Lin Feng released and condensed strength in his fist. It contained the energies of the Third Master Tao Skill and the Freedom of Movement Tao Skill. It was an incredible attack. Supreme God Jin Lun was only a meter away from Lin Feng at that moment so he couldn’t possibly escape.

Lin Feng’s fist crashed into Supreme God Jin Lun’s chest. Blood sprayed as Jin Lun’s face became extremely pale, and he looked almost dead. His Qi destabilized violently.

Lin Feng didn’t intend to let him off. He had to kill him. so he wouldn’t give up until he did.

Lin Feng attacked again, using the Purpura Tao Skill this time. His body turned purple, making him look like an insane purple demon. Even his eyes became purple!

In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng threw a hundred punches. Supreme God Jin Lun couldn’t see Lin Feng’s fists anymore, they were just blurry.

Lin Feng didn’t stop throwing punches at Supreme God Jin Lun. The latter looked miserable. Lin Feng smiled more and more confidently.

They had been fighting for a while. Lin Feng hadn’t used the Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill again yet…

A third purple eye appeared on Lin Feng’s forehead, and a purple light beam emerged from it. It illuminated the area over a great distance. Supreme God Jin Lun didn’t have time to react. He just watched the purple light beam sweeping towards him.

Supreme God Jin Lun thought of his entire life. his childhood, teenage years, adulthood… How tragic…

“Haha! I’m doomed! Haha!”

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