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Chapter 769: Huge Changes in Jin Lun City!


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Suddenly, Supreme God Jin Lun burst into manic laughter. His eyes started bleeding. Blood flowed over his cheeks and nose. Then his ears started bleeding, and a few seconds later, all seven of his apertures were bleeding.

Supreme God Jin Lun knelt down and hugged a rock. It would be the last thing he would touch in the mortal world.

The energy of the Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill pierced through his third eye. Blood sprayed. The energies pierced through his head and then disappeared in the valley.

At the same time, there was an explosion outside of the valley. Many stones blew apart. People ran away again. A purple light beam had appeared in the sky there. Everybody was dumbstruck and their hearts raced.

Was that an arrow? 

Finally, the purple light beam disappeared.

Many people were shaking. They couldn’t believe what had just happened. Was it just an illusion?


In the valley, Lin Feng stood over Supreme God Jin Lun’s corpse. He looked at the wrinkled old man. If he hadn’t offended Lin Feng, he would still be alive and could have lived another few tens of thousands of years.

But he had plotted against Lin Feng repeatedly. They had become enemies, and now he was dead.

One more of Lin Feng’s enemies was dead, and this one was extremely strong.

Lin Feng couldn’t believe he had killed the legendary Supreme God Lang Jin Lun, either. He was of the same generation as Supreme God Lang Xie and Supreme God Zi Dian, but he had still died!

Luckily, Supreme God Jin Lun had also underestimated Lin Feng at the beginning, so the latter had seized the opportunity. He had severely injured Supreme God Jin Lun right at the beginning, so Jin Lun hadn’t been able to fight with a hundred percent of his strength.

Supreme God Jin Lun had been reckless!

Lin Feng took a deep breath, and his eyes returned to normal. The third eye of the Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill disappeared from his forehead.

“Supreme God Jin Lun, what went through your mind?” Lin Feng mused. The corpse’s eyes were still wide open, and he still had a defiant smile on his face. It looked macabre.

But Lin Feng didn’t care. He had killed the man himself.

“You will never resign yourself, not even in death, because you were an ancestor and you felt humiliated. Hehe, luckily you’re the one who died, Supreme God Jin Lun! You were supposed to be stronger than me, but in the end you died. That’s life!” said Lin Feng. He was in a strange state of mind, talking to a corpse.


People outside waited for a long time but Lin Feng didn’t come out of the valley. Supreme God Jin Lun and Lin Feng were both in the valley. Xiao Tian and all the others were worried, and wanted to go and see, but they were afraid.

Some of them were so curious… Had anyone won yet?

As they were all hesitating, Lin Feng came out of the valley. He had Supreme God Jin Lun’s corpse on his shoulder.

When the crowd saw Lin Feng, their expressions changed quickly. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

Not only had Supreme God Jin Lun lost, but he had even died!

Lin Feng was alive. Supreme God Jin Lun was dead.

The Great Leader of Jin Lun City, one of the Seven State Leaders of the Country of Eternity, had died. Lin Feng had killed him. That news would shake the whole Country of Eternity, and then more bloodbaths would occur.

Supreme God Jin Lun had died, so Supreme God Xie would definitely leave Jin Lun City. Only Supreme God Jin Shan would remain, and he would just be prey for many other people.

Lin Feng put Supreme God Jin Lun’s corpse on the ground. There was a wound on his forehead, and his third eye was bleeding. Everybody thought of the light beam they had seen just now.

Chen Guang Yu walked over to Lin Feng. He wanted to say something, but the words didn’t come out. Lin Feng turned around and looked at him. He smiled, but didn’t say anything, because right after that, he fainted!

The crowd burst into an uproar!

“Nobody can talk about what happened here. If anyone talks about that, I’ll kill them!” Chen Guang Yu told the elders of Jin Lun City, while catching Lin Feng.

The elders looked exhausted but at the same time, they hoped Chen Guang Yu would be their new leader, especially since they knew he had a powerful background. Nobody would dare betray him!

All the elders ran away and informed the population that they weren’t allowed to talk about Supreme God Jin Lun’s death.

“I’ll bring Lin Feng to the main palace. You gather there too!” Chen Guang Yu said to the thousands of people. Those people used to be prisoners and the enemies of Jin Lun City, but now Lin Feng had freed them!


Chen Guang Yu left Wu Jue Valley with Lin Feng.

He was followed by a dozen servants. Each servant had been sent by the sect. They were all low-level Supreme Gods, but they could all kill ordinary medium-level Supreme Gods.


That night, there were stars in the sky. There was a cool breeze too, but the atmosphere was strange outside of Jin Lun City. All the influential groups of the Country of Eternity had learned some astonishing news from someone…

Supreme God Xie!


In Lang Xie City, Supreme God Lang Xie was seated on his throne. Jiang Yi Tian and Jiang Yi Ze were on his sides. Jiang Xuan was seated at the table too. The atmosphere was extremely heavy.

“Father, maybe it’s just a rumor,” said Jiang Yi Tian, breaking the silence. He sounded dumbstruck.

“Yes, father, how could Lin Feng have killed Supreme God Jin Lun? It was already astonishing that he killed Yan Zhen, but Supreme God Jin Lun…?”

“I don’t believe it,” said Jiang Yi Ze, shaking his head incredulously.

“Enough. Silence! Everybody has heard about it. Supreme God Xie told everyone! Supreme God Xie is not a liar. I don’t need to explain who he is, you all know him. He doesn’t lie!

“Besides, I also sent some people to Jin Lun City to check whether it’s true or not. In less than three days, we’ll know the truth,” said Supreme God Lang Xie seriously. He was still astonished. There had been tensions between him and Lin Feng, and now Lin Feng had killed Supreme God Jin Lun?

Supreme God Lang Xie was afraid. What if someday the same thing happened to him?

Jiang Xuan remained silent. Since he had come back from Zi Dian Mountain, he didn’t talk much. He was depressed, and only talked to his mother. He never talked to anyone else.

Supreme God Lang Xie was bitter. He knew that he had hurt Jiang Xuan’s feelings, but what could he do now? Nothing!


The Fa Lan Empire didn’t have any opinion when they heard the news. The leader of Jin Lun City had been killed by a young genius? That wasn’t surprising. In the Fa Lan Empire, many people remembered Lin Feng’s name as the one who had killed Supreme God Jin Lun.

In the Fa Lan Empire, there were many people as strong as Supreme God Jin Lun, so they didn’t think anything much about him.

But in the palace of the Prince’s Imperial Concubine was a woman in a white dress. She was looking out of the window. It was dark at night. Her heart was racing.

She took off her crown and everything related to the prince, including her white dress, putting on a short blue dress. Her Qi turned ice-cold.

“Lin Feng, you didn’t come. It seems like fate is against us.”

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